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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Barry University School of Law graph Accepted A $8,000 02/01/18 02/01/18 02/01/18 07/24/18 2 years
Nova Southeastern University graph Rejected 02/01/18 02/01/18 02/01/18 02/09/18 2 years
Charleston School of Law graph Intend to Apply -- -- -- -- 2 years
John Marshall Law School - Atlanta graph Intend to Apply -- -- -- -- 2 years
New York Law School graph Intend to Apply -- -- -- -- 2 years
CUNY Queens College graph Intend to Apply -- -- -- -- 2 years

Applicant Information

Criminal Justice and Legal Stu
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information


Extra Curricular Information

Phi Mu Fraternity
Phi Alpha Delta Law Club
Sigma Alpha Pi - National Leadership and Success
heavily volunteer for guardians for the missing in which we help police search for missing persons
internship with a family lawyer


waiting for LSAC to receive my official transcripts from FGCU

In the process of finishing my personal statement for applications and then i will be 100% complete

Nova said no, My LSAT is too low. Was advised to retake in June and get my score up at least 8 points

Update: Denied from barry but spoke to admissions and told me they will take my application to hold it until the June test so I can retake and raise my score. They also told me what to fix on my application so I can email it back and they will reattach it to my file. Very nice admissions staff and makes me feel good about the future

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  • Thursday, January 18 2018 at 06:23 PM

Are you applying anywhere else?

- amdesq
  • Thursday, January 25 2018 at 01:24 PM

For this week i am applying to barry and nova I might also apply to CUNY in New York, John Marshall in Atlanta, and Charleston law school within the next two weeks. Barry and Nova are my top choices since I live in FL and would like to stay here.

- mandistein
  • Monday, February 05 2018 at 01:49 PM

Looking to apply other places but im not sure where

- mandistein
  • Nova Southeastern
  • Wednesday, February 07 2018 at 01:01 PM

Nova will probably offer you the AAMPLE program. It's a lot of work, and only around 20% of people get in off of it... but if you get accepted into that program it's a good opportunity!

- Meganm0403
  • Friday, February 09 2018 at 03:27 PM

2/9/18 Rejection from Nova and was not offered AAMPLE. First rejection and not taking it very well. Considering on retaking lsat in June now, i took a testmasters prep course before and was not good. Any other suggestions?

- mandistein
  • Friday, February 09 2018 at 07:12 PM

You should consider Elon. My LSAT was only a few points higher and I was accepted with a scholarship and a fellowship. I am a 1L there now and love it. Also not super far from Florida.

- Nextstep2017
  • Friday, February 09 2018 at 11:52 PM

Ill look into Elon! Thank you , so crazy when you have a good gpa and show that your school work ethic is good but all they care about is the test score

- mandistein
  • Wednesday, February 21 2018 at 03:45 PM

I heard good things about

- Dmoore27
  • Wednesday, February 21 2018 at 06:19 PM

I actually found a personal tutor in my area that I am going to work with every week until the June test. Hoping to raise my score to a 150 and Nova and Barry both said they would reconsider me after I take the June test for fall of 2018

- mandistein

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