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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of Oregon F graph Accepted A $5,000 01/02/12 01/04/12 -- 03/16/12 2 years
9 Michigan State College of Law F graph Pending W 12/30/11 01/02/12 -- -- 2 years
3 Loyola Law School graph Rejected 01/04/12 01/12/12 01/23/12 -- 2 years
1 University of California Irvine F graph WL, Rejected 01/02/12 01/03/12 -- 01/30/12 2 years
11 Chapman University F graph Accepted $25 12/30/11 01/03/12 01/04/12 -- 2 years
10 Southwestern University School of Law F graph Accepted SP 12/30/11 01/04/12 01/05/12 -- 2 years
Chicago-Kent College of Law (IIT) F graph Waitlisted 12/30/11 01/03/12 01/06/12 03/30/12 2 years
University of Texas Austin graph Rejected 01/16/12 01/18/12 01/26/12 -- 2 years
2 Case Western Reserve University F graph Accepted 12/30/11 01/03/12 01/31/12 03/31/12 2 years
5 Seton Hall University F graph Accepted $15,000 01/04/12 01/05/12 01/18/12 02/16/12 2 years
7 Santa Clara University graph Pending 01/04/12 01/05/12 01/17/12 -- 2 years
8 DePaul University F graph Rejected 01/02/12 01/03/12 01/10/12 01/26/12 2 years

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State School (CSU)
Liberal Studies

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Los Angeles
5-9 Years

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Mid-December: Totally kicking myself in the ass right now - I sooo thought I'd have everything in by now. Seems every time I'm ready to post I find out some other tidbit that has me opening another Word doc to write another addendum. Now its the GPA thing. Anyone with similar numbers PLEASE write and share your experience: did you write an addendum, do you think it will matter, etc. This was a game changer for me, I totally thought I'd be rockin a respectable GPA and my school list is now a total mess.

12/30/11, 1:15AM: One Away! Southwestern is sent. This one was important because the program for which I am applying starts as early as May. More to go out tomorrow (later today).
P.S.:Decided NOT to write a GPA addendum, hoping the adcomms will see the upward trend for themselves.

12/30/11, 11:15PM: Four more, starting to feel some relief. I'm so over this process right now.

1/2/12, 11:50PM: Started the day with a receipt confirmation from MSU and finished by sending in three more apps. Had hope to have all the fee waived apps in, but Seton Hall is a bear. Anyone else find that one a tad over the top? Maybe tomorrow, eh.

1/4/12, 11:33PM: The first two paid apps went in, now I'll have to wait for another payday to apply to others.

2/8/12, 10:57pm: Since my last check-in I've received my first NO (DePaul, 1/26 via email) and my first WAITLISTED (Irvine, 1/30 via US Mail). I'll claim the latter a small victory, that's much better than I could have hoped for from probably the top school on the list (caveat: they aren't ranked yet, but does anybody doubt Dean Chemerinsky when he claims they'll be a "Top 20 school by any measure"?). Michigan is requesting a letter abourt why I want to attend their school and I had an interview with a Case Western Alum in her office in Downtown LA as part of their process (meeting their Dean at a reception next week.) I had to postpone a SCALE Program reception at Southwestern for two weeks due to having to work late -that includes an interview as well.

2/18/12, 4:54pm: First ACCEPTANCE! Woot! Filling out the FAFSA and checking school websites for their codes,I decided to check status as well - Seton Hall said YES! The letter was sent via mail on the 16th, should get it any day now!
Edit: Just went out and checked the mail...sure enough, its here! Application packet informing me I've been granted a Dean's scholarship for $15k/yr.

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  • GPA addendum
  • Tuesday, January 03 2012 at 02:22 PM

GOSMITTY, I did write an addendum describing my lower overall gap (moving to a foreign country). With you being out of undergrad for 5-9 years, I am not sure if you would want to or not. Either way, best of luck to you!

- tolson0123
  • Wednesday, January 04 2012 at 11:31 AM

I wrote an addendum, don't really think it helped too much though. Major GPA 3.7x, overall gpa 2.8x. Good luck with your cycle

- kindasplittin
  • Tuesday, January 31 2012 at 07:56 PM

Hey, We've got almost identical numbers, hopefully the huge drop in law school apps will play out in our favor. It'll be interesting to watch.

- boblaw

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