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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of Chicago graph WL, Rejected 10/26/16 10/27/16 11/02/16 02/13/17 9 months
Northwestern University F graph WL, Rejected 10/26/16 10/27/16 10/27/16 02/08/17 9 months
University of Pennsylvania F graph WL, Rejected 10/26/16 10/26/16 10/31/16 01/23/17 11 months
Vanderbilt University F graph WL, Accepted W 11/01/16 11/01/16 11/02/16 01/04/17 11 months
Duke University graph WL, Accepted A $54,000 11/03/16 11/04/16 11/04/16 01/30/17 11 months
University of Michigan Ann Arbor F graph Accepted W $45,000 11/01/16 11/02/16 11/16/16 12/16/16 11 months
Columbia University graph WL, Rejected 11/03/16 11/04/16 11/11/16 02/14/17 1 year
University of Notre Dame F graph Accepted W $93,000 11/01/16 11/02/16 11/03/16 12/08/16 1 year
University of Minnesota Twin Cities F graph Accepted W $120,000 10/20/16 10/21/16 11/01/16 11/17/16 1 year
George Washington University F graph Accepted W $111,000 10/24/16 10/25/16 10/26/16 11/29/16 1 year
American University F graph Accepted W $105,000 10/11/16 10/12/16 10/31/16 02/17/17 1 year
Boston University graph Rejected 11/01/16 11/02/16 11/02/16 02/28/17 1 year
Georgetown University graph Rejected 11/02/16 11/02/16 11/02/16 02/13/17 1 year
Cornell University graph Rejected 10/24/16 10/27/16 10/31/16 01/09/17 1 year
University of Virginia F graph Rejected 11/01/16 11/02/16 11/02/16 02/17/17 1 year
New York University F graph Rejected 11/01/16 11/01/16 11/07/16 02/02/17 1 year
Harvard University graph Rejected 10/26/16 10/27/16 11/01/16 03/13/17 1 year
Stanford University graph Rejected 10/26/16 10/27/16 11/01/16 01/31/17 1 year
Yale University graph Rejected 02/21/17 02/22/17 03/09/17 04/08/17 1 year

Applicant Information

Stony Brook University (SUNY)
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

New York
In Undergrad

Extra Curricular Information

Linguistics Major,
International Studies Minor;
Pre-Law Society,
Phi Alpha Delta,
Mock Trial Team;
Internship at the Center for Cost Effective Government;
Several years volunteer experience teaching religious education;
2 Recommendations, from a political science professor and a linguistics professor;
1 Recommendation from the president of the Center for Cost Effective Government, whom I interned with directly, as a letter specifically for a public policy scholarship at NYU. Additional letter from the president of the Center submitted for Duke, Penn, Chicago, and Columbia after they waitlisted me.


Low GPA is because I spent almost 3 years at college as a physics major before switching to linguistics. I have added an addendum to all applications explaining this, pointing to my high GPA in my major (Linguistics) and minor and my high LSAT score.

Original GPA was 3.20 when I started applying.

Scholarships are in terms of total dollar amount for the entire three-year period offered.

2/16 - Decided to attend law school. Started doing research into law school admissions.

3/16/16 - Took my first practice LSAT, timed. Started self-studying.

4/11/16-5/19/16 - Studied regularly with 2-4 tests a week, every week. Practice problems during breaks at work. Full sections during breaks between classes. Three PowerScore Bibles.

5/20/16-6/5/16 - Studied full-time. Took 1-2 preptests a day, 6 days a week. All timed. Reviewed all of them same day.

6/6/16 - Took the LSAT.

6/28/16 - Got my LSAT score: 172.

9/14/16 - Spoke to one recommender. Finalized my list of schools to apply to.

9/23/16 - Got my second recommender. Requested my transcripts from Stony Brook.

9/24/16 - Had my digital interview with Northwestern. Let me just say: ten rounds of practice digital interviews wasn't nearly enough. It isn't always easy answering a law school interview question in exactly 60 seconds.

9/26/16 - Transcripts from Stony Brook received by LSAC. Submitted paperwork for Indiana Tech Law School to refund my LSAT and CAS fees ($350 total).

10/5/16 - Submitted my Indiana Tech application so they would pay me $350. (They refund the LSAT and CAS fees if you apply.)

