LSAT Preparation


Ten Best LSAT Practice Tests

Completing LSAT practice tests is an important part of preparing for the LSAT. Practice tests will help prepare you for answering questions under time constraints and condition your mind and body for the rigors of taking the 4-hour test LSAT on test day. Almost all LSAT test prep companies offer LSAT practice tests that are actual LSAT exams released by the Law School Admissions Council. Many also develop their own practice LSAT tests. The key is to use practice tests that also offer detailed explanations of each answer. Here are 10 of the best resources for LSAT practice tests.

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Where to Find LSAT Sample Questions

The only proven way to perform well on the LSAT is to practice, practice, practice. And the best way to practice is by working through questions from official LSAT exams. The LSAC publishes released LSAT questions in the form of PrepTests in its 10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests book series and the Official LSAT SuperPrep. However, except for the Official LSAT SuperPrep, the LSAC publications provide LSAT questions and answers without explanations. The more useful resources are those that provide step-by-step guidance or detailed explanations as to how to solve the problems as they will help you learn Read More +

LSAT Virtual Proctor

Preparing for the LSAT requires time, commitment, and the right tools. One of the most important aspects of preparing for the LSAT is to take full-length practice exams under conditions that closely mimic actual LSAT exam conditions. An LSAT virtual proctor is a practical tool that will increase the effectiveness of taking practice exams. The LSAT is divided into 5 multiple-choice sections (only 4 of which are scored), and one writing sample. You are given 35 minutes to complete each section. There is a 10-minute break between the 3rd and 4th sections. Working at a steady pace is vital to Read More +

LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips

The LSAT Reading Comprehension section is just one of the three multiple-choice sections on the LSAT test. The other two are Analytical Reasoning (logic games) and Logical Reasoning. The Reading Comprehension section contains four 400-600 word passages, each with 5-8 questions, for a total of approximately 27 questions to complete in 35 minutes. Of the 4 passages, one is a “comparative reading” section that is made up of two related shorter passages. Skills tested include drawing inferences, finding the main idea, understanding intricate text and the ability to compare and contrast. Topics covered in the reading passages include the humanities, Read More +

The Logical Reasoning Section

The Logical Reasoning section of the LSAT questions will comprise half of the scored portion of your test. Devote the majority of your study time to this section.

Identifying the question types as based on LSAT patterns is one key to success. Typical questions ask “Which of the following statements, if true, is most likely to undermine the argument?” Or, “What is the flaw in the above argument?” The best way to prepare for this section is to understand how logical arguments are formed and what follows logically from a series of statements. For example, if A then B; Read More +

Tips for LSAT Self Study

LSAT self-study is a way to prepare for the LSAT without attending a live LSAT prep course. Instead, you would rely on LSAT prep books, LSAT practice tests and other purchased study material. Many students chose to self-study because live LSAT prep courses are considerably more costly. Others feel that it is more convenient to self-study because of location or scheduling factors. Still others feel that self-study is more consistent with their learning styles. Whatever the reason, before deciding to self-study you must take a realistic self-assessment to determine if you will be able to effectively prepare for the LSAT Read More +

Understanding the LSAT Logic Games

The Law School Admissions Test, or LSAT, is a standardized test that is required to be taken by applicants to law schools within the United States. Obtaining a high score on the LSAT is considered to be as important as (in fact, often more important than) an applicant’s undergraduate grade point average by law school admissions committees. The LSAT consists of six sections including one experimental section, one written essay section, and four multiple-choice sections. Among the multiple choice sections is a section on analytical reasoning, often referred to as the “logic games” section. The first LSAT was given in Read More +

The Week Before the LSAT – Dos and Don’ts

After weeks of preparing for the LSAT, the test is now just a few days away. You may find yourself nervously glancing at the calendar, counting down the days. It is easy to fall into a panic mode and begin to feel the need to ramp up your study routine and take practice test after practice test until Saturday. A more effective way to spend the last few days prior to the LSAT is to avoid trying to “cram” and instead focusing on preparing your mind and body to handle the rigors of taking the real LSAT. Here is a Read More +