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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
5 Columbia University graph Waitlisted 12/02/04 12/09/04 12/29/04 -- --
1 Yale University graph Rejected 12/03/04 12/14/04 12/29/04 02/04/04 --
2 Harvard University graph Rejected 12/02/04 12/09/04 01/13/05 -- --
4 New York University graph Pending 12/02/04 12/09/04 01/13/05 -- --
6 University of Chicago graph Waitlisted 12/02/04 12/13/04 01/07/05 -- --
3 Stanford University graph Rejected 12/03/04 12/09/04 01/31/05 03/04/04 --
7 University of Michigan Ann Arbor graph Rejected 12/04/04 12/08/04 01/24/05 -- --

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big public

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Not much, a few jobs.


Pretty bad luck, I guess. At barely 19 (and 18 when I applied), maybe they figured I was too young. Well, I have a pretty good job so I guess I'll hold onto it and see what happens. Maybe something better than law school will open up anyway, and maybe now wasn't the time for it.

Still waiting on NYU but obviously not expecting much. Writing stuff for Chicago and Columbia to get of "reserve" r "hold" or whatever they call it. Not too sure I'd go even if admitted though, I'm not so sure it's for me right now.

Anyhoo, that's what's up as of now.

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  • Yale Sux.

And you are my proof. How in the world did any school ding you with those stats? Assuming you didn't photocopy a picture of yourself flipping the bird and submit that as your PS, thiss is utter insanity. Out of curiosity, how did your rejection come? / Yale Sux.

- moot
  • to Yale Sux

Well, I kind of expected the Yale ding, since they seem to look at extracurriculars and work experience and all that, and I'm not so strong there. Nope, no such picture, haha. The rejection came in one of those thin envelopes that scare the hell out of anyone waiting for admissions decisions.

- donbarzini

First of all, I apologize, but you are my proof. I was talking to my friend telling her that it is about what the law schools want and not the numbers. You are the perfect example of the people pick what they want and not by the numbers. You say you are young, so this is coming from someone who has a great packet, but a suck LSAT score. If you want to really go to law school look for fellowships and internships in law. Just do a google search for fellowships or internships in law. US House of Representatives and Senate have internships that are not paid and in their local and Washington, DC.

- beenterprise
  • Minor Setback

^^ I agree... you have the "hard factors"... your lsat score will stand for 5 years... you are so young... if you want to go to law school, go get relevant WE or do public service... join the PEACECORPS! :)

- bloomich
  • Tool

You are a tool! I got into the best school in the NATION (DePaul) with a gpa below 3.0 and an LSAT below 154. You must be a douche. XOXOHTH. HTH.

- U Pha17 @ Lyf
  • Sorry

I'd check LoRs and speak with someone about essays before reapplying.

- L84aD8
  • PWN3D!!!!
  • Thursday, March 02 2006 at 08:24 AM


  • same boat
  • Thursday, December 07 2006 at 01:28 PM

I'm in about the same boat as you, but I'm still a junior. Can you contact me and talk to me? My AIM is EdOfTheFu, my email I assume you can view.

- Ed

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