10/7/16 - Indiana Tech called me and informed me I was accepted with a full ride and that they wanted to fly me out to visit the campus. Additionally, they informed me my reimbursement request for $350 was being processed and should be delivered in approximately 3 weeks.

10/11/16 - Submitted my application to American University.

10/15/16 - New York LSAC Law School Forum. Got to meet representatives from all schools on my list except Harvard, Columbia, and Chicago. No schools offered fee waivers other than those I had already received fee waivers from. Dean of Admissions from Yale Law, Asha Rangappa, reminded me that Yale's admissions decisions don't start until early 2017, so I am at no benefit to submit my application quickly if my grades will be higher after the fall semester. Will not be applying to Yale until January.

10/20/16 - Submitted my application to University of Minnesota.

10/24/16 - Submitted my applications to Cornell University and George Washington University.

10/25/16 - First recommender finally submitted his letter. Second one told me it might take a while longer.

10/26/16 - Submitted applications to UPenn, Chicago, Northwestern, Harvard, and Stanford.

10/27/16 - Interview with Vandy. Very relaxed, very informative, very easy.

10/30/16 - Second recommender finally submitted his letter.

11/1/16 - Submitted applications for Virginia, Michigan, Notre Dame, NYU, Vanderbilt, and Boston.

11/2/16 - Submitted application for Georgetown.

11/3/16 - Submitted applications for Duke and Columbia. Done with applications until the Fall semester grades come out.

11/7/16 - Under review at Duke and George Washington.

11/16/16 - Second "Under Review" at Duke.

11/17/16 - Second "Application Complete" at Notre Dame. In at UMN via status checker.

11/18/16 - Acceptance call from UMN director of admissions.

11/21/16 - Boston University status changed to "Hold for Fall Grades." Under Review at University of Chicago. Third "Application Complete" at Notre Dame.

11/28/16 - Fourth "Application Complete" at Notre Dame.

11/29/16 - In at George Washington with scholarship via email ($35k/year).

12/1/16 - Submitted a scholarship application for Notre Dame. (The scholarship application email never reached Notre Dame. ALWAYS be sure the admissions office confirms receipt of your documents.) Northwestern updated to "Application Complete" again.

12/2/16 - Ready for Review at Cornell.

12/5/16 - Under Committee Review at Penn.

12/7/16 - Second "Application Complete" at American University.

12/8/16 - Decision Made at Notre Dame.

12/9/16 - Held at Georgetown via email.

12/12/16 - Accepted to Notre Dame via email.

12/15/16 - Under Review at NYU.

12/16/16 - In at Michigan via email.

12/20/16 - Second "Under Committee Review" at Penn.

12/27/16 - Fall 2016 grades are up. Moved my LSAC GPA up from 3.20 to 3.30. Presumably, any acceptances starting in January should be based on my new GPA.

12/30/16 - Minnesota status checker says they mailed out scholarship information.

1/3/17 - Minnesota scholarship info arrived via snail mail. Dean's Distinguished Scholarship ($40k/year).

1/4/17 - Vanderbilt status changed to "Decision Mailed." Email from Vandy later in the day with decision.

1/6/17 - LSAC sent out my new transcript information to all schools. I sent out an addendum updating my previous addendum regarding my GPA (and almost every school emailed me back within a few days to confirm the receipt of my new addendum).

1/9/17 - Boston University marked me Complete again (having received my fall grades). Rejected by Cornell.

1/10/17 - Submitted applications for Vanderbilt's Law Scholars and International Law scholarships.

1/23/17 - Penn waitlisted me via email.

1/30/17 - Waitlisted at Duke via email.

1/31/17 - Stanford says "A decision letter has been sent." on status checker.

2/2/17 - Second "Application Under Review" for University of Chicago. NYU's status checker changed to "Decision Letter Sent."

2/3/17 - Rejected from NYU via email. Scholarship email from Michigan ($15k/year).

2/6/17 - Received decision letter from Stanford.

2/8/17 - Waitlisted at Northwestern via email. Interview scheduled for UVA. Third "Under Review" for Chicago.

2/9/17 - Skype interview with UVA. Asked about specific aspects of my application like the gpa addendum as well as why law school and why UVA. Then I got to ask questions.

