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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
1 Cornell University F graph Rejected 02/16/18 03/19/18 -- -- 2 years
University of Colorado Boulder F graph Rejected 01/31/18 -- -- 03/01/18 2 years
George Washington University F graph Rejected 02/01/18 -- -- 02/28/18 2 years
4 University of Florida F graph Waitlisted 01/31/18 -- -- 02/28/18 3 years
Loyola University Chicago F graph Accepted $60,000 02/01/18 -- -- 02/13/18 3 years
Stetson University F graph Accepted $69,000 02/15/18 -- -- 02/26/18 3 years
University of Miami F graph Accepted $60,000 02/15/18 -- -- 02/19/18 3 years
3 University of California Los Angeles F graph Pending 01/31/18 -- -- -- 3 years
2 Vanderbilt University F graph Pending 01/31/18 -- -- -- 3 years
University of California Davis F graph Pending 02/01/18 -- -- -- 3 years
Florida State University F graph Pending 02/01/18 -- -- -- 3 years

Applicant Information

State School
Legal Studies
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

Chinese, Indian, Por

Extra Curricular Information

- chances of acceptance and scholarship at most schools is pretty low, because I applied very late in the cycle and I am an idiot
- child of first gen immigrant
- decent (I think) PS
- Diversity Statement
- submitting grade addendum to most (if not all) schools
- lower gpa due to transfer credits earned when I was sixteen
- graduated in December
- worked all throughout undergrad, have worked as a legal assistant for a year in April

I tried to make this pretty detailed in case anyone similar wanted to follow along. Let me know if you have any questions about anything!


- Loyola Chicago - Accepted by email on 2/12/18, scholarship offer came with same email. $20,000 per year.

- University of Miami - Accepted via phone on 2/19/18, scholarship offer left in voicemail. $20,000 per year.

- Stetson - Accepted via email on 2/26/18, scholarship offer came with same email. $23,000 per year.

- University of Florida - no email yet, but I checked the status checker today (2/28/18) to find review of my application is complete but "no final decision made." I figure it's essentially the same thing as being waitlisted. aka essentially the same thing as being rejected. Really sucks because it was my top pic as far as in state/realistic expectations go.

- George Washington U - my first of many rejections lol, saw that a decision was made on 2/28/18 via status checker and got the rejection later same day via email. It's okay, I knew it was a reach when I applied. Still a lil stung because I saw my hold at UF on the same day.

- UC Boulder - checked my status checker literally yesterday and there was no change, but then I got the rejection via email today (3/1).

- Cornell - Applied to Cornell late because admissions office found me on CRS, sent me an invitation and fee waiver. 0% chance lol
**update** rejected from Cornell via email 3/19. Kind of salty because they reached out to me, gave me the fee waiver, I paid LSAC the $35 for nothing. To be fair, I should have known with my numbers not to even bother applying. Oh well, can't be mad I didn't get in because I just simply do not have the stats for it.

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