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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver A - Attending W - Withdrawn D - Deferred
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# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Interview Date Decision Updated
Boston College Rejected Type: RA Sent: 10/21/07 Rec: -- Comp: 11/05/07 Inter: -- Dec: 12/17/07 Upd: 16 years
Boston University Waitlisted W Type: RA Sent: 10/21/07 Rec: -- Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: 03/01/08 Upd: 16 years
Northwestern University F Accepted W Type: RA Sent: 10/15/07 Rec: -- Comp: 10/19/07 Inter: -- Dec: 01/21/08 Upd: 16 years
University of Pennsylvania WL, Rejected Type: RA Sent: 10/15/07 Rec: -- Comp: 10/24/07 Inter: -- Dec: 01/14/08 Upd: 16 years
University of Virginia WL, Rejected Type: RA Sent: 10/15/07 Rec: -- Comp: 10/19/07 Inter: -- Dec: 04/02/08 Upd: 16 years
University of California Los Angeles F Waitlisted W Type: RA Sent: 10/15/07 Rec: -- Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: 01/15/08 Upd: 16 years
Duke University Waitlisted W Type: RA Sent: 10/17/07 Rec: -- Comp: 10/24/07 Inter: -- Dec: 02/21/08 Upd: 16 years
Cornell University Pending D W Type: RA Sent: 01/13/07 Rec: -- Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: 03/29/08 Upd: 16 years
University of Michigan Ann Arbor F Accepted D A Type: RA Sent: 10/15/07 Rec: -- Comp: 11/02/07 Inter: -- Dec: 02/12/08 Upd: 16 years
Georgetown University Waitlisted W Type: RA Sent: 10/31/07 Rec: -- Comp: 11/07/07 Inter: -- Dec: 12/22/07 Upd: 16 years
Columbia University Rejected Type: ED Sent: 10/15/07 Rec: -- Comp: 10/31/07 Inter: -- Dec: 12/10/07 Upd: 16 years
Vanderbilt University F Waitlisted W Type: RA Sent: 10/15/07 Rec: -- Comp: 10/22/07 Inter: -- Dec: -- Upd: 16 years
Washington and Lee University Accepted W Type: RA $60,000 Sent: 10/31/07 Rec: -- Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: 01/09/08 Upd: 16 years
University of Chicago Rejected D Type: RA Sent: 10/15/07 Rec: 10/15/07 Comp: 10/16/07 Inter: -- Dec: 02/05/08 Upd: 16 years
New York University Rejected Type: RA Sent: 10/28/07 Rec: -- Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: 02/06/08 Upd: 16 years
Harvard University Rejected Type: RA Sent: 10/15/07 Rec: -- Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: 01/28/08 Upd: 16 years

Applicant Information

  • LSAT: 171
  • LSAT 2: -
  • LSAT 3: -
  • GRE : -
  • LSAC GPA: 3.32
  • Degree GPA: 3.28
  • School Type: -
  • Major: Political Science

Demographic Information

  • City: -
  • State: -
  • Race: White
  • Gender: Man
  • Non-Traditional Applicant: Yes
  • Years out of Undergrad: 1-2 Years

Extra Curricular Information

not much, really. honors program, intramural sports, a part time job during the year, gainful summer employment.

tips for future applicants: do well on the LSAT, write a good PS.
tips to get waitlisted: do well on the LSAT, write a crappy PS.

i tried to make this as helpful as possible. any specific questions, feel free to email me. stotan12 (at) please put "law school numbers" or something similar in the subject.

Additional info & updates

Mid-November - Michigan called me and said, "Yo, WTF is up with this GPA of yours?" I submitted an addendum, which apparently wasn't good enough to get me in until February. Maybe it was better on the second or third read, like Anna Karenina. I've never actually read Tolstoy, so who knows.

11/20/07 - Had my first law school admissions dream. Dreamed my Michigan status checker went to decision. Woke up, was disappointed.

11/28/07 - Interview e-mail from Georgetown. GRRRRRR

11/29/07 - Second thought:
A banana is the perfect driving food. It comes in its own wrapper that gets peeled away as you progress and then can be thrown out the window. An apple might be better (no peeling), but I like bananas more.

12/1/07 - Third thought:
I hate breakfast cereals that have raisins in them. Too much chewing.

12/10/07 - Expected the Columbia rejection. Still sucks. I was reaching for a waitlist. NYC is a hellhole anyways.

Also, Georgetown alumni interview today. Went as well as it possibly could have, I think. The interviewer and I talked for about an hour and a half, and got along really well.

12/17/07 - Rejected at BC. A little nervous that I'm not going to get in anywhere.

My mother: "Did you get blacklisted?"

We'll see, Ma. We will see...

12/18/07 - Decided to buy the Powerscore Bibles and re-take in Feb.

Hah just kidding.

Or am I...?

12/19/07 - Decision on my Georgetown status checker. Oddly nervous.

12/22/07 - Waitlisted. Not even the preferred one. I'm not going to get in anywhere.

I actually logged into LSAC today to check my score report and make sure that I did in fact get a 171 and haven't been hallucinating for the last year.

1/9/08 - In at W&L via e-mail and completely and utterly relieved.

1/10/08 - Deferral e-mail from Michigan.

1/14/08 - Waitlisted at Penn via e-mail and pretty freaking excited about it. I didn't expect that at all. Are flowers and candy an acceptable LOCI?

1/15/18 - Waitlisted at UCLA and not freaking excited about it. This is how I envision my application being reviewed:

Adcomm 1: Wow, this kid didn't do shit in college.
Adcomm 2: Yeah, but he has a 171.
A1: Crappy grades though. I think he just slept all the time.
A2: But we can't just outright reject a 171. What if we end up needing his LSAT?
A1: True. ::sigh:: I hate this numbers crap. Put him on the waitlist, I guess.

1/21/08 - Accepted at Northwestern via e-mail. It took me about 2 minutes to log into the status checker after I got the email and my heart just kept beating faster and faster until I thought it was going to beat out of my chest.

I did an off-campus Alumni interview with them in Mid-Oct.

1/28/08 - Rejected at Harvard. Why did I apply there? Hope you bought something nice with that 80 bucks, Harvard.

1/29/08 - 20k/year scholarship offer at W&L via e-mail. I can never even pick what I want to eat for dinner, how the hell am I supposed to choose a law school?

2/5/08 - Deferred at Chicago by a small letter. Will be writing an additional essay and spraying it with phermones. Think it'll work? (Note: didn't actually write the essay. Whoops!)

2/6/08 - NYU rejection via snail-mail. Like I would have gone there anyway. This is a classic case of yield protection.

2/12/08 - In at Michigan.

2/22/08 - Since you no doubt read my LSN every day, I'm sure you're wondering why I haven't been keeping up with it much. Well, I'm not expecting any more outright acceptances (WLed at Duke yesterday), and now I'm just trying to decide where I want to spend the next three years of my life.

3/1/08 - Waitlisted at BU.

3/4/08 - Waitlisted at Vandy. Don't worry, I'll reveal my secret to obtaining waitlists after the cycle.

3/28/08 - Decision on both UVa and Cornell's status checkers. Waitlists expected from both.

3/29/08 - Placed on "Reserve" at Cornell, because they haven't yet created their waitlist. Way to be on top of things Cornell!

4/1/08 - Rejected at Chicago.

April fools!

Just kidding, I really did get rejected.

4/2/08 - Priority non-resident waitlist at UVa. Shall I pursue the warm weather and beer of Charlottesville? Or be content with the cold weather and beer of Ann Arbor?

4/24/08 - I'm sending in my check to Michigan. I'm staying on the Penn and UVa waitlists.

7/29/08 - Rejected from UVa. I signed the binding waitlist agreement and visited campus to interview. I think that I did both too late. They let a few people off, but their class was overenrolled by orientation.

8/18/08 - Rejected from Penn.

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