2/13/17 - Waitlisted at Chicago via email. Received scholarship from Notre Dame via snail mail ($30k/year). Rejected from Georgetown via email.

2/14/17 - Waitlisted at Columbia via email.

2/16/17 - Third "Application Complete" from American (after sending a LoCI).

2/17/17 - Rejected from UVA via email. Accepted to American via email. Submitted the GW scholarship reconsideration form.

2/21/17 - Finalized and submitted my Yale application.

2/24/17 - Scholarship offer from American via email ($35k/year).

2/28/17 - Rejected from BU via email.

3/8/17 - Submitted UMN's scholarship reconsideration form.

3/9/17 - Application Complete at Yale (via email). Submitted my requested Why UChicago essay for the waitlist.

3/12/17 -Submitted a few Dean's Elite Scholarship applications to UMN.

3/13/17 - Rejected from Harvard (via status checker). Submitted scholarship reconsideration form for UMN.

3/16/17 - Visited U-M. Took a tour of the law school and sat in on a class.

3/24/17 - Minnesota responded to my scholarship reconsideration form.

3/24/17-3/25/17 - Notre Dame Admitted Students Weekend.

3/26/17 - Withdrawn from American. Submitted the scholarship appeal form for Notre Dame.

3/27/17 - Reached out to Michigan about their scholarship offer.

3/28/17 - GW responded to my scholarship reconsideration form (+$2k/year). Not coincidentally, withdrawn from GW.

3/30/17 - Rejected from all applications for Dean's Elite Scholarships at UMN.

4/6/17 - Notre Dame responded to my scholarship reconsideration form. Michigan responded to my request to reconsider my scholarship offer.

4/8/17 - Rejected from Yale.

4/10/17 - Withdrew from UMN.

4/12/17 - ND approved a deadline extension for my seat deposit (now it's 4/21 instead of 4/15).

4/14/17 - Submitted through LSAC requests for LoRs for Penn, Columbia, Chicago, and Duke waitlists.

4/17/17 - LSAC sent out all 4 LoRs today. Spoke to Michigan's financial aid office on the phone, again no increase to my scholarship.

4/20/17 - Withdrawn from Notre Dame. Go Blue!

5/24/17 - Spring grades were posted. I requested that Stony Brook send my transcript to LSAC. My GPA moved up from a 3.30 to a 3.37, which I will be mentioning in all further LOCIs to show the steady improvement of my GPA.

6/14/17 - Columbia's "rejection" letter received via snail mail. (I sent a LOCI immediately after receiving their letter, because nowhere in the letter did it say they were rejecting me or that they were no longer considering my application, and they responded that they were glad to hear of my continued interest and that they would add it to my file.)

6/19/17 - Submitted the additional 2-page paper on any topic that Penn mentioned when they first waitlisted me. After the semester ended, I worked on cutting down a 15-page research paper I wrote for one of my classes to 2 pages (plus references). It wasn't easy. I'd recommend just writing a 2-page paper from scratch.

6/21/17 - Final transcript processed and sent out by LSAC.

7/6/17 - Had a scheduled phone call with a member of the Penn Law admissions office. Pretty much said it's a waiting game at this point and my regular LOCIs are the best I can do. Also there is no merit aid available, only need-based aid.

7/11/17 - Email today admitting me to Duke Law. Letter via snail mail to follow. Submitted a scholarship application for Duke. The deadline to enroll at Duke is July 18th.

7/12/17 - Moved from Northwestern's waitlist to their Summer Waitlist. I think this was just an update on my status, not a positive or negative change.

7/13/17 - Received a scholarship offer from Duke via email ($16k/year). Snail mail to follow.

7/17/17 - Michigan refused to alter their scholarship offer. Duke increased their offer ($18k/year).

7/18/17 - Withdrew from Michigan. Enrolled at Duke. The extra scholarship boost was nice, but I was already ready to commit by that time. It seems like a better fit for me on paper.

7/20/17 - Received a call from Vanderbilt. From my perspective, I withdrew before they could offer me the position they said had opened up, but for the purposes of LSN I'm considering it an acceptance.

7/26/17 - Rejected from Penn via email.

9/7/17 - Rejected from Northwestern via email.

9/25/17 - Rejected from UChicago via email. I guess it's finally official, I'm staying at Duke.

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