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Preparing for the LSAT requires time, commitment, and the right tools. One of the most important aspects of preparing for the LSAT is to take full-length practice exams under conditions that closely mimic actual LSAT exam conditions. An LSAT virtual proctor is a practical tool that will increase the effectiveness of taking practice exams.

The LSAT is divided into 5 multiple-choice sections (only 4 of which are scored), and one writing sample. You are given 35 minutes to complete each section. There is a 10-minute break between the 3rd and 4th sections. Working at a steady pace is vital to making sure that you answer each question. Since there is no deduction for blank or incorrect answers, you should make sure to answer every question.

An LSAT virtual proctor is a timer that is designed to time each of the LSAT practice test sections in the same way that a live proctor would time the real LSAT. Several companies offer free online LSAT virtual proctors. Each online LSAT virtual proctor offers human voice cues that let you know when to start and stop each test section. They also provide prompts for the break in between the 3rd and 4th sections, and a 5-minute warning before the end of a section (just like real proctors).

Manhattan/Atlas LSAT offers the free Virtual Proctor. In addition to telling you when to start and stop answering exam questions, the Virtual Proctor offers several tips on what you should do on test day, including tips on what to do during your breaks. At this same link, you can download the LSAT Tracker to enter your answers and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

PowerScore Test Preparation offers a free PowerScore LSAT Virtual Proctor that mimics the “behavior of a live proctor on test day.” It is designed to work with the 4 section LSAT practice tests that PowerScore offers on its website, but can also work with any practice exam.

7Sage LSAT Prep offers the free, downloadable 4 Section LSAT Proctor and Timer and the 5-Section LSAT Proctor and Timer. The 7Sage LSAT virtual proctor tool is available for either 4 or 5 section LSAT practice tests. You must download this tool and install it on your computer.

AlphaScore Online LSAT Test Preparation offers a Virtual LSAT Proctor & Timer. You do not have to download this tool. You simply click on the link to gain access.

Simugator offers the Simugator LSAT Proctor DVD for $24.95. Like the online LSAT virtual proctors, Simugator’s DVD mimics test day conditions with a human voice cuing you as to when to start and stop each LSAT section. The Simugator DVD takes it one step further by simulating the entire 3.5+ hour LSAT test day, including having to wait for the virtual proctor to collect test materials and ID’s before and after the break, and taking the writing sample. It also offers an optional “Distractions Mode” that conditions you to work when there are distractions, as there will likely be on test day.

Using tools such as a watch, a kitchen timer or a laptop timer can be helpful. However, the advantage of a virtual proctor is that it expands on the timer concept to truly approximate test day conditions. Virtual proctors are designed to automatically time 35-minute test sections. You do not have to reset the timer after each section. A traditional timer lets you know that time has expired through an alarm, beep or buzzer. The virtual proctor uses a human voice. Whatever you chose to use, timing yourself when taking practice LSATs is vital to acclimating you to real test day conditions.


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