Law School Admissions Checklist

Junior Year
February (18 months before law school starts)
[ ] LSAT Prep – Plan on devoting at least 150 hours to this project. Either sign up for prep class or purchase Prep books and set up a self-study schedule.
[ ] Register with the Law School Admissions Council:

March – May
[ ] Complete LSAT prep course or self study.

[ ] Sit for the LSAT
[ ] Determine the law schools that you will apply to

Senior Year
August (12 months before law school starts)
[ ] Find 2-3 professors who will agree to provide a letter of recommendation for you.
[ ] Provide each professor with a letter of recommendation preparation packet. Advise that you will follow up in 6 weeks.
[ ] Meet with undergraduate advisor to ensure that you are on track to graduate after the spring semester.
[ ] Begin writing your personal statement(s)

[ ] Update all materials (transcripts, etc…) with LSDAS.
[ ] Follow up with professors on any outstanding letters of recommendation. Be sure to have waited 6 weeks from request.
[ ] Have a pre-law or faculty advisor review your completed personal statement(s)
[ ] Begin visiting prospective law schools (complete by October).

Mid-October – November 1.
[ ] Final proofreading of law school applications
[ ] Submit your law school applications

January – February (6 months before law school starts)
[ ] Update your Free Application for Federal Student Aid:
[ ] Supplement any outstanding law school applications if needed.

March - May
[ ] Make a final decision on which law school you will attend.
[ ] Notify any law school that has offered you a seat that you will decline as soon as you make the decision to decline.
[ ] Pay seat deposit to your law school.
[ ] Supplement your interest in any waitlist law schools.

[ ] Send your graduation transcript to your law school.