LSAT Score Predictors

After spending countless hours thinking about, preparing for and taking the LSAT, once it’s over, good or not so good, you have your score. You can now focus on completing law school applications. Your LSAT score is a reality check that will help you narrow the list of law schools to which to apply based on the probability of acceptance. Free online law school admission prediction calculators will give you an idea of your chances of being admitted to specific law schools based on your LSAT score and GPA. While no predictor is 100% accurate, the Law School Admission Council’s UGPA/LSAT Search provides a pretty good idea of what your chances are with the different tiers of law schools. Furthermore, if you did not receive a good LSAT score, an LSAT predictor can help you decide if you should retake the LSAT.

The Law School Admission Council’s UGPA/LSAT Search, commonly referred to as the LSAC Calculator, is available on the website and draws from the admissions data from the previous year. The LSAC calculator generates a range of probabilities of an applicant’s likelihood of admission. For example, ausing an LSAT score of 170 and GPA of 3.8, in 2012 Harvard accepted students with LSAT scores between 171 and 176 and GPAs between 3.78 and 3.97. The LSAC Calculator concludes that the 170/3.8 applicant has between an 11% and 21% chance of being admitted to Harvard. Since the LSAC has access to all of the admissions data for LSAC schools, the LSAC Calculator is presumably fairly accurate. However, not all law schools opt to participate in the LSAT Calculator, including many of the top-tier law schools.