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Best LSAT Preparation Books

There are many LSAT prep books and book series that typically cover the three LSAT question types: Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Analytical Reasoning. Each series provides an overview of what to expect on LSAT test day, along with strategies for tackling each question type. In addition, each includes hundreds of practice questions and 2-8 full-length practice tests with questions from real LSATs that have been released by the Law School Admissions Council. Here are details about 3 of the most popular LSAT prep book series. Manhattan LSAT Manhattan LSAT prides itself on its small class sizes, 170+ focus, Read More +

The Best LSAT Prep Apps and Tech Tools

There are now dozens of apps and tech tools to help with LSAT preparation. While they are not a substitution for other study methods and materials, many conveniently provide help in areas not covered by traditional classroom LSAT prep courses or self study prep books. For example, LSAT Arcade by Manhattan LSAT is a fun and interactive way to supplement your studying. Other tech tools are more comprehensive, offering thousands of test questions and lessons to help students master each question type. Here is a rundown on 4 popular digital tools to accompany your LSAT study plan. LSAT Arcade Read More +

Online LSAT Courses Versus Live LSAT Courses

The decision as to how to prepare for the LSAT is an individual one. Factors such as convenience, personal style and cost should be examined. Ultimately, in order for a system to be effective, a person must be comfortable enough to focus and thrive, and the student must put in the time. LIVE COURSE Advantages: Live LSAT prep classes typically offer between 35 and 100 hours of live classroom instruction by a teacher who scored in the 98th or 99th percentile on the LSAT. In addition, while each live LSAT prep program is a little different, top-rated programs such as Read More +

Should you Take an LSAT Prep Course?

LSAT prep courses are expensive, especially when you compare their cost to purchasing other study materials online. Studies show, however, that students who take a live study course perform 2-5 points better than students who don’t. If at all possible, take a preparation course, as they can be very meaningful to your LSAT score. Even if you only get a two-point bump in your score, this investment is well worth the money and effort. Many people will tell you can do as well doing self-study as a prep course if you have enough discipline. You will often hear “If you Read More +