7 Defects to Avoid on Your Law School Application

Even the strongest applicants can be rejected if they make too many mistakes. Here are 7 common mistakes that you can eliminate from your application:

1. Late application. The good news is that this is a very easy defect to avoid. Be very mindful of each school’s cut-off date, and send in your application with time to spare.

2. Failing to carefully follow all directions. For example, if you fail to list things in chronological order, or reverse chronological order when asked, it certainly creates a blemish. Another common blunder is not following directions about how to label attachments.

3. Submitting optional essays that don’t really apply to you. Don’t prepare a diversity statement if it doesn’t apply to you. If it feels like a stretch, it is.

4. Failing to fill in all the blanks on the application. If it is not applicable note that it doesn’t apply. Do not reference your resume for an answer. Take the extra time to fill out the application and show your interest in the school.

5. Typos. Don’t have them.

6. Failing to complete the application. Sometimes something as simple as an unchecked box will prevent your application from being processed. Check and re-check your application and be sure all requested fields are completely filled out.

7. Dishonesty. Anything less than frank and candid responses to questions will surely spell disaster. If you are unsure of how to give a positive spin to a negative situation, seek the advice of a pre-law counselor or other professional. Law school forums can also be helpful, but be careful of the advice you accept.