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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
California Western School of Law graph Accepted -- -- -- 01/27/05 --
Chapman University graph Waitlisted -- -- -- 01/18/05 --
Whittier Law School graph Accepted -- -- -- 02/09/05 --
Thomas Jefferson School of Law graph Accepted -- -- -- 02/11/05 --
University of San Diego graph Rejected -- -- -- 04/15/05 --
University of Southern California graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
Loyola Law School graph Rejected -- -- -- 02/18/05 --
1 Southwestern University School of Law graph WL, Accepted -- -- -- 04/13/05 --

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May 2005--Declined admission to Whittier, California Western, and Thomas Jefferson.

June 2005--sent letter to SW expressing desire to attend.

July 2005--sent another letter to SW expressing desire to attend.

July 2005--made an appointment to meet with someone in admissions at SW to express the desire to attend.

July 2005--Whitter offered $15K scholarship.

August 1, 2005--received a call of acceptance from SW.

I'll be attending SW.

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  • re:Southwestern

Congrats on your acceptances. Southwestern requires a $300 deposit by 4/1/05 and another $200 by 7/1/05. Good Luck on your pendings and Chapman waitlist!

- harleygirl
  • withdrawls

Why did you withdraw your applications from the only places you were accepted to?

- bcensoni
  • re:withdrawls

I got accepted to Western State too, who offered $15,000 in scholarships. I figured if I don't get accepted to the schools I want to attend, I'll minimize my debts by going there. Plus, it would be easier to transfer b/c Western State isn't so cutthroat.

- anxious81
  • question

Do you know much about the Southwestern waitlist? I never sent them a letter expressing my interest to attend. Is there still any hope for me to get off the waitlist? Should I even try? I've pretty much settled on Californis Western, but I don't know.

- williamgazillion
  • SW waitlist

I think that if you keep bugging them, you might still have a chance. When I met with admissions, I was told that if you're persistent enough, they will let you in. Basically, They're afraid that the people they accept from the waitlist will end up declining their offer because most have already decided on a school already (that lowers their ranking). They like to accept people they know WILL attend their school. Also, they accept people until the first day of class (8/22/05). If you live in the neighborhood, set up an appointment with the admissions lady and meet with her and express your desire to attend. If you're interested in doing that, email me and I'll give you the lady's name.

- anxious81
  • SW waitlist

BTW, I met with admissions just last week and received the acceptance call yesterday (that's less than a week!).

- anxious81
  • Confused

I'm really confused as to what to do. Although Southwestern outranks Cal Western, I think the quality of life and location at Cal Western trumps Southwestern. I also intend to transfer, and was hoping the fact that competition at Cal Western isn't as brutal as I heard it is at Southwestern. I have almost everything set up in San Diego (will be living with a friend), but I'm not on the lease, so I can leave any time. I'm not as excited to attend Southwestern as I have been before. If I set up a meeting with them and tell them I'm interested, it would be a lie. Should I be interested? What made you do it? Thanks for your help

- williamgazillion
  • Meeting

Maybe I'll set up an appointment, how is the entire process, who do I talk to? My email is williamgazillion at gmail dot com Thanks.

- williamgazillion
  • Southwestern

I just sent them a letter. I may call them as soon as tomorrow. It's going to break my heart if and when I get the rejection though.

- williamgazillion
  • I want to attend SW b/c...

I would like to transfer also. I believe that both grades and the "quality" of school attended is important when transferring. Also, SW is close to where I live.

- anxious81
  • How did you get a meeting...
  • Saturday, April 29 2006 at 07:50 PM

with admissions at southwestern??? please let me know...i am currently waitlisted and it is my #1 choice.

- help please!
  • SW Waitlist
  • Sunday, May 07 2006 at 03:14 PM

congrats on SW. do you have name of the person you spoke with at the admissions office? i sent in an updated transcript, and i'm about to send in an updated resume and letter of rec. any other advice? thanks in advance!

- sheba

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