Application Preparation


Law School Admissions Checklist

Junior Year February (18 months before law school starts) [ ] LSAT Prep – Plan on devoting at least 150 hours to this project. Either sign up for prep class or purchase Prep books and set up a self-study schedule. [ ] Register with the Law School Admissions Council: March – May [ ] Complete LSAT prep course or self study. June [ ] Sit for the LSAT [ ] Determine the law schools that you will apply to Senior Year August (12 months before law school starts) [ ] Find 2-3 professors who will agree to provide a Read More +

Preparing Your Resume for Law School

Many, but not all, law schools require a resume with your law school application. Other schools make it optional. A law school resume, if done nicely, can supplement your application in a meaningful way. Your resume can add information to your application, subtly highlight unique factors, and supplement the theme from your personal statement. While the resume doesn’t always come into play in the admissions process, it is very important for highly competitive schools or close-call applicants. Submit a resume with your application unless the law school specifically states that you should not. Law school resumes are not the same Read More +

10 Things to do the Summer Before Law School

1. Download and review the Law School Coach Free 1L Student Guide – Being Ready from Day One. 2. Spend time reviewing law student forum or blog discussions, and talking to other law students or lawyers about their experience. Get free advice when you can, but keep in mind that it was free (take everything with a grain of salt). 3. Call the law school and find out if 1L law students are provided a special place to study. Many law schools assign 1L study areas. If your school does not, you will need a plan for where to study. Read More +