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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
3 Georgetown University graph WL, Accepted A 01/17/05 -- -- 03/24/05 --
Columbia University graph Waitlisted 02/01/05 -- 03/09/05 05/04/05 --
Harvard University graph Rejected 02/01/05 -- -- 05/03/05 --
7 University of California Hastings graph Accepted 01/07/05 01/12/05 02/09/05 02/18/05 --
6 Northeastern University graph Accepted 01/07/05 01/09/05 -- 01/28/05 --
5 University of California Los Angeles graph Rejected 01/17/05 -- -- 05/03/05 --
4 Cornell University graph Accepted 01/17/05 -- -- 03/21/05 --
2 University of Pennsylvania graph WL, Accepted 01/17/05 -- 02/02/05 04/04/05 --
1 New York University graph Waitlisted 01/12/05 -- 02/03/05 04/18/05 --
University of California Berkeley graph Rejected 02/01/05 -- 02/11/05 04/01/05 --

Applicant Information

Liberal Arts Women&#
Political Science
99 out of 217

Demographic Information


Extra Curricular Information

Graduated UG in 2000. Work experience in leftist politics/ community organizing (5 yrs.)

I attached an addendum explaining low GPA. LSAC recalculated my GPA from my jr. college and gave me a lower one, but my jc reported 3.78 and my degree-granting institution reported 3.5

checkered past, etc.

late applications


7/6/05 i FINALLY made a decision! GULC, here I come...

So far I've sent in withdrawals to UC Hastings & Northeastern & Cornell.

GULC - email asking me to confirm interest, 24 hrs. later email offering me a spot
U. Penn - 24 hrs. after that, email offering me a spot @ U. Penn.

NYU - large manilla envelope (heart racing) open up package and, omg, could it really be true... oh. waitlist.

Columbia - small envelope putting me "on reserve" - not really sure what the difference is between "reserve" and "waitlist."

3/19: I got a call from the asst. dean at Northeastern. I was awarded the 3/4 tuition public interest scholarship - I have ten days to say yes or forfeit, and haven't heard from any of the snob schools I applied to. Advice anyone?

3/22 Received an email inviting me to attend the final admitted students day at Cornell.

3/23 Received an email from Cornell notifying me that I was admitted! Yay!

3/24 Online Status check @ GULC website went to "decision." A few days ago I called and explained the situation with my deadline of 4/1 to accept the Northeastern shcolarship. They told me very unequivocally that they only notify applicants by snail mail. So I have to wait a week-10 days. ugh.

3/26 Just got back from UC Hastings admitted students day. Bleck. I'd rather go to Northeastern. Aside from it being in San Francisco (which is awesome)... well, actually the school itself seems pretty cool but the students seem really lame. I hope it's not like this at all the schools I visit. I forgot how long its been since I've been in school. EDIT: the students seem cool, but unhappy. The major feeder school for UC Hastings is UC Berkeley, so Hastings students are basically pissed that they didn't get into their alma mater, and then they have to compete in the job market with the Boalt students AND the Stanford students.

4/1 Rejected from Berkeley. Not surprised or disapointed really. That app was to make my parents happy. At this point it doesn't look like I'm getting into too many more schools. I'm expecting the rest to be rejections. So, it looks like I better start knitting now, because it's going to be a looong cold winter in Ithaca.

4/26/05 email from Andy Cornblatt saying that, although it's GULC's policy NOT to notify vial email, I will be pleasantly surprised when I check my mail. Have until 5/9 to decide.

4/27/05 I'm shocked. I actually made it off the U. Penn waitlist. THERE IS A GOD. They sent me an email, and said that a UPS package will be soon to follow.

5/3/05 Got my rejection letter from Harvard today. When I applied, I told myself that my odds of getting into Harvard were slightly better than my odds of winning the California lottery... But the thing is, I never PLAY the lottery -- because I HATE losing.

Visitor Comments

  • totally understand

i know exactly how you feel about NYU, i've been doing the same thing! we have similar numbers, but yours are a bit higher... i wish someone could tell me too! good luck!

- bazza
  • NYU

I'm in the same boat; I haven't even received acomplete notice from NYU. Unfortunately, I think you're at the cusp, and it appears that NYU over-admitted in the beginning of the season and has run out of room. They've been shooting out Rejects recently. Here's hoping for a round of admits this week... I think that you should wait a few more days (mail really should be coming Any Day Now) call Northeastern and ask for an extension, and politely remind them that playing hardball with you is unethical and obnoxious. Also, I don't think the NE scholarship is worth passing up Cornell and UCH (adn who knows what else will come through.)

- mreleph
  • rejections

I got dinged BC. WL is rejection with a bit of bonus hassle. Anyway, I just yesterday erased my rationale blurb for my profile. Basically I picked schools on whims, briefly considering tuition, application fee, application complexity, geography, friends' and parents' suggestions. The whole process was mostly a "let's see what happens" thing for me; I can stay at my current job till my head falls off (which might not be a long way off...)

- mreleph
  • congrats!

Oh hey congrats on Cornell! It's a nice place, if a little quiet and cold.

- mreleph
  • letter

Who are the people that can help me write a letter to admissions? What service is it? Thanks for the advice!

- bazza
  • Penn v. Cornell

I'm choosing pretty set on UPenn over Cornell because I want to go into tax law. Cornell has 2 classes- whereas UPenn offered 9 last year. I would have to think about transfering if I decided on Cornell and decided to pursue tax law. Maybe I'll see you at UPenn in the fall!

- Samantha
  • Question about GPA

Hi, Congratulation on your acceptance to many good schools. I was wondering about your problem with the LSAC GPA report. Do you know how could they calculate your GPA and come up with a lower number than your actual GPA? I know it's very irretating issue and it would help me if your can share your experience. Thanks

- bigbigboy
  • Questions about GPA answered

In California there is something at the community colleges called "academic renewal." Sounds cool huh? Well it is! If you fail a class, then get 3 cosecutive semesters of 3.0 average or better, and THEN repeat the class, they will delete the "F" or "D" from the calculation of your cumulative GPA (but not erase the F). I started community college when I was 16 after dropping out of high school, and proceeded to almost completely flunk my first year. But, I reformed my delinquent ways and improved my GPA by leaps and bounds in the following years. Sadly, the LSAC recalculated those F's back into my grade, and thus, I get a 3.46. Lame.

- davisxa
  • heh

I went to a women's college and was also a community organizer. Rock,dude.

- leenie
  • Northeastern

Yes, I did visit and thought similarly of the students. I'm still undecided though. I love the co-op program but it doesn't offer too many electives that I'm interested in. Anyways, Congratulations on all your acceptances. Are you going to Penn or holding out on NYU?

- linquest
  • congrats on PENN

congrats on PENN!

- Herewego

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