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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Cornell University F graph Accepted $75,000 10/30/17 10/30/17 11/02/17 01/10/18 3 days
University of Southern California F graph Accepted 10/29/17 10/30/17 10/31/17 01/19/18 3 days
Boston University F graph Accepted 10/13/17 10/13/17 11/04/17 01/09/18 12 days
University of Pennsylvania F graph Accepted 10/29/17 10/29/17 11/07/17 01/10/18 12 days
University of Michigan Ann Arbor F graph Accepted 10/31/17 11/06/17 11/12/17 12/20/17 1 month
University of Notre Dame F graph Accepted 10/31/17 11/01/17 11/01/17 12/19/17 1 month
University of Virginia F graph Accepted 10/20/17 10/20/17 11/02/17 12/19/17 1 month
Indiana University Bloomington F graph Accepted $159,000 10/15/17 10/15/17 10/31/17 12/18/17 1 month
Vanderbilt University F graph Pending 10/16/17 10/16/17 11/01/17 -- 1 month
Duke University F graph Pending 10/29/17 10/30/17 11/02/17 -- 1 month
Yale University graph Pending 10/30/17 10/30/17 10/31/17 -- 1 month
Columbia University graph Pending 10/30/17 10/30/17 11/20/17 -- 1 month
New York University F graph Pending 10/30/17 10/30/17 11/08/17 -- 1 month
Georgetown University F graph Accepted 10/24/17 10/24/17 10/31/17 11/25/17 1 month
Harvard University graph Pending 10/20/17 10/20/17 11/02/17 -- 1 month
Northwestern University F graph Pending 10/17/17 10/17/17 11/08/17 -- 1 month
University of Chicago F graph Pending 10/15/17 10/16/17 10/31/17 -- 1 month
University of Texas Austin graph Pending 10/25/17 10/25/17 11/01/17 -- 1 month
Stanford University graph Pending 10/30/17 10/30/17 11/02/17 -- 1 month
University of California Berkeley F graph Pending 10/14/17 10/14/17 11/01/17 -- 1 month
University of California Los Angeles F graph Accepted 10/31/17 10/31/17 11/02/17 11/14/17 1 month

Applicant Information

American University
Public Health
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

3-4 Years

Extra Curricular Information

Academic Honors: Phi Beta Kappa
Work Experience: Served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa for 29 months after graduation (discussed this in application diversity statement)


Updating with individual school timelines once I receive a decision; will update throughout cycle

UCLA: I did not have a status checker, but it looks like some people who applied later received a status checker. I received an email from UCLA that my file was complete on November 2nd and received an acceptance phone call on November 14th (acceptance letter came in the mail two days later, no scholarship info until January)

Georgetown: Went complete 10/31 and received an acceptance letter 11/25 (dated 11/21). Some people this cycle are receiving requests for alumni interviews or group interviews with the Dean, but I received neither before the letter arrived in the mail.

Indiana University: Went Complete 10/31 and my status checker stayed at Complete, Ready for Review up until 12/18. I received an email with an acceptance and my status checker had changed to Decision Made when I checked later in the day. Acceptance email included scholarship information as well as the option of a $500 reimbursement to visit in the spring.

UVA: Went UR1 11/01; date change on 11/29; Interview Request by email from Grace Cleveland on 12/12; Interview on 12/15 with Grace Cleveland; had a final date change at the end of the day on 12/18 (UR3); Accepted via Status Checker on 12/19

Notre Dame: Went Complete on 11/13 (UR1) and then had a date change (UR2) on 12/04; status changed to Decision Sent on 12/19. Status Checker indicates that decisions are only sent by snail mail, but I received an email a few hours later with the acceptance. Additionally, seat deposits showed up in the 'Fees' section of my status checker after the status changed to 'Decision Sent.'

Michigan: The date on Michigan's status checker changes every day, but the 'Congratulations' did not appear until 12/19. I submitted at the beginning of November and went Complete 11/11 or 11/12 (over a weekend, so I'm unsure if it went Complete on Saturday or on the Sunday that I happened to check). Acceptance email came a few hours later with access to the Admitted Students site.
*Received Financial Aid email with no merit scholarships

Boston University: Accepted by phone call on 01/09 (missed call and left voicemail); status changed to Decision Made after (had not checked that morning) and admissions packet sent the same day as phone call

Cornell: Ready for Review on 11/02 and did not hear from Cornell again until 12/13 with an email requesting me to complete a Kira interview. I did the interview on the 13th and my status changed to Interview Received on the 15th. Received an acceptance phone call on the 10th with a follow-up email; status checker changed to "Congratulations! You are admitted!" and Mailings section lists 'Decision Letter Sent' with the acceptance date. Package coming in the mail, but I could immediately log on to the Admitted Students portal to see info about ASWs, housing, etc.
*Submitted Cornell Scholarship Application on 01.17.18 and received notification via email of award

Penn: UR1 on 11/06 and UR2 on 12/06; received acceptance phone call in the early afternoon on 01/10; packet is supposed to come in the mail with more information. Status Checker has not changed.

USC: Submitted 10/29, Complete 11/01 and status changed to In Review; status changed to Decision Finalized on 01/19 (don't know what time) and I received an email with the acceptance and log-in to Admitted Students website; email said offers would begin to be made late January for scholarships (previously applied to Public Interest Scholars and Rothman)

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  • Sunday, January 14 2018 at 01:42 AM

Congratulations on all the amazing acceptances! I have the exact same stats as you, so I wanted to ask you some questions :). Did you write "Why X" essays for the t13 schools? What do you think contributed most to your successful cycle? It would be awesome if you could reply to this! :D

- lsatinflames
  • same stats
  • Saturday, January 20 2018 at 09:35 AM

hoping i have half the luck you did. Congrats

- TheDude866

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