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  • hi

Hi koebe :) You left a post on mine so I just wanted to reply: I studied during July, August and September for an Oct. 2nd test, usually taking one to two timed practice tests a week. I took the Testmasters course to get my hands on the books (didn't pay attention during class), and worked on those on days that I didn't take the test. I probably went a bit overboard on the studying, but the truth is, it became fun - esp. the games, which I originally hated. Good luck! Just make sure to time yourself lots on tests, because that is the part that sucks on the real thing. They sometimes cut you off a minute or two before they're supposed to. :(

- dolcejn
  • hello!

hello, koebe. i took the LSAT in February of 2004. in the fall of 2003, i took a course with Kaplan. i had never even seen a practice LSAT before then. my GPA is low, so i knew i had to do really well. i went to every Kaplan class and did all of the homework. over winter break (about a month before the LSAT) i went home and did timed practice sections for about an hour or two a day. oh, about 2 weeks before the LSAT i stopped drilling so that everything could sink in. it is so easy to get burnt-out! btw, dolcejn is right -- time management is the most important thing. i would do a lot of timed practice sections. that really helped me. once you establish a rhythm, things become so much easier. good luck! =)

- detroit442
  • how I studied

I took 20 old tests in the 2 months leading up to the LSAT (starting with the oldest and ending with the most recent). I took 2-3 tests a week under timed/actual testlike conditions. The other days of the week, I studied by reading and going through the practice problems in Kaplan LSAT and Kaplsan LSAT 180. I recorded my predicted (after taking the test) and actual scores on a calendar. This gave me a good idea of the accuracy of my predictions so I would know whether or not I should cancel my score based on how I felt on test day. I was really bad at predicting my actual score.

- newy
  • oh yeah

and good luck!

- newy
  • Hi

Hey Koebe, you are persistent ... i have seen your requests for lsat advice on a multitude of accounts. Anyway, my response to your question is on my account. good luck to you

- ToeJam

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