Where to Find LSAT Sample Questions

The only proven way to perform well on the LSAT is to practice, practice, practice. And the best way to practice is by working through questions from official LSAT exams. The LSAC publishes released LSAT questions in the form of PrepTests in its 10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests book series and the Official LSAT SuperPrep. However, except for the Official LSAT SuperPrep, the LSAC publications provide LSAT questions and answers without explanations. The more useful resources are those that provide step-by-step guidance or detailed explanations as to how to solve the problems as they will help you learn from your errors and improve your performance. To master Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) questions, you will need to learn diagramming techniques and strategies to solve each game type that has appeared on the LSAT. For Logical Reasoning questions, you will need to understand the principles of the logic on which the questions are based. And for Reading Comprehension questions, you must not only be able to recognize key words and phrases in the text that will help you anticipate questions, but also be able to read in the way that the LSAT demands. Here are resources that offer practice questions with detailed analyses of the answers.

Manhattan LSAT
Manhattan LSAT offers free sample questions on its website for the Logic Games and Logical Reasoning sections. The samples have detailed explanations that mirror Manhattan LSAT’s approach to logic questions. Additionally, sample problems can be found for all three sections in their respective Manhattan LSAT strategy guide. 170+ test taker approaches are explained for each of the sample questions in the strategy guides. Finally, free explanations to all LSAT questions ever written are available on the Manhattan LSAT Forum.

Khan Academy
When you sign up for the LSAT, the Law School Admissions Council grants you a free year of the online learning platform Khan Academy. Khan Academy’s LSAT course includes hundreds of questions pulled from actual tests. These can be answered as short drills or in full test format. Each question includes a detailed explanation, often accompanied by a video. These explanations are particularly helpful for Logic Games questions as they teach you exactly how to diagram each scenario.

LSAT Demon
LSAT Demon has thousands of questions presented in drills, full sections, or full tests. Each question also includes detailed explanations, many of which are presented as videos. The site’s Premium service also features live sessions with experts who scored in the 99th percentile of the LSAT.

PowerScore publishes the LSAT "Test Preparation Bible Series" that includes concept books and companion workbooks for each of the 3 LSAT multiple-choice question types: Analytical Reasoning/Logic Games, Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. The workbooks contain drills and practice questions from official LSAT exams, along with detailed explanations as to how to work through each question. In addition, by purchasing a book you gain access to additional PowerScore practice questions online.