Best LSAT Preparation Books

There are many LSAT prep books and book series that typically cover the three LSAT question types: Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Analytical Reasoning. Each series provides an overview of what to expect on LSAT test day, along with strategies for tackling each question type. In addition, each includes hundreds of practice questions and 2-8 full-length practice tests with questions from real LSATs that have been released by the Law School Admissions Council. Here are details about 3 of the most popular LSAT prep book series.

Manhattan LSAT
Manhattan LSAT prides itself on its small class sizes, 170+ focus, and experienced, 99th percentile scoring teachers. It publishes three strategy guides, which include the Manhattan LSAT Logical Reasoning Strategy Guide ($48.00), the Manhattan LSAT Logic Games Strategy Guide ($41.00), and the Manhattan LSAT Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide ($55.11). Alternatively, all three can be purchased in the Manhattan LSAT Set of 3 Strategy Guides ($145.12), which students have consistently rated with 5/5 stars.

In total, the Manhattan LSAT guides provide over 600 pages aimed at getting you to your top score. Each of the guides includes practice questions from real LSAT tests, specific steps that increase test-taking speed, and drills designed help you understand and utilize strategies. Additionally, in-depth discussions of answer choices help move test-takers past "it sounds right" and into LSAT mastery.

PowerScore LSAT Prep
Founded in 1997, PowerScore is a relative newcomer to the LSAT prep world, but both its classes and books have scored positive reviews from students. It publishes the LSAT "Test Preparation Bible Series" that includes: the The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible ($53.19), The PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible ($38.59), and the The PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible ($42.40). Each "Bible" has a companion Workbook for $39.99. The total for all of the books and workbooks is $254.18. The books are authored by PowerScore founder David Killoran, who has over 20 years of teaching experience and who scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT.

Each book in PowerScore's Bible Series starts with an overview of the LSAT exam, giving tips on what to expect. Each volume then gives step by step explanations of the 3 types of LSAT question types and also explains how to tackle the variations of each type. Real LSAT questions are used throughout the book. The books are written in a friendly manner and the lessons are sprinkled with humor. In reviewing the Bible Series, students consistently remark about the jump in their LSAT test scores after using it.

Kaplan Test Prep
Kaplan Test Prep is perhaps the oldest and best known company that offers LSAT prep courses and books. Having helped more than 3 million students prepare for the LSAT and having poured millions into research, Kaplan is now so confident of its materials and methods that it offers the "Kaplan Higher Score Guarantee." With this guarantee, Kaplan promises a full refund if for any reason you are not satisfied with a Kaplan LSAT prep book. The Kaplan LSAT Prep series includes Kaplan LSAT PrepPlus ($49.10), Kaplan LSAT Logic Games Prep ($40.00), and Kaplan LSAT PrepTests 62-71 Unlocked ($34.99). The authors of the Kaplan series are Kaplan LSAT prep instructors who scored in the 99th percentile and have years of experience teaching and tutoring Kaplan LSAT courses.

Kaplan's LSAT books contain detailed instructions, tips and strategies for understanding each question type, and they explain the steps necessary for arriving at the answer. For example, for a Logic Games problem Kaplan explains, "Your starting point for understanding any logic game on the LSAT is the real-world scenario...described in the opening paragraph. Use the situation to visualize the task; then use that image to begin a simple sketch or chart that will help you organize all information in the game's rules and restrictions." From there, the book shows you how to sketch out the scenario and complete the steps to arrive at the correct answer for that specific question. All questions are from actual released LSAT exams. The end of each volume includes full length sample LSAT tests.

Princeton Review LSAT Prep
Founded by Princeton University graduate John Katzman, Princeton Review has been in the test preparation business since 1981. Its LSAT Premium Prep, 28th Edition ($29.99) contains test prep strategy and practice for all three LSAT question types in one volume. If you register your book online, you will gain access to online support that includes pacing drills, additional sample questions, personalized score reports, and tutorials.

LSAT Premium Prep contains a thorough review of all LSAT topics, including Logic Games techniques, and provides strategies for avoiding common errors that students make on the LSAT. The book uses Princeton Review's "proven techniques for a higher score." While Princeton Review does not offer a guarantee related to using LSAT Premium Prep, it does encourage users of the books to register for its flagship LSAT 165+ prep course. Students who complete LSAT 165+ receive a money back guarantee that they will achieve a 165 or higher on the test.

To determine which offers the best LSAT books, you should spend time online or at a bookstore reviewing several. It is also instructive to read reviews by students who have used the books. is a good source for online student reviews of LSAT prep books. Doing research will help you determine which book or series of books will work best for you and your learning style.