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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Boston University F graph Accepted W $45,000 11/28/10 -- 12/08/10 01/06/11 7 years
Duke University F graph Waitlisted W 11/28/10 -- 12/06/10 03/03/11 7 years
Georgetown University F graph Accepted W $15,000 11/28/10 -- 12/01/10 01/10/11 7 years
New York University F graph Waitlisted 11/28/10 -- 01/10/11 -- 7 years
Stanford University graph Waitlisted 12/06/10 -- 12/16/10 -- 7 years
University of Texas Austin F graph Accepted W $45,000 11/28/10 -- 12/06/10 02/09/11 7 years
2 University of Virginia F graph Accepted W 12/08/10 -- 12/09/10 02/21/11 7 years
Harvard University graph Waitlisted 11/28/10 -- 12/09/10 -- 7 years
1 University of Chicago F graph Accepted A $21,000 11/28/10 -- 12/08/10 02/10/11 7 years
Yale University graph Waitlisted 03/01/11 -- -- 04/12/11 7 years
Cornell University F graph Waitlisted W 11/28/10 -- 02/01/11 02/18/11 8 years
Columbia University F graph Waitlisted 11/28/10 -- 12/16/10 02/08/11 8 years
University of Pennsylvania F graph Waitlisted 11/28/10 -- 12/15/10 02/09/11 8 years

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History; Anthropology
95 out of 0

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Completing a two year internship researching human rights abuse and national security in Cold War Latin America. Written testimony for 2 human rights trials in Argentina, drafted reports for 5

Co-authoring a paper on human rights in the Southern Cone for publication in the next few months

Managing Editor of an undergraduate journal

Supreme Court Director with undergrad's Model Congress organization

ESL and elementary school tutoring

Fluent in Spanish, proficient in French

Phi Beta Kappa


2/22 UVA acceptance came yesterday. Still waiting on several other schools, but as of right now the big debate is UVA vs. UChicago. If anyone wants to offer advice or weigh in, I'd love any comments on the two schools and making a decision. UVA hasn't offered me any merit aid, but I plan to e-mail them about it.

UVA is close to my family, in a town I really like. I want to practice in the DC/VA area, and I don't know if UVA has a leg up in this area, but 49% of their grads wind up in the Southern Atlantic (vs. Chicago at 11%).

Chicago's higher rank, and the chance to set out on my own in a big city are also really appealing. I am also starting to fall in love with the school through pictures, but I need to visit in April

Visitor Comments

  • Monday, January 17 2011 at 03:50 PM

I need you to apply to Yale so that I may feel comfortable doing so as well...k thanks!

- spacepenguin
  • Yale!
  • Sunday, January 23 2011 at 08:19 PM

I would also suggest applying to Yale. As an underrepresented minority with a 165, you'd probably have a chance. Whatever you choose, best of luck!

- lmbrown
  • Chicago v. UVA
  • Tuesday, March 08 2011 at 09:48 PM

I have visited both schools and sat in on classes at both schools. UVA has a great feel to it, but one thing that stood out to me was the degree to which the other students were surfing around online, chatting with each other, and not really paying attention. It could have been the class, but it was kind of a turnoff. At Chicago, the wireless Internet is (mostly) disabled, so the students with laptops were actually taking notes, many furiously. I enjoyed Chicago so much that I stayed for three classes - despite the lack of student rankings and the de-emphasis of grades, the students seemed very committed and competitive, and most were engaged in the classes I watched. The faculty was incredible. Make your visits, but Chicago has something great going on, and if I had my choice of the two, I would not hesitate to pick Chicago based on the faculty, student body, course selection, facilities, and interdisciplinary focus. Just my $0.02.

- avalanchco
  • @ avalanchco
  • Saturday, March 12 2011 at 08:04 AM

Thanks for the advice. I'm really leaning towards Chicago

- quetzalbird
  • Thursday, March 17 2011 at 12:01 PM

How's the decision making process going?

- spacepenguin
  • @spacepenguin
  • Saturday, March 19 2011 at 06:58 PM

CONGRATS!!! NYU!!! Very happy for you I am almost 100% set on Chicago. It doesn't look like UVA is going to come through on aid, and so Chicago is the better school at a better deal. How about you? Are you going to go to NYU?

- quetzalbird
  • @quetzalbird
  • Sunday, March 20 2011 at 07:12 AM

I'm not sure, really. I wasn't really expecting an acceptance and I was reasoning between scholly money at BU or Cornell. We'll see though, if Cornell offers a decent amount of money, then I'll probably be there next year. Or am I being dumb and should just man up and pay sticker at NYU?

- spacepenguin
  • Monday, March 21 2011 at 07:02 AM

If it were me, I would pick NYU, but I also never considered Cornell a top choice. There are just so many reasons, in my opinion, to like NYU

- quetzalbird

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