NEUtoMidAtlantic (2019-2020)

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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Emory University F graph Accepted W $90,000 11/06/19 11/06/19 01/16/20 02/20/20 5 months
Washington and Lee University F graph Accepted W $127,500 10/28/19 10/28/19 10/29/19 11/21/19 5 months
University of Richmond F graph Accepted W $145,800 10/28/19 10/29/19 11/06/19 11/06/19 5 months
University of Maryland F graph Accepted W $151,101 10/28/19 10/29/19 10/29/19 12/20/19 5 months
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill F graph Accepted A $76,000 11/19/19 11/19/19 11/25/19 12/18/19 5 months
1 University of Virginia F graph Waitlisted 11/08/19 11/12/19 11/12/19 04/02/20 6 months
Wake Forest University F graph Accepted W $142,059 10/31/19 10/31/19 11/01/19 02/07/20 6 months
College of William and Mary F graph Accepted W $70,299 10/30/19 11/01/19 11/01/19 12/19/19 6 months
Vanderbilt University F graph Waitlisted W 10/30/19 10/31/19 11/14/19 02/13/20 6 months
University of Alabama F graph Waitlisted W 11/15/19 11/15/19 11/18/19 12/06/19 6 months
Duke University F graph Waitlisted 11/06/19 11/06/19 11/06/19 02/20/20 7 months

Applicant Information

Northeastern University
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

Puerto Rican/White
In Undergrad

Extra Curricular Information

Two full-time six month internships in a large law firm (250+) and leadership in honor societies.


Alabama: Received application and CAS fee waivers 10/01/2019, applied 11/15/2019, waitlisted 12/06/2019. According to their email "We are impressed by and remain interested in your application. We begin forming our waitlist early in the admission cycle, and we anticipate using the waitlist to fill seats throughout the admissions cycle." Withdrew from waitlist.

Duke: Applied 11/06/2020, UR1 12/03/2019, UR2 2/12/2020, waitlisted 2/20/2020.

Emory: Applied 11/06/2019, but did not go complete bc of my own error until 1/16/2020. Accepted with $30,000/year scholarship on 2/20/2020 via snail mail.

Maryland: Received scholarship interview request 11/18/2019, interviewed the same week, status checker updated to "Decision Status: Interview" on the 11/18 and held there until 12/20/2019, when it changed to Admitted. I received the Dean's Scholarship (Full tuition) via email the same day.

Richmond: Applied 10/28/2019, accepted 11/06/2019, awarded Dean's Scholarship (full-tuition and summer stipend for unpaid work) on 12/06/2019.

UNC: Applied 11/17/2019, accepted 12/18/2019, recieved scholarship offer via email. $32k my first year, and $22k for the next two years (apparently based on most students going in-state by 2L).This equates to $17k in total tuition costs over the 3 years.

UVA: Applied 11/11/2019, UR1 11/12/2019, UR2 12/03/2020 waitlisted without an interview 04/02/2020.

Vanderbilt: Applied 10/30/2019, assigned an interviewer 11/09/2019, interviewed the following week. Waitlisted 2/13/20. Withdrew from waitlist.

W&L: Received acceptance and $40k/yr scholarship via status checker on 11/21/2019. Negotiated scholarship up to $42.5k/year.

W&M: Applied 10/30/2019, accepted 12/19/2019 after just over a month at "Application pending final review," offered $23,433/ yr scholarship via status checker ( I am in state, so this is about a 2/3rds scholarship). Attempted to negotiate for more scholarship, was told no more funds were available, and withdrew on March 25th.

Wake Forest: Applied 10/31/2019, received invitation to switch to ED on 11/13/2019 (did not switch). Accepted on 2/07/2020, full-tuition and fees scholarship offered via email on 2/20/2020! Withdrew on April 1st.

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