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With All Your heart neon signage

While we're on the topic of looks, I figured I'd share 4 ways to psychologically improve your appearance in the eyes of women:

Brand Yourself.Slash (the rocker guy) has a very distinctive look. Dennis Rodman (basketball player) also has a very distinctive look. The overall point is to distinct yourself from others. When people describe these two men to those who don't know their names, they instantly know whom you're talking about.

My crazy labret is another example. When women around my city say "guy with the labret", they instantly think of me. When I go to a bar, I am a topic of discussion. And a guy that gets talked about a lot by other women is automatically more attractive than the average guy. Ever notice how when women describe hot men, they mention something very distinctive about his appearance?

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Just remember the important part, consistency. I always wear my labret, Slash always has that curly hair with the top hat and glasses, and Dennis Rodman always has a shitload of tattoos and piercings.

Wear Tighter Clothes.

Your arms in a tighter shirt look bigger than what they would in a shirt that's too big. Your ass in tighter pants makes it look better than it does in baggy pants. People in general, seem more attractively pleasing when they're in tighter clothes.

Surround yourself with attractive people.

When you go out with better looking guys, more girls approach. When you go out with less attractive men, you're seen as less attractive. People just assume that the beautiful hang around the beautiful, and the ugly with the ugly, just like the Oblongs (a show on Adult Swim).

Spend just a little more on clothing.

Let's say that I'm wearing a dress shirt to a classy bar where everyone else is wearing a suit. I'll appear less attractive. However, if I wear that same dress shirt to a bar where every other guy is wearing a plain cheap t-shirt, I appear more attractive. Overall, you need to look at what the guys wear at the bars you frequent, and then dress slightly above them. Women will notice.

The first post on looks is still in the works. I had it written, and later realized that I wasn't satisfied with it. It'll be up sometime next week.

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