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Interesting facts about leaf vacuum mulchers and leaf blowers

How does a leaf vacuum mulcher work?

The leaf vacuum mulcher is constructed like an oversized vacuum cleaner and sucks leaves through the straw into the device's collection bag by the suction generated by the motor. Depending on the performance of the vacuum cleaner large and small as well as dry and wet leaves can be sucked from sidewalks, terraces, or from lawns. The strong leaf vacuum reaches a suction capacity of 14 cubic meters per minute and more.

What is the difference between a leaf vacuum and a leaf blower?

If you do not want to vacuum the leaves directly, but want to collect them in a pile in the garden, use a leaf blower. These work the exact opposite of leaf vacuum mulchers -, in that they have a blow function whereby leaves can be conveniently blown into one or more piles.

Depending on the drive type, powerful leaf blowers can develop blower speeds over 400 km/h. To be able to blow away large, wet leaves, you should use a device with a minimum speed of 250 km/h.

Is there a combination of leaf vacuum and blower?

If you want to use both functions, i.e. vacuuming and blowing leaves, we recommend purchasing a combined unit. Multiple leaf blowers can be converted into a complete leaf blower in just a few simple steps. This will remove the collection bag, reduce the weight of the device and, in most cases, replace the straw with a special bellow.

This combination is quite rare in leaf blowers. They almost always function as a pure blower and only rarely provide an additional vacuum unit. So, before buying a leaf blower, make sure that the device has the desired functions.

Which leaf blower vacuum mulcher is best?

The choice of the right leaf vacuum mulcher - LeafMulcherHq should depend on the application area and the number of leaves. Electric models limit your operating range and require a nearby power source. Wireless tools give you more freedom but reduce performance. Gasoline vacuum cleaners are noisy but have the best suction power. Therefore, before buying, think about which device suits you best.

In our large vacuum mulcher comparison section, you can quickly and easily find the best models in an overview.

How much does a garden leaf blower cost?

Simple devices with a primary connection start at around 70$. On the other hand, gardeners who value quality and want to remove a larger number of leaves should budget at least 200$. Note that with cordless tools, the battery and charger often have to be purchased separately, which increases the purchase price even further.

When should you buy a garden leaf vacuum mulcher?

Buying the best leaf vacuum mulcher or blower can be very helpful, especially if you don't have a lot of time to take care of the garden. With the help of these devices, leaves can be collected much faster than with an ordinary rake. The time savings here are huge. In addition, the use of a garden vacuum is not as tiring and tiring as a conventional rake.

Another plus is individual use in different seasons: the leaf vacuum is also ideal in spring or summer when the plants are shedding flowers, for cleaning paths or terraces. If it's a leaf blower or vacuum with a blower function, even loose powder can be quickly and easily removed from sidewalks in winter. You can save yourself buying an expensive snowblower.

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