5 Steps to Getting a Great LSAT Score

Now that you are intent on doing your best on the LSAT, here’s what you need to do:

1. Give yourself at least three months to study for the LSAT. Create a study plan and follow it. Devote at least 150 hours to study before taking the test.

2. Figure out your weaknesses. Take a full practice LSAT early in your preparation so that you can figure out which sections give you trouble.

3. If you can attend a live preparation (“prep”) course do it. These courses are expensive; find the money if at all possible. If you cannot attend a live course, consider an on-line course with videos. They are cheaper, but of course, you don’t get the one-on-one feedback and explanations available at live courses. You can also take advantage of free resources test prep companies offer.

4. Take at least one (preferably three) full, timed, practice exams in an unfamiliar place. Do your best to simulate test conditions. Don’t blow off the writing section. Even though it isn’t scored, law schools receive it and may likely review your writing.

5. On the day of the exam, be fully prepared. Be well rested, fully hydrated, and eat a good breakfast. If you perform best after being awake for a few hours, make sure to get up early.

General Tips for the LSAT

Here are several general tips for handling LSAT questions:

1. Your score is based only on the number of questions you answer correctly. So never leave a question unanswered. The test is intentionally designed so that most people will have trouble finishing within the time limits. If you run out of time, guess for the remainder of the section.

2. Learn to identify easy versus hard questions. If you ever have difficulty finishing a section within the time constraints, skip the hard questions and return to them later. Correct questions are all equally scored. A correct easy answer counts the same as a correct hard question. If you are guessing, have it be on the hard questions.

3. Do your best to answer accurately the first time, because there is unlikely to be time to go back and review your answers. Assume you will not have time, and if you need to move on, guess. Best case scenario, you can come back to review 2-3 questions at the end of the section if necessary.