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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
9 Boston University graph Accepted 10/19/04 10/19/04 11/03/04 12/24/04 8 years
3 University of Chicago graph Accepted A 10/19/04 10/19/04 11/09/04 01/21/05 --
6 Northwestern University graph Accepted 10/19/04 10/19/04 -- 01/16/05 --
5 New York University graph Accepted 10/15/04 10/15/04 10/28/04 12/06/04 --
1 Harvard University graph Waitlisted 10/19/04 10/19/04 11/15/04 05/05/05 --
7 Georgetown University graph Accepted 10/19/04 10/19/04 11/01/04 11/16/04 --
9 Fordham University graph Accepted 10/19/04 10/19/04 -- 11/11/04 --
8 Cornell University graph Accepted 10/19/04 10/19/04 11/09/04 12/13/04 --
3 Columbia University graph Accepted 10/19/04 10/19/04 11/09/04 01/31/05 --
1 Yale University graph Rejected 10/19/04 10/19/04 10/29/04 04/22/05 --

Applicant Information

Biology, Child Devel

Demographic Information

Valley Stream
New York

Extra Curricular Information

applied straight out of undergrad
lots of volunteer work, research expce, semester study abroad, recieved highest honors for senior honors thesis on positive development in Latino/a youth, teaching assistant, founded a volunteer program at my university
2 very good LORs, 1 average one... I think
pretty average (but candid) PS. Yale's was a bit risky.


BU: 35k/yr
UChicago: 64k over 3 yrs
Cornell: Dean's Scholarship
Fordham: 15k/yr
G'town: Dean's Scholarship Nomination- rejected

4/15: BU, Fordham, Cornell, G'town, Northwestern
4/28: NYU, Columbia

staying on the HLS waitlist till the end of August, got termination of waitlist status letter on Sept. 6

Visitor Comments

  • BU notification?

How long did BU wait between the admit and the scholarship? Hopeful...

- mreleph
  • BU $

Acceptance on 12/24, scholarship letter at the end of January.. about 5 weeks. Good luck!

- jrg83
  • what organization?

I too am applying to law schools from Tufts (class of '03) my gpa is similar, LSAT a bit higher want to know how you are doing in the process ... what organization did you found? best of luck in the process.

- nmprisons
  • Yeah, Jumbos!

Hey nmprisons, I'm doing pretty well so far, but getting a little antsy due to not hearing from H or Y. Although I would probably choose H or Y if admitted, I'm pretty psyched about Columbia! I started CIVICS at Tufts-- it's an organization that originated at Harvard. We send tufts undergrads into local middle schools to teach about the branches of govt, the constitution, etc. (since the MCAS, kids in local schools dont really have a social studies curriculum, let alone info about US govt). It's been a great program, great feedback from surrounded communities. Good luck with your applications!!

- jrg83
  • Columbia

How come Columbia and Chicago came before NYU?

- shoebox30
  • Fingers crossed for you

To get into Yale. Good luck and congrats on your achievements so far!

- iffy
  • re: Columbia vs. Chicago

my impression was that I would enjoy being at Columbia more than being at Chicago. This was the deciding factor for me because I think they are even in almost all respects, with Chicago having a better faculty. The location issue (NYC vs. Chicago) is important to me. I am from Chicago originally, and eventually want to practice there after law school. I have also wanted to live in New York for some time so I see this as a chance to do so. I really didn't like the Hyde Park area either so that was another factor. Best of luck in making your decision, although I hope you get accepted to Yale or Harvard which should make your decision for you

- BinaryCode
  • still pending at Yale

i'm like you(scores aside, you're way ahead of me in that) in that i'm wondering what Yale is waiting for? i feel like there's a few lost souls out there w/ no answer from Yale who missed this round of WL's. at this point i'm disheartened. rejection for me looks likely. i wish you the best though...you 'll do well anywhere.

- dsubrama
  • Re: Chicago!

Hey jrg83, Congrats on reaching a decision! What made you choose Chicago over Columbia? It sounded like you were leaning towards Columbia. Anyway, I'll look forward to meeting you at Chicago!

- emc
  • CLS

Jessica- Thanks for the email...I decided on CLS...I think the prestige and location were the deciding factors...coming from Emory in ATL, GA...I'm getting a much needed upgrade in both...

- cybax6
  • Re: Chicago!

Jessica, I also applied at Regents. It seems like there are a lot of good options, housing-wise, but the mini-community there clinched it, for me. I'm entering after a few years of work, so not being isolated is somewhat important.

- emc
  • congrats!

hi, i'm a junior at Columbia applying to law school next yr but trying to get a head start thinking about my ps. id' really appreciate any advice you could give me about it and if you could tell me what you wrote yours about, since you got into so many top schools. thanks so much! Steve

- Steve

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