Model UN: Tips & Resources

Participation in a model UN program is a great way for students to get involved in an extracurricular activity that will foster their ability to think critically, solve problems creatively, and learn about the world around them. Model UN members are given the opportunity to travel and meet new people while expanding the possibilities for both their education and career. They also get the satisfaction of working to be a part of positive change in the world. If you are interested in learning more about the model UN experience, use the links below to find accurate and helpful information.

Model UN Websites

While minor details may vary by organization, all model UN formations must adhere to certain standards and core principles. These sites are all run by existing model UN programs and are filled with valuable information including guidelines for creating your own mock UN.

American Model United Nations -- American Model United Nations site has all of the latest information on upcoming conferences and important model UN news and events.

National Model United Nations -- The National Model United Nations home page is the official link to all conferences and Model UN events. There’s also a place where college students and graduates can apply to become NMUN volunteers.

Model UN Resources -- This site houses a vast array of incredibly helpful articles written by star model UN delegates filled with their personal photos, insights, advice, and strategies. This is a great place to see through the eyes of an active delegate and learn from their experiences.

Government and Other Official Websites

Model UN organizers, instructors, and delegates alike can find a lot of valuable information by visiting these official websites. Find statistical information about the world’s nations and people, even learn about historic decisions and international law - all for free. Also included here is a link to the official site of the United Nations.

Factsheet by Country -- This page, from the US Department of State, provides fact sheets for the world’s countries in hopes of promoting diplomatic international relationships among nations.

The Official Website of the United Nations -- The official website of the United Nations, which is full of pertinent information regarding their work, important international decisions, and plenty of data about member nations.

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law -- Here you can find all kinds of information about international law and how it works. This site is a great place to start when figuring out how to most accurately simulate the work of the UN in relation to trade laws.

CIA World Factbook -- The Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook contains lots of accurate information on 267 countries including geographical, economical, and political data.

Model UN Study and Research Materials

It can be daunting figuring out where to start in preparing yourself to lead a model UN program or to become a student delegate. The information and insight provided by the sites listed in this section is accurate and up-to-date, and will help direct you toward the things you need to know regarding the way a model UN should work. You’ll also find plenty of study materials to prepare you for immersion into the world of international diplomacy.

Model UN Global Classroom -- From UNUSA, this online classroom is complete with lessons, activity guides, templates and more. All material is free for teachers, students, and anybody else who is curious about model UN.

Model UN Study Guide -- This page was published by Johnson County Community College in Kansas to help its delegates learn more about the UN. Included is a glossary of commonly used terms and a handy reference guide to important UN decisions.

Delegation Tips From Model UN Far West -- Model UN Far West -- Model UN Far West put together this guide on how to structure a model UN and assign delegates. It’s a great beginner-level text that offers some helpful suggestions for how different types of schools may want to configure their model UN programs.

Maps by National Geographic -- Geography is an important component of understanding various countries as there is an intricate relationship between geography and culture. The meticulously charted and visually impressive collection of maps here are all free to access and print out.

More Helpful Sites and Pages

Use the links below to find a vast store of information that will help to keep your model UN program on the cutting edge of world policy and current events. Each of the sites included is run by reputable groups and is regularly updated. From policy matters to health issues by country, you’ll find plenty of useful and interesting information for your model UN group to use.

The Brookings Institute -- The Brookings Institute is a nonprofit organization focused on public policy with the goal of helping to improve both national and international systems. You’ll find lots of accurate data regarding many of the world’s countries on the site.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace -- The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is a global think tank working to foster productive communication and peaceful conflict resolution between nations. On their site, you’ll find plenty of insight and data on many of the world’s countries and their citizens.

The Cato Institute -- The Cato Institute is a nonprofit public policy group seeking to minimize excessive government oversight and to foster personal liberties among individual citizens. Their site has a wealth of valuable information about national and international policies and how they affect us all.

Global Health Council -- The council is a nonprofit organization working to facilitate solutions to health problems and issues around the world. You can find lots of information about the state of citizen health in different countries here.

Country Profiles from BBC -- From BBC News, this page provides profiles of different countries including their history and politics - as well as key figures and institutions associated with them.