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3 Best Vacuums You Should Have on Hand for Tile Floors, Seriously!

It can be difficult at times to maintain the cleanliness of your tile floors. Is your family large with kids and pets? High chances are, you vacuum a couple of times per week. Even if your house is not that sizable, you need the best rated vacuum cleaner to keep it clean.

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Though some models can detail all different types of surfaces, they typically do a better job on certain floors than on others. That is why I have researched and found the top models specifically for tile flooring. Although these are the best, it is up to you to select your favorite choice by deciding between their power, capacity, and convenience.

1. Dust-Away by Shark

Rarely will you go wrong with Shark vacuum cleaners. They are impressive, indeed. Do you own a Shark Navigator? Its ability to clean carpeted flooring may please you. The machine is powerful with excellent suction and a killer combination of features.

That said, tile flooring is probably a bit of a challenge for the Navigator. So, Shark introduced a unique attachment. It deals with all the hard floors, inclusive of tile, quickly and easily thanks to its convenience, simple use, and gentleness.

Also, Dust-Away has enough durability and power to gather many big crumbs without ruining the floor’s surface. It collects the large debris and wipes away dirt and fine dust at the same time.

This attachment works with Shark NV502, NV501, NV500CO, and NV500. Still, you had better check with the manufacturer to be sure your vacuum cleaner is compatible.

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2. Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum by Dyson

As Dyson is one of the industry’s biggest names, you can place your trust in their units. The self-adjusting cleaning head seals in the suction process. This model is usable on area rugs, wood, and tiles with fantastic results. The suction power is 250 AW, and the cord is at 31’ long. Altogether, they allow a maximum reach as high as 40’.

The Radial Root Cyclone technology works to pick up microscopic dust. It is an excellent choice if your house has pets, kids crawling on the floor, or any family member with allergy related concerns.

The instant-release system from the wand makes it quicker to tackle above the floor areas and reaching under furniture. With the simple-to-use bin, you can empty it quickly.

3. Symphony Vac and Steam 2-in-1 vacuum and steam mop for Hardwood and Tile Floors by BISSELL

Do you have a cat or a dog? If so, you may have a real struggle with the daily spreading of pet hair. The Symphony model vacuums as well as steams your floors. Meanwhile, it removes all the hair, debris, dirt, and dust. The trademark drop-it tank makes emptying simpler. You can dump the tank contents without having to touch them and dirty your hands.

The disposable pads help handle all the messes your adorable-yet-naughty pets create. Besides, the microfiber pads do an active job on normal daily cleaning.

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Tile vacuum cleaning does not have to be excessively fancy or come with a multitude of attachments. It counts maneuverability and powerful suction as the essential things.

When purchasing this type of vacuum, be sure you think about the critical factors. For example, consider the tile type you have and whether it is the dominant flooring in your place. The grout is also worthy of your attention. That area often presents other kinds of problems.

The options I have mentioned above are among the best models currently available on the market. They are all useful, but they are different types with different power, attachments, and ease of use. The choice is yours.

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