A Guide to Free LSAT Preparation

LSAT Prep can be quite expensive. Live LSAT prep classes from popular test prep companies such as Kaplan or Princeton Review range in price from $1500-$2500, while many online LSAT courses can be up to $800. Simply purchasing LSAT study guide books for self study can also be expensive as a book or a series of books will cost anywhere from $40 to over $300. However, by doing some research and being a little creative, it is possible to find free LSAT prep materials. Here are a few ideas.

Law School Admissions Council

The Law School Admissions Council's (LSAC) website is a good source for general information about the LSAT, including explanations of the types of questions on the LSAT. Through its LawHub platform, it offers two full official LSAT PrepTests that can be taken using the same testing interface you will use for the real test. For an extra $99, you can receive a year's access to over 60 official LSAT PrepTests.

Khan Academy

When you sign up to take the LSAT, LSAC will give you a free full year of Khan Academy's LSAT Prep Course. This is an invaluable free resource that offers hundreds of practice questions in all three sections, along with dozens of full tests. You can also create a virtual roadmap for your test prep that helps you keep on schedule throughout the process.

Test Prep Companies

Most test prep companies offer free practice tests, classes and materials. As part of your LSAT study plan, you should plan to take a full-length practice LSAT at least 2-3 times a week for the duration of your study schedule. Taking a test that is graded and analyzed by an experienced LSAT instructor will help you assess your progress and determine your weaknesses. Here are a few examples of free LSAT practice tests and classes.

Manhattan LSAT

  • Logic Games Challenge
  • LSAT Arcade
  • Free Classes and Events
  • LSAT Blog
  • LSAT Forums

The Princeton Review

  • Free practice LSAT along with a detailed performance report

Kaplan Test Prep

  • Free practice LSAT along with a detailed performance report


  • LSAT Forum
  • LSAT Blog
  • Self-Study Tools
  • LSAT Webinar


You can find free LSAT tests and practice questions on various LSAT-related blogs. While some of the material includes released LSAT tests, other blogs offer practice questions developed by LSAT tutors.


There are a number of great podcasts devoted to LSAT Prep. Arguably the most popular and effective is Thinking LSAT which is run by the LSAT Demon, a paid online prep company.

Test Prep Scholarships

Some LSAT test prep companies offer full scholarships for their LSAT prep courses. For example, both Kaplan and Blueprint offer financial aid in the form of fee reductions and scholarships. Because not all test prep companies advertise financial aid programs online, you should call each company to learn how to apply for financial aid. There are also non-profit organizations that offer LSAT prep course scholarships. Your college financial aid office may have a list of scholarship opportunities.

Self Study Plan

Before you begin your search for free resources, develop an LSAT self study plan so that you will know what materials you need to find. For example, you should start off by taking a diagnostic test to determine your baseline. From there make a weekly schedule that initially includes spending time understanding the 3 question types. Plan to do practice questions each day and 2-3 full-length practice tests each week. As you review your practice tests and questions, you will be able to determine where you are struggling so that you can spend more time on those areas and seek additional help and resources if necessary.

Once you have mapped out your study schedule you can create a checklist of materials that you will need. Minimally you need to have lessons, tips and practice questions for each of the three LSAT question types: Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. Keep in mind that there are multiple variations of each of these question types. Even though the LSAT Writing Sample is not scored, it is sent to law schools, so it is wise to make sure you have materials to help you prepare for the Writing Sample. Also, taking practice tests is critical to achieving a good LSAT score. Shoot for 2-3 tests a week for at least 8-12 weeks of study.

Due to budget constraints, finding free materials may be necessary. However, you may find that you have to purchase resources that you were unable to locate free of charge. Ultimately, you need to have all of the materials necessary for you to adequately prepare for the LSAT and receive a good score.