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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
4 Albany Law School of Union University graph Accepted W $10,000 10/31/11 11/02/11 11/15/11 03/27/12 2 years
3 Pace University PT graph Accepted W $5,000 10/31/11 11/02/11 11/04/11 12/05/11 2 years
5 Touro College PT graph Accepted W $11,000 10/31/11 11/02/11 11/07/11 11/23/11 2 years
1 Hofstra University PT graph Accepted A ED $4,500 10/31/11 11/02/11 11/04/11 12/15/11 2 years
6 CUNY Queens College graph Waitlisted W 11/01/11 11/08/11 11/10/11 12/05/11 2 years
2 University at Buffalo graph Waitlisted W 11/01/11 11/07/11 11/15/11 03/29/12 2 years
7 New York Law School PT graph Accepted W 10/31/11 11/02/11 11/07/11 03/15/12 2 years
New England School of Law PT graph Accepted W $8,000 10/31/11 11/02/11 11/08/11 12/12/11 2 years
5 Syracuse University PT graph Rejected 11/01/11 11/07/11 11/10/11 03/14/12 2 years
North Carolina Central University PT graph Pending W 10/31/11 11/02/11 11/07/11 -- 2 years
Ohio Northern University PT graph Pending W 10/31/11 11/07/11 11/10/11 -- 2 years
Widener University PT graph Pending W 10/31/11 11/07/11 11/11/11 -- 2 years
Appalachian School of Law graph Accepted W 10/31/11 11/02/11 11/08/11 11/29/11 2 years
Suffolk University graph Pending W 11/01/11 11/04/11 11/15/11 -- 2 years
Barry University School of Law graph Pending W 11/01/11 11/07/11 11/11/11 -- 2 years
Ave Maria University School of Law graph Pending W 10/31/11 11/08/11 11/14/11 -- 2 years
Elon Law School graph Pending W 11/01/11 11/07/11 -- -- 2 years
Florida Coastal School of Law graph Pending W 11/01/11 11/04/11 11/08/11 -- 2 years
Florida A&M University PT graph Pending W 10/31/11 11/07/11 -- -- 2 years

Applicant Information

Large State School

Demographic Information

New York
3-4 Years

Extra Curricular Information

Crappy undergrad GPA and record because of family illness (Father was rushed in and out of the hospital for 2 1/2 yrs during my undergrad).

2nd Family member to go to college, 1st member wanting to go to Law School (any type of grad. school)

Phi Alpha Delta - Since Fall 2008

Two LOR from my undergrad professors

One LOR from an employer

One LOC from community services organ.

10yrs of community service in Queens the Italian-American community. (Taught Italian on saturday mornings)

And a few extra softs.

*** Don't know if this helps,

1st gen. Italian- American (parents are off the boat, not even the plane).

English is also my 2nd language.



All new Info is listed in date order. Newest updates are on the bottom.

Alright.... new LSAT score in, still wished it could have been a little higher. But its not bad. A nice 5pt jump up from June2011 LSAT. Sending out apps roughly around next Friday the latest.

10/31- Most of my apps have been sent out late last night (10/30) and just sent a few now on 10/31

Rest to go out in the next few days.

All apps are out. Finished the last few of them late last night (11/1). Also got several e-mails from a few schools stating they received my apps and have sent me status checkers. Starting to crap my pants because the waiting game has just started for me.

*** Heres a little side note if people are tracking my cycle, if I get in one NY law school I will withdraw all apps from all out of state schools.***

Sorry everyone for the delay, for some reason I haven't been able to log on for almost 10days!! Well everything has been updated and corrected.

Status checkers have all been received and I'm ready for my decisions e-mails, phone calls and or letters to start coming in.

11/16- So far I had to Withdraw my app from Florida AM(11/15). They stated that my app was missing paperwork and it took them so long to realize that their office had "misplaced" it. So yeah, I had to withdraw from them right away.

11/23- Oh baby!!!! Not even a month since the app was in a received an answer... My first acceptance. Got an e-mail from Touro Law School telling me to check my status checker. What a great way to start off Thanksgiving.Hoping and wondering if I'm going to get some money coming my way.

*** Side note, I'm going to know withdraw all my out of state apps. I got my foot in the door here in NYS and I don't plan on leaving it.

11/29- Okay so before I got a chance to withdraw my apps from all out of state schools, Appalachian Law School sent me and e-mail congratulating me on my acceptance. It was a very nice and personal e-mail, but not withdrawing from a school will only take up a seat from someone who wants and or needs it.

12/2- Withdrew from all out of state schools except New England School of Law. Called the Admin there and they said an answer will be maybe by the middle of next week and I may get some money. Don't know if that's true but I'm willing to wait and see whats to come.

12/5- Mixed day. Received a phone call from Pace University stating that I was granted admissions into the part-time division. Also checked my status checker with CUNY Law and it stated I was waitlisted. I called the school and they confirmed the checker. Kind of sucks, but its okay, it's better than a flat out rejection.

12/10- So I checked my e-mail this morning and I saw that Touro sent me an early christmas gift. They gave me some money (4K). It's not a lot, but it's nice. Wondering if I can get more money out of them... Any ideas on how to do that???

12/12- Just received an e-mail from New England Law School telling me I have been selected to their part time fall 2012 class. I called the school to confirm and they also stated that got some money. (8K). Not enough to make me leave NY, but I'm going to have to sit and think about this one.

12/15- I can't freaking believe it. I got into Hofstra Law. I'm so freaking amazed. People told me my GPA was so bad and that the admin. wouldn't care for what happened. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't make it. No matter what happens just shoot for the stars and see what happens!!!

*** It seems people are getting confused with my money offers. They are per semester. So just double the amount you see there and thats my per year offer.

1/5- I contacted the rest of my schools and asked them to keep my status pending because I am going to take the Feb '12 LSAT. Hopefully studying for the next month straight will rise my LSAT above a 160.

1/13- All school got back to me and stated that apps were updated with my request for the Feb'12 LSAT. Now its just studying time. Not even a month left to study.

2/10- Okay its like 10:38pm and I'm about to crash in my bed. I wonder if studying 6days a week for about 5hrs a day for almost 4wks straight will be enough to break the 160mark. Good Luck to everyone taking this bloody test tomorrow morning.

2/11- WoW... Its over. I'm home and all I can say is "Take GOD that shit is over!!!" I honestly believe I broke the 160mark by a lot. I'm hoping that I can score about a 162-165. Lets go. Can't wait to see the new grades.

2/18- I called and spoke to Hofstra and Touro yesterday afternoon (2/17) and told them that I retook the LSAT this month and I'm waiting a new score. Both informed me if I score higher and can be granted additional scholarship money. Oh yeah!!! Hopefully I can squeeze out a few my bucks from these guys.

3/12- Just got home from a road trip and I checked my e-mail for the first time in like 9days. LSAC gave me the great news. My new score is a 161. From when I first started I ended up with a 153 June '11 - 158 Oct '11 - and now the 161. Crazy 8pt jump. I'm going to contact the remaining schools and let them know the great news. Hopefully schools that would've waitlisted me will accept me and the schools that were going to rejected me may waitlist me.. Haha.. Time to call Touro and see if they will be giving me more money.

3/14- Totally bummed out. Just got rejected from Syracuse Law. I know a lot of people up there. Totally sucks. Whatever. At least I heard something again from a school. Lets keep them coming.

3/15- Got an e-mail today around 1:30pm from New York Law School telling me that I have been accepting. Waiting for some scholarship info. Really happy to get into another law school. I highly doubt I will attend but I'm going to wait for the $$ info.

** Side note**

I need to get more acceptances and rejections from the remaining schools. Touro and Hofstra seat depoists are do soon. Coming and hurry up UB (Buffalo) and Albany.

3/17- Spoke to Touro Law, Hofstra and Pace Law in regards about scholarship increase. Touro gave me a 4K per semester which was nice but with a higher LSAT now I'm hoping to get some extra money out of them. Pace and Hofstra Law didn't give me dime, but honestly I was content with that since I had a lower UGPA. Now that I do have a higher LSAT I'm going to see what they can do to help me out. Hopefully someone will throw money at me. They all said that they will let me know.

3/19- Pace sent me an e-mail in regards to my request about scholarship information. I called the school and they confirmed the great news. I was awarded 5K per semester. That feels very nice. I'm going to call Touro and Hofstra Law in the next few days and tell them about my increase at Pace. Hopefully when they hear that they both will throw money at me. I wonder if they will have a scholarship bidding war over me (yeah right, that's never going to happen). LoL.

3/26- Okay good news on the scholarship front with Touro Law. I received a phone call from the school telling me that toward was impressed with my new LSAT score and how I raised it a total of 8pts. For that they raised my scholarship to 11K per semester. Totally stoked about that. Oh yeah.

3/27- Today was a mixed day. I called Hofstra Law and told them about the new scholarship offer from Touro and they simply didn't care. They said we are not able to offer you a scholarship at this time. That was total BS. The school I wanted to go to pretty much said pay us full price. On a better note, I just got accepted to Albany Law (via status checker) with a 10K scholarship per Semester. Honestly I didn't even want to apply to this school since its not a SUNY, but I know 2 people there who love it. I'm so glad they both pushed me to pay for the app.

3/29- UB (SUNY Buffalo) just waitlisted me. I graduated there as an undergrad back in Spring '09 and loved my time there. I have many friends up there and I go up there to visit a few times a year. Totally would love to go there. I know my UGPA is low, but they are aware of my family issues since I told them non stop when I was an undergrad. Come on UB. What the hell. Just accept me!

3/29- I just withdrew from New York Law. It cost way to much money and it's not high on my list to be honest. I'm grateful they accepted me, but I had to walk away.

4/2- Called UB Law and CUNY Law today asking about the waiting list and when they start taking people off of it. Well they both said around May-June. So yeah screw that. I'm going to withdraw my apps to those schools. Totally blows because I would have loved to go back to UB. Oh well.

4/5- Officially withdrew my apps today. So now its between Touro, Pace, Albany and Hofstra. I called Hofstra again about scholarship money. I told them how Albany, Touro and Pace gave me money, but that I wanted to go to Hofstra but that the cost was to high. I said that if I didn't get anything I would have to walk away. Lets see what happens.

4-13- Received a scholarship reward packet from Hofstra Law today. 9K a year. (4,500 per semester). Totally shocked. Hell yeah. I think it's time to choose a school.

4/16- Made up my mind. Going to Hofstra Law. I will withdraw tomorrow from all other schools.

4/17- Withdrew from Touro, Pace and Albany Law.

4/19- I told Hofstra on Wednesday (4/18) that my check is on the way for my seat. Hell Yeah. Going to attend Hofstra Law in the fall. Hopefully everyone had a great cycle. Anything is possible if you try and believe.

Visitor Comments

  • congrats
  • Thursday, October 27 2011 at 03:43 PM

congrats on your new score :)!

- hope31
  • good luck!
  • Friday, November 04 2011 at 02:30 PM

our stats are fairly close and we have a couple of the same schools. i'll be keeping an eye on your list and wishing you great luck!

- skell
  • me again
  • Friday, November 04 2011 at 04:21 PM

hey just wondering - have you received an acknowledgement of your application or anything else at ALL from ave maria?

- skell
  • Saturday, November 05 2011 at 09:02 PM

hey this is skell - my account won't let me log in for some reason. i talked with a rep from ave maria today at the atlanta forum, and she said that they are short-staffed and so all of their admissions people have been traveling around recruiting people. she said mostly likely they will start getting stuff looked at by next week(ish).

- anonymous
  • I'm also
  • Tuesday, November 08 2011 at 04:21 AM

applying to Pace.It's the only school I've applied to this cycle because of their January 2012 Accelerated start program. Anyway, GOOD LUCK!!!!

- aha949
  • iukwu12
  • Wednesday, November 16 2011 at 02:32 AM

are you doing the optional interview for new york law?

- iukwu12
  • Hofstra
  • Wednesday, November 16 2011 at 03:17 PM

Did you get an email from Hofstra saying you went complete? I haven't even heard if they received my application and I'm wondering if I should be worried.

- airbear1012
  • Thursday, November 17 2011 at 07:06 AM

Did you get a user and password for Hofstra yet? I didnt get that and I sent my app the same day you did

- iukwu12
  • Friday, December 16 2011 at 07:06 AM

Congrats! We both got into Hofstra:)

- iukwu12
  • Friday, December 16 2011 at 07:56 PM

congrats on getting into your first choice, hofstra! so glad that admissions is starting to look past the superficial numbers!!

- cookiemonster123
  • WOO HOO!
  • Saturday, December 17 2011 at 04:48 AM

CONGRATS on Hofstra!!

- aha949
  • Saturday, December 17 2011 at 07:50 AM

if i don't get better offers I will

- iukwu12
  • Thursday, December 22 2011 at 07:38 AM

hey how high is CUNY law school in your list?

- idontpaymyharlots
  • Thursday, December 22 2011 at 08:11 AM

it's actually very fine about getting rejected from Hofstra. I applied there early but half way through, I completely changed my mind about them. Right now I have CUNY as my #1 school and other schools aren't really ranked in my head. I rather pay 10-12K a year then pay Hofstra 40K a year since what I'm trying to do is public interest and CUNY fits that mold perfectly. If I had a very high LSAT, then NYU would be my #1 choice since they also excel at PI. Congrats on u getting accepted to Hofstra. I know few former classmates of mine attending there. Girls are cute there, at least the UG girls.

- idontpaymyharlots
  • Friday, December 23 2011 at 01:39 PM

yeah i heard the same, but 149 is a weak LSAT unfortunately. I'm taking the LSAT for the 3rd time so im hoping my LSAT score is at least in the range of CUNY's LSAT range.

- idontpaymyharlots
  • Schools
  • Saturday, February 18 2012 at 08:15 AM

Have you really not heard back from Ave, Barry and FCSL? I'm surprised!

- Midwestprincesse
  • congrats
  • Friday, March 16 2012 at 04:55 PM

nice job! no word from buffalo yet? i haven't heard either and it's making me nuts. grats again on hofstra and I hope they give you mad money!

- friggy
  • Hopeful
  • Sunday, March 18 2012 at 04:05 PM

Thank you for sharing all of this. I am considering beginning the journey of studying and applying to law school. This is encouraging! Best of Luck!

- NyDreams
  • LSAT/Hofstra
  • Thursday, April 26 2012 at 05:43 PM

Wow! Great job on that new score! I guess just a few points really makes a huge difference, especially if it puts you over that 160 mark. I'll see you at Hofstra in the fall!

- apslaw1031
  • yay!
  • Thursday, January 17 2013 at 10:24 AM

I was just reading over your stats and status and I'm very happy for you. Very inspiring. I hope you're enjoying it!

- pbpebbles

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