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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of Florida graph Waitlisted W 02/24/19 -- -- 03/19/19 5 months
Ohio State University graph Waitlisted W 03/11/19 -- -- 06/13/19 5 months
University of Minnesota Twin Cities graph WL, Rejected 02/24/19 -- -- 08/19/19 5 months
George Washington University graph WL, Accepted W 02/24/19 -- -- 06/14/19 5 months
Vanderbilt University graph WL, Rejected 02/24/19 -- -- 08/16/19 5 months
Indiana University Bloomington graph Accepted A $85,500 02/24/19 -- -- 04/11/19 6 months
University of Pittsburgh graph Accepted W $30,000 02/24/19 -- -- 05/16/19 7 months
University of Georgia graph Waitlisted W 02/24/19 -- -- 03/11/19 7 months
Rutgers Law School graph Accepted W $69,000 03/11/19 -- -- 04/01/19 7 months
Villanova University graph Waitlisted W 02/24/19 -- -- 05/21/19 7 months
University of Maryland graph Waitlisted W 03/11/19 -- -- 06/12/19 7 months
American University graph Waitlisted W 02/24/19 -- -- 03/28/19 7 months
Brooklyn Law School graph Accepted W $90,000 02/24/19 -- -- 04/18/19 7 months
University of Kentucky graph Accepted W $82,500 02/24/19 -- -- 03/12/19 7 months

Applicant Information

Ohio State
Criminal Justice Studies
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

New Jersey
In Undergrad

Extra Curricular Information

Politics, Law and Society Scholars Program
Risk Management Officer for Sorority
LOR from prof named as annual recipient of Outstanding Faculty Award at OSU.
Worked at small NJ law firm over two summers and breaks.


All award info is three-year aggregate

Pitt acceptance did not come with an award, but an invitation to call to discuss size and terms of the award. By that time (5/16) Pitt was out of the running, so I declined.

Late acceptance off WL, and the pending financial offer, from GW is the only thing preventing me from hanging the big "A" on IU-Bloomington. Even though I considered, and still consider, GW as my preferred best landing spot for law school (outside of my big reach, Vandy) the offer would have to very substantial given the steep tuition (63K!) and outrageous COL to switch from attending a roughly comparable school.

With wait-list notification from Vandy, cycle has come full circle and must be considered a moderate success since no one out-and-out said no. Of course I didn't try to punch above my weight as I never aspired to t14 and have no dreams of pursuing BigLaw employment.

Despite my earlier withdrawal, Pitt conveyed a scholarship offer. It wasn't nearly enough to move the needle so I withdrew my acceptance - again.

Okay, barring an unforeseen miracle,like an acceptance from one of my wait-listed schools with close to a full schollie, it's Indiana. I'm moving to Bloomington next week with a month to settle in and prepare before orientation.Very happy with my choice and very excited to embark on the journey.

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