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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
2 George Mason University PT graph Waitlisted W 11/30/07 11/30/07 12/27/07 02/19/08 12 years
4 Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law graph Pending W 11/30/07 11/30/07 12/26/07 -- 12 years
1 University of Wisconsin Madison graph Waitlisted W 11/30/07 11/30/07 12/26/07 02/16/08 12 years
7 University of Toledo graph Accepted W 11/30/07 11/30/07 12/26/07 01/16/08 12 years
8 University of Akron graph Pending D W 11/30/07 11/30/07 12/26/07 01/28/08 12 years
6 University of Dayton graph Accepted W $45,000 11/30/07 11/30/07 12/26/07 01/28/08 12 years
3 University of Denver PT graph Pending W 11/30/07 11/30/07 12/26/07 -- 12 years
5 Wayne State University graph Accepted W 11/30/07 11/30/07 12/26/07 01/19/08 12 years

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Poli Sci

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New York

Extra Curricular Information

I more than likely will not be going to law school in the fall. What I've learned from this cycle is invaluable: unless you invented the wheel or cured cancer, the LSAT is the be all end all of law school admissions.

Dumb enough to score a 156 - smart enough as to not undermine my own ambitions - I will be teaching abroad for a couple years and perhaps will retake the LSAT at some point.


1/16: In at Toledo via snail mail to my permanent address. No word of scholarship $, but it feels great to get my first