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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
1 Columbia University F graph Accepted D W 11/12/06 11/13/06 12/12/06 02/20/07 13 years
1 Harvard University graph Accepted D A 11/17/06 11/20/06 12/13/06 02/27/07 13 years
1 New York University graph Accepted W 11/12/06 11/13/06 12/08/06 12/18/06 13 years
Boston University graph Accepted W 12/03/06 12/04/06 01/17/07 03/01/07 14 years
Fordham University graph Accepted W $30,000 11/12/06 11/12/06 11/30/06 02/14/07 14 years
University of Pennsylvania F graph Accepted W 11/25/06 11/28/06 12/08/06 03/08/07 14 years
University of Michigan Ann Arbor F graph Accepted W 12/10/06 12/14/06 12/14/06 12/19/06 14 years
Boston College graph Accepted W 12/03/06 12/04/06 12/13/06 02/18/07 14 years

Applicant Information

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Demographic Information


Extra Curricular Information

- Good story to tell.
- Strong PS -- considered "extraordinary" by 7 reviewers
- Worked 15-20 hours per week throughout UG
- masters degree (including 100-page thesis)
- Several years of work experience in varied industries
- English is my second language
- Good extra-curricular activities (received school-wide award for public service).

**taking numbers down for now. Will put them back up at the end of the cycle.


fee waivers
- CLS, UPenn, UMich, Duke, Northeastern, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, UConn, UHouston, W&L, GWU, UIUC, WUSTL, Emory, several others

All schools received the same PS (which was really a PS/DS). Some received supplemental essays as noted below. All schools received 3 LORS (1 academic, 2 professional).
Status checker went to decision on 12/20
Acceptance package received 12/26, dated 12/19
I also wrote a "Why Law/Why Michigan" essay
Received complete notice by email
Received acceptance package on 12/22, dated 12/18. VERY EXCITED!
01/18: Harvard hold email! Keeping my fingers crossed.
02/27: HARVARD?!?
Complete notice by email.
Wrote Why Penn essay
3/8: Phone call from someone from the admissions office (I didn't catch the name): IN!
complete notice by email.
02/22: "hold" letter from CLS

4/4 -- Sent withdrawals to Penn and Mich.

Visitor Comments

  • Thanks!
  • Tuesday, February 06 2007 at 07:56 AM

I was a bit shocked by the outcome. I was nominated for the Richman Fellowship and will interview in early March. Also completely unexpected, but hopefully I can put my best foot forward. I wish you continued success and will be checking back in. Are you leaning in any particular direction?

- tac84gw
  • congrats
  • Monday, February 12 2007 at 06:38 AM

Congrats on all of your acceptances!

- kiki123
  • you will
  • Friday, February 16 2007 at 06:22 AM

hear back from your other schools soon! are you going to MIch's ASW? If so, when? I'm going to the first one.

- kiki123
  • Acceptance
  • Monday, February 26 2007 at 09:22 PM

Wow good job with NYU! That's an awesome school and also one of my top choices. You say English is your second language. Are you African?

- tryin2makeit1
  • Harvard!!!!
  • Thursday, March 01 2007 at 06:34 PM

Oh my gosh!!! Congratulations!!!!! That's awesome!!!

- Tryin2makeit1
  • CLS
  • Friday, March 02 2007 at 07:50 AM

Thanks. I really want in at Columbia. That'd be cool to meet at ASW. But now you have me paranoid. Can you please do me a favor and delete my previous post?

- tryin2makeit1
  • HLS
  • Friday, March 02 2007 at 08:09 PM

Yea, I plan on sending them a letter of continued interest before they make a final decision on me. Is that what you did or did you just wait it out?

- tryin2makeit1
  • HLS
  • Sunday, March 04 2007 at 03:58 AM

Congrats on Harvard!! I'm sure you are highly pleased with the outcome. Good luck with CLS and UPenn, also!!

- tac84gw
  • hls
  • Tuesday, March 06 2007 at 01:38 PM

congrats on hls! mind if I ask when you had the phone interview with Dean Stock? =)

- brett2007
  • congrats on all your schools actually!!
  • Tuesday, March 06 2007 at 01:39 PM


- brett2007
  • thanks!
  • Tuesday, March 06 2007 at 04:22 PM

thanks for the message! I can't help starting to get scared's been several weeks already since the call and other ppl who interviewed after me have been getting acceptances. argh so have been quite anty lately. must learn how to meditate or something! =(

- brett2007
  • anty--> antsy
  • Tuesday, March 06 2007 at 04:24 PM

i can't even type now. -.- thanks for the encouragement though! It is very uplifting to hear that it took you a while to get the second call =)

- brett2007
  • Post Office
  • Friday, March 09 2007 at 08:46 AM

Thanks for the sympathy. I've decided to take your advice and send the information another way. Wow, you got into Penn now? Congrats! Looks like a clean sweep is coming for you. :) Those aren't all the schools you applied to, right? Are you putting them up one at a time as they make a decision on you?

- tryin2makeit1
  • congrats
  • Saturday, March 10 2007 at 08:01 AM

on Harvard! That's awesome!

- impactplayer
  • Applications
  • Friday, March 30 2007 at 04:10 PM

Thanks, girl. I didn't want to go to Harvard anyway, I only applied because my family pressured me to. After they put me on hold, I wanted to get in and be able to brag that I got into Harvard but I turned them down. So much for that dream. lol Anyway, I'm really excited about UVA. I would not mind getting my education there. They are a WONDERFUL school. However, I want to keep my options open so I'm still waiting for my other top choices. Fingers crossed. Good luck with Columbia! I hope you get in. Have you visited the school? If so, how did you like it?

- Tryin2makeit1
  • CLS
  • Saturday, March 31 2007 at 08:50 PM

Yea, I feel you on that. I'm losing my patience with NYU. They are still a viable option because they have my program, location, and reputation. However, I'm afraid that by the time I get in, they might not have any money left or may be unwilling to give me money. It's just so frustrating to have to wait over 4 months for a decision. Anyway, are you on facebook? Send me an e-mail with your facebook information and I'll add you as a friend. Wow, I'm retarded. lol Delete the previous post, please.

- tryin2makeit1

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