The Best LSAT Prep Apps and Tech Tools

There are now dozens of apps and tech tools to help with LSAT preparation. While they are not a substitution for other study methods and materials, many conveniently provide help in areas not covered by traditional classroom LSAT prep courses or self study prep books. For example, LSAT Arcade by Manhattan LSAT is a fun and interactive way to supplement your studying. Other tech tools are more comprehensive, offering thousands of test questions and lessons to help students master each question type. Here is a rundown on 4 popular digital tools to accompany your LSAT study plan.

LSAT Arcade by Manhattan LSAT (Free)
LSAT Arcade increases your skills through fast-paced games. Designed by Manhattan LSAT’s expert instructors and based on years of experience with the type of thinking that makes LSAT students succeed, these games go beyond simple LSAT practice—this is LSAT cross-training. Enjoyable and reasonably priced, LSAT Arcade is a great way improve you ability to make inferences, draw diagrams, analyze arguments, and understand conditional statements.

Khan Academy’s LSAT Practice Plan (free)
When you sign up to take the LSAT, you will automatically receive a free year of Khan Academy’s LSAT training platform. In addition to offering hundreds of questions presented as drills or full tests, Khan Academy helps you set up a personalized practice plan with specific goals and signposts. As part of the plan, Khan Academy will schedule practice tests for you and measure your progress as you approach test day. The website also emails you reminders if you miss a practice test so you can get back on track. Finally, it evaluates your strengths and weaknesses to recommend drills depending on subject matter and difficulty.

Official LSAT Prep (free) and Official LSAT PrepPlus ($99)
These tools, which come directly from the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC), are the very best way to prepare yourself logistically for Test Day. The platform, interface, design, and timer of these Prep sites are exactly what you will see on the real LSAT. With the free LSAT Prep, you will be able to take two full LSAT tests under the same digital conditions as you will on Test Day. LSAT PrepPlus, meanwhile, is one of the best values for students studying for the LSAT. For $99, you receive a year’s access to over 60 full Official LSAT tests from recent years. This is a great deal, given that books that include only 10 full Official LSAT tests tend to cost $20 or more, and they don’t recreate the digital conditions on Test Day.

Thinking LSAT Podcast (free)
Thinking LSAT is a podcast run by Nathan Fox and Ben Olson, the two LSAT coaches behind LSAT Demon. Their work follows a simple mantra: “Don’t Pay for Law School.” Their podcast covers a wide range of issues designed to give you every advantage on the LSAT. Moreover, they devote a great deal of time to other parts of the admissions process including resumes, personal statements, and school selection.