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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of Chicago F graph Rejected 01/12/17 01/13/17 02/06/17 04/21/17 2 days
2 Columbia University F graph Rejected 01/11/17 01/12/17 03/21/17 04/19/17 2 days
1 Stanford University F graph Rejected 01/16/17 01/17/17 01/20/17 04/03/17 21 days
2 University of Virginia F graph Rejected 01/13/17 01/14/17 01/17/17 04/03/17 21 days
University of Pennsylvania F graph Rejected 01/20/17 01/21/17 02/02/17 03/29/17 26 days
University of Southern California F graph Rejected 01/13/17 01/14/17 01/27/17 03/28/17 27 days
Cornell University F graph Rejected 01/16/17 01/17/17 -- 02/06/17 1 month
University of Texas Austin F graph Rejected 01/20/17 01/21/17 -- 03/15/17 1 month
Northwestern University F graph Rejected 01/15/17 01/16/17 01/31/17 03/14/17 1 month
1 University of California Berkeley F graph Rejected 01/09/17 01/10/17 01/11/17 03/13/17 1 month
Washington University in St Louis F graph Rejected 01/19/17 01/20/17 01/26/17 03/13/17 1 month
Georgetown University F graph Waitlisted 01/16/17 01/17/17 01/26/17 03/10/17 1 month
Boston University F graph Rejected 01/20/17 01/21/17 02/01/17 03/09/17 1 month
University of California Davis F graph Waitlisted 01/09/17 01/10/17 01/23/17 03/03/17 1 month
Duke University F graph Rejected 01/12/17 01/13/17 01/24/17 03/01/17 1 month
2 Harvard University F graph Rejected 01/16/17 01/16/17 01/23/17 02/27/17 1 month
2 University of Michigan Ann Arbor F graph Pending 01/16/17 01/17/17 02/23/17 -- 2 months
2 New York University F graph Rejected 01/01/17 01/03/17 01/09/17 02/16/17 2 months
Vanderbilt University F graph Pending 01/19/17 01/20/17 01/24/17 -- 3 months

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My LSDAS GPA is deceptive. Since re-entry to college, I have been a 4.0 student all four years (139 units). Without my failed classes from over 10 years ago, my cumulative GPA is 4.02 by LSAC standards.

I have strong softs, strong PS, & fantastic recommenders. The only shat part of my app is the lsat.

I wrote: why "x" law school for almost every school; an addendum showing I am a 4.02 student for 4 years straight; diversity statement submitted at just about every school; submitted the optional statements for every school that offered them; tailored PS for each school to a degree.

Overcame a life-changing accident, went back to college to reinvent myself = unique story.

- First person in the history of my CC to finish a 2 yr honors program, in one year.
- 4 A.A. degrees
- Extensive volunteer and community service.
- Caseworker at a legal clinic
- Internship at the SF D.A.'s office Writ and Appeals division
- Several honors societies.
- Conducting original research for senior thesis with law faculty.
- Owned and operated a business; worked in management, was a social worker for 6 yrs... tons of work experience in many different fields and capacities.


Here's to testing how holistic schools are; if there was ever a case that served to be a litmus test, I am it.

3/1 through 3/15: this has been a crippling week of daily rejects... not looking like law school is happening this year. However, it only takes one acceptance...

- 3/29: well the test is about over. I can say holism is not a practice at law schools with only the smallest of exceptions. Georgetown was clearly one of them.

- 4/22: my advice if you have sub-par numbers, or represent an anomaly, you are well served by turning in your application no later than November, and if possible, turn it in even sooner. Secondly, generally speaking, don't listen to the 'holistic' pitch from schools. Be realistic, and brace yourself for a rough run and realize that "reach schools" probably are not going to read your file, or give you must consideration. I am of the belief if they did in fact read every file and give strong consideration to all applicants, I would have garnered more waitlist decisions than I did. That said, it doesn't follow that you shouldn't put in 100% effort, meaning: write why "x" law school statements, write the additional prompt essays if you are given the opportunity.... if an admissions officer decides to give you a good review, you want to put your best foot forward. As evidenced by Georgetown, sometimes they do see your story, and will be receptive.

- 3/10 emailed and was placed on the "preferred waitlist." I am just pleased they closely read my app; put a check next to Georgetown for being holistic! I am kind of surprised, as I didn't write any of their additional prompts, nor did I write a why Georgetown essay (aside from being way below either of the GPA or LSAT indexes).

2/10 - notified under faculty review
2/16 - status checker says "decision letter sent"... only 6 days of review probably = reject.
2/16 - email rejection

- 1/16 faculty review
- 3/15 for some reason they keep holding onto me while accepting and rejecting people before and after when I turned in my application...
- 3/22 review status date changed.
- 4/3 rejected via email.

- Stanford faculty review 1/27
- Rejected via snail mail; you'll have an idea it is coming for the status checker will say "decision letter sent" at the top.

- 2/6 expedited rejection! They wasted no time sendin' me packing. Feels good to get the first rejection out of the way as I know there is more to come.

- 2/6 Notification via email under faculty review
- 3/13 rejected via status checker and received an email a few hours later.

- 2/7 under faculty review
- 3/27 under review 2
- 3/29 rejected via email. I suspect "review" was formality at best given the short turn around between status date changing and being rejected.

UC Davis:
- 1/24 under faculty review
- 3/3 waitlisted via email

- 2/23 faculty review via status check

- 2/20 under review
- 4/11 looking at all the LSAT score below 160, Vanderbilt has essentially processed no one's application. Clearly they just throw you in the trash pile. If you are sub-160 on LSAT, I would say generally this school doesn't care to even process your app.

UTexas Austin:
- 3/15 rejected via email.

- 2/27 rejected via email.

- taking forever to even complete my application... still "incomplete" over a month after submitting it.
- 3/2 still incomplete....
- 3/23 finally processed.
- 4/17 rejected via snail mail; received the letter on 4/22.

- 2/20 faculty review
- 4/12 UR2
- 4/17 UR3
- 4/20 rejected via email.

- 2/20 under faculty review; I screwed up by missing my online recorded interview deadline... probably going to sink any chance I had in the first place.
- 3/14 rejected on status checker.

- 2/27 under faculty review
- reject via email

- 2/13 under faculty review
- file updated as under review again 2/27
- 3/1 rejected via email

- 1/27(ish) under faculty review.
- 3/13 rejected via email.

- 3/2 over a month and a half, and my file still hasn't been sent to review.
- 3/14... USC sat on my app for two full months, now I am finally in review.
- 3/26 reject via email. You can almost bet it my app was never even read given the turn around time between first round of review and rejection.

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  • reply to your comment
  • Thursday, April 21 2016 at 07:02 PM

I have no idea how to reply to your comment on my profile so I'm just going to type it out here haha. Thank you! Yes, it's such a relief. I really think my GPA plus personal statement helped. I spent at least 3 months writing it. Also, if you have a low LSAT score, make sure to write an addendum to your application explaining how LSAT isn't a good measure of your intelligence (a one-day test) versus your GPA (a measure over several years).

- WakiPaki
  • Looking good!
  • Saturday, February 04 2017 at 06:40 PM

Thanks for your kind comment! I hope you have an amazing cycle. Your softs look really good and that's what helped me to get into the schools I did despite having a not so great LSAT score. It truly is a holistic process! Good luck!

- Kdavis95
  • Impressive
  • Thursday, March 16 2017 at 11:20 AM

Your EC's are very impressive and I hope one of your reaches gives you a well deserved shot. Good luck!

- themoonisthelimit
  • Thursday, March 16 2017 at 11:21 AM

That said, I wonder how are chances would have fared had we submitted applications earlier in the cycle..?

- themoonisthelimit
  • Saturday, March 25 2017 at 08:27 PM

Hi Moon, I would say one's chances are MUCH better than late in the cycle if you present statistical issues for the schools you are applying to. At this juncture, there are just about zero seats left and they have already accepted people with lower numbers

- Testing_holism
  • Still some left
  • Thursday, March 30 2017 at 02:05 AM

Still some hope here. As an aside, you should give serious consideration to reaching out to Spivey Consulting with your very interesting story here. You seemed to have proven something worthy of top industry analysis. Also, why not apply to some other schools? You will for certain get in, and probably with write a bit of money as well..

- CarnivorousKitten
  • Monday, April 03 2017 at 02:32 PM

I appreciate the advice. I can't afford consulting, and I don't know that the issue is a poorly designed application. I only applied to reach schools with a horrible and non-representative LSAT, some of this outcome was expected. It is a numbers game, plain and simple. As for other schools, I just don't personally believe the trade-off of going to a low ranked school is worth it in my situation. Lawyers are the number 1 unemployed profession in the United States.... Where you get your degree makes a big, big difference.

- Testing_holism

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