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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
12 Northwestern University graph Pending W 02/11/16 -- -- -- 4 years
17 Vanderbilt University F graph Waitlisted 01/06/16 01/07/16 01/07/16 -- 4 years
15 University of Texas Austin graph Rejected 01/06/16 01/08/16 01/26/16 -- 4 years
8 University of Virginia F graph Rejected 01/05/16 01/06/16 01/08/16 -- 4 years
26 Boston University F graph Accepted $90,000 01/05/16 01/05/16 01/11/16 02/16/16 4 years
22 University of Notre Dame graph Accepted A $120,000 01/06/16 01/07/16 01/07/16 02/10/16 4 years
11 University of Michigan Ann Arbor F graph Rejected 01/05/16 01/06/16 01/26/16 02/29/16 4 years
34 Boston College F graph Accepted $75,000 01/04/16 01/05/16 01/06/16 01/21/16 4 years
7 University of Pennsylvania graph Waitlisted 01/05/16 01/06/16 01/15/16 02/12/16 4 years
56 Baylor University F graph Accepted $158,508 01/04/16 01/05/16 01/08/16 02/09/16 4 years
46 Southern Methodist University F graph Accepted $90,000 01/11/16 01/12/16 01/12/16 02/04/16 4 years
40 University of Colorado Boulder F graph Accepted $61,650 01/06/16 01/07/16 01/11/16 01/29/16 4 years
28 University of Washington F graph Accepted 01/06/16 01/07/16 01/07/16 01/29/16 4 years
22 University of Iowa F graph Accepted $86,500 01/06/16 01/07/16 01/07/16 01/19/16 4 years
29 College of William and Mary F graph Accepted $78,000 01/05/16 01/05/16 01/08/16 01/13/16 4 years

Applicant Information

Liberty University
Business: Finance
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

3-4 Years

Extra Curricular Information



4/11/16 - Received email from BU offering 10k in additional scholarship per year.

2/29/16 - Rejected by Michigan via status checker. After such a good cycle and being waitlisted by UPenn I wasn't expecting this. But on the bright side it is making my decision easier...hello, Notre Dame!

2/28/16 - Received scholarship award via snail mail from Boston University in the amount of $60,000. A little disappointed as most others with my scores received $75,000. BU wasn't high on my list so this just makes my decision easier.

2/17/16 - Received scholarship award via email from Boston College in the amount of $75,000.

2/16/16 - Stoked to received my admission packet from Notre Dame which included a $120,000 scholarship offer! That will be hard to turn down. Very excited by this opportunity!

2/11/16 - Decided to apply to Northwestern since my cycle is going so well. Looking forward to interviewing and seeing how the process goes!

2/10/16 - Accepted at Notre Dame via email! Excited to receive the acceptance packet next week with scholarship info!

2/9/16 - Received acceptance letter from Baylor via snail mail. They also offered me a full tuition scholarship.

2/7/16 - Notified of $30,000/year scholarship to SMU via status checker!

2/5/16 - Received scholarship info from University of Colorado. Full ride first year and $11,500 for each remaining year. Total value should be somewhere around $61,650.

2/4/16 - Accepted at SMU via phone call. Scholarship info to follow in admission packet being mailed to me. Very excited about this opportunity as I hope to practice in Dallas. It all depends on the scholarship package...

1/29/16 - Accepted at University of Washington via email. I would have to submit a separate application for scholarships and since that school wasn't very high on my list, I probably will not pursue applying for a scholarship.

1/29/16 - Accepted at Colorado via email. Admission packet to follow with scholarship info.

1/25/16 - Awarded a full tuition merit scholarship from Iowa via email. The scholarship includes guaranteed research assistant positions during my second and third years of law school. The scholarship covers out of state tuition for the first year and then in-state tuition for the second and third year due to the research position.

1/21/16 - Currently, all apps are complete except Michigan and UT. I am under review at Penn, UColorado, UVA, & UWash.

1/21/16 - Accepted to Boston College via email. They said that they will not be dispersing scholarship info to any accepted students until February.

1/19/16 - Received scholarship package from W&M via snail mail. They offered 26k/yr. and said that they would pro-rate in-state tuition costs (30k/yr.) if I could establish Virginia domicile during my 3 years. Feels like a great start to my cycle!

1/19/16 - Accepted to Iowa via email.

1/16/16 - Received a pleasant voicemail from the Dean at William & Mary congratulating me on my acceptance and stating that a scholarship package is en route to my residence.

1/13/16 - Accepted to William & Mary via email. Admission package, including financial aid info, to follow. Surprised to be accepted within a week of applying.

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  • Notre Dame
  • Wednesday, February 17 2016 at 08:41 PM

Looks like we're applying to a lot of similar school. I'm planning on going to an admitted students weekend next month for Notre Dame and was considering stopping afterward in Boston to visit BU. :)

- genericwit
  • Fee Waivers
  • Friday, September 16 2016 at 09:27 PM

How'd you get so many fee waivers?

- Malatya44

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