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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
4 University of Washington graph Accepted A 10/18/04 11/12/04 11/30/04 03/23/05 14 years
5 Boston University graph Accepted 10/20/04 11/04/04 11/22/04 12/20/04 14 years
1 University of Michigan Ann Arbor graph WL, Rejected 10/19/04 10/26/04 11/15/04 08/29/05 15 years
9 Northeastern University graph Accepted 10/20/04 10/29/04 12/02/04 12/16/04 15 years
7 New York University graph Rejected 10/05/04 10/07/04 10/28/04 12/03/04 15 years
10 Case Western Reserve University graph Accepted 10/20/04 10/26/04 12/02/04 01/11/04 15 years
3 Duke University graph Rejected D 10/18/04 10/20/04 12/01/04 02/28/05 15 years
2 University of Pennsylvania graph Rejected 10/17/04 10/20/04 11/16/04 12/17/04 15 years
8 University of Houston graph Accepted 10/07/04 10/12/04 11/19/04 12/08/04 15 years
Yale University graph Rejected 10/07/04 10/12/04 10/25/04 01/28/05 --
6 University of Pittsburgh graph Accepted 10/20/04 10/21/04 11/12/04 12/06/04 --
Harvard University graph Rejected 10/06/04 10/25/04 11/15/04 01/12/05 --

Applicant Information

Private - Univesity
Genetics (BS)

Demographic Information

Home - Hagerstown, M
New York
gay white

Extra Curricular Information

****My rankings are what they are when all things were considered when I was done the entire admission season. Feel free to email me with questions at [email protected] if you have questions or want mroe insight. Good luck!
The 0 were ones i didn't rank because I figured I wouldn't get in anyway.

Student Judicial Council - Head - 3 years
Bookstore Supervisor
Resident Advisor - 3 Years
APO-Community Service Fraternity - 2 years
Senior Class Council Adminstrative Co-Chair
Trainer of tips for leading GLBT discussions
Biology Teaching Assistant
Golden Key
Truman Scholar Finalist

MD Senator Internship 3 years
MD Gubernatorial Internship 1 year
* Policy Paper on Health Insurance Access in MD
Summer Leadership Workshop Staff for High School
students - 5 years
MD State Board of Education Student Member senior year
of high school
Eagle Scout
Use to do Native American Dancing for 9 years

declined at: case (damn, so much money but couldn't do it)
houston, northeastern, pitt and BU (losing my deposit) because I would rather be at UW. :)

I'm going to UWash unless Michigan pulls through for me

After WL email sent an extra letter of recommendation, another essay updating some stuff and a letter of intent. (Early April)

Sent an email with some questions about how to maintain contact if I go to Italy for a month for free in July (how awesome is that?!?!) and about my transcript. Told them I was sending a transcript once my final grades were in and informed them I am a nominee for the Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Scholarship and a nomniee (one of 3-5) to serve as a member of my University's Trustee alumni council.
(Late May)

Finally heard no from Michigan on 9/3/06 ----almost a full year from when I applied. Sheesh. I was already packing for my drive cross country anyway


sent - LSACD transmitted
received - LSAC Reports requested date OR when school
notified me they received (later used)
complete - timestamp of email, date on letter, or postmark
decision - will be date on letter/email

Duke, NE, Case to find out complete - i initiated email

Houston was an email
Pitt regular white envelope in mail
-12/16 - $8,000 scholarship for 3 year
- 4/4 email raised my scholarship to $14,000/year
NYU rejection letter in regular white envelope
NE regular envelope
- 2/10 $7,000 scholarship
upenn rejection letter normal envelope
BU was 8x11 white sent to my home address
-stereotypically thick because of financial aid app info.
-$15,000 per year 3/7
Duke defer via email for EA
- regular mail
Case via email
-$18,000 per year emailed 3/15
-applied for grad res life position
------offered job, free housing and $9,000 stipend per year
Harvard - regular envelope in mail
UW -- called to check complete 2/1 and they said it was "completed in November" but I never got the email they said they sent
Yale - average cream envelope in mail
Michigan WL via email
WL on 3-11-05
Final Decison via letter 8-29-05 (SO LONG!)
U Wash via email

Political Sciene Minor
Basic Proficiency in ASL
Special tuition free fifth year to study mythical literature
as an undergraduate

My Plan - Intellectual Property law with regard to biotechnology and patents on genetic research OR the implications of genetic information on insurance (health law)

Motivation for my plan - misdiagnosed with HIV at 18. Misinterpretation of results by others and proven inaccurate by me. Welcome to my personal statement.

Everyone that reads my statements and essays thinks they are strong....from current law students to advisors at school to a friend's father that was dean of 3 law schools and is on Maryland's admission board (and he went to harvard). I think they are good, too.

An acceptance to Michigan means I am going there.....I really loved it when I visted in nov. So, I also sent them some extra stuff highlighting the fact that my GPA represents 17 different deparments and that my "low grades" are physics/gen chem/organic chem. I also talked about how the week before the lsat my older sister's doctor found a tumor in her and she had emergency surgery to remove it because of big concerns and how I helped to take care of her and my young nephew days before the own range of testing was 162-168 so I figured I would let them do with that info what they want. Hoping.....

Visitor Comments

  • can I read your Personal Statement?

Hi, I read your profile on here and you sound like you have a great personal statement story. My interests may be similar to yours although I'm coming from a different angle. I got a BA in religious studies and a Ph.D. in genetics and I want to go into bioethical law. I would love to read your statement.

- agoutimouse
  • Race?

i wasn't aware that "gay" is a race??? Annoying!!! HTH

- lambased
  • lambased

since most people won't read the novel I wrote....I wanted to put that somewhere in the demographics....any better suggestions?

- iceman
  • UW acceptances..

Hi iceman! I see that you are interested in finding out how UW is giving out acceptances. Someone on LSD said that they received theirs via snail mail, post marked 1/27. HTH. :)

- inthesun
  • Yikes

Being misdiagnosed with a terminal illness..gods..that sucks..this is why I stay away from doctors :)

- LordofLight
  • Info

I found out about the University of Washington first by phone and then by mail. Goood luck!

- essyta
  • michigan

iceman- Michigan acceptance came via snail mail, no e-mail from them accept to let me know about their preview weekend, HTH. By the way, I think I go to school with you.

- shoebox30
  • Michigan

I have no idea what is taking them so long. My guess is that once they received my second LSAT score, my app was bumped back to the end of the line. We will see.

- McCainfan
  • Michigan

I called and asked how long it should take for a decision and they said 4-6 weeks. That is pretty close to 3 and a half months right?! They said it is probably because they just can't make a decision. How convenient!

- nojuliefx
  • michigan slow

Hey. My only thought to the slowness is that on that part of the app where they asked to list honors and work experience on separte sheets of paper and that a resume would be helpful, I interpreted that to mean to just send in a resume ..... maybe that has something to do with it? I have no clue, but at this point i've stopped caring, michigan is way too cold for a boy from florida ... good luck to you though!

- coolguy5
  • good luck w/ michigan

I'm in the same boat as you - no idea why it's taking so long for Michigan. I'm probably going to go to Georgetown, but I would like to have Mich as an option - 6-8 week decision time - yeah right, but seriously, no news is good news.

- timthegolfguy
  • mich?

yep. I have no idea about michigan. Loved it when I visited, but they sent me the complete on Oct. 22 and still nothing. I'll probably go to Georgetown. Good luck with yours.

- johnnypizza
  • Mich

I have NO idea either. I mean, I didn't consider myself to be an auto-admit, but I thought for sure I'd hear SOMETHING by now. Part of me is hoping I won't hear anything- then I'll demand my money back :)

- melissamw
  • Mich

At this point, I would be nervous about the possibility of a Mich admit...

- jd
  • jd.....

looks like I shouldn't be so nervous afterall, just have to play the waiting game even longer

- iceman
  • bu

bu is supposed to be excellent in health law. you should definitely consider it before turning it down for pitt or case. good luck on the michigan wl.

- squirrel
  • Michigan Law

Hey Iceman. No, I'm not planning to take Michigan's waitlist offer. Now I'm officially going to be a Texas Law student. Good luck with the waitlist.

- Chris
  • good luck

with michigan, but you have plenty of good choices either way. houston must be tough to turn down after living in "sunny" rochester :)

- bosox480
  • MI WL

Hey, I accepted their waitlist offer, but I'm going to visit GW next week and just got back from Cornell, which I really liked. I will probably take myself off MI waitlist by April 15, assuming I've decided btwn GW and Cornell. Good luck!

- bmostaj
  • mich wl

Hey, I'm not going to stay on the WL either. best of luck.

- johnnypizza
  • diversity statement

Did you write a diversity statement for any of the schools? I did only for the ones that specifically asked, and I'm pretty sure it came off as royally awkward-sounding. I'm officially changing my race to "queer white" on my profile too. You sound like a character and a half, and I think that if you don't get into any law schools that you really want to go to, you should consider studying up and re-taking the LSAT and applying again.

- davisxa
  • Finally

I posted and got the thumbs up from GW, where are you going if you don't get into Michigan

- gb003k
  • re: Michigan

I withdrew from their waitlist. I only applied because I got a fee waiver.

- jimmyp
  • re: michigan waitlist

declined michigan's waitlist. waitlist makes one ineligible for merit aid. I only applied to michigan in hopes of getting a scholarship. They actually gave some a darrow with numbers similar to mine, so I am surprised that I was not admitted. In any case, I would have most likely used any money from michigan to leverage NYU and attended NYU anyway.-

- suicidenixon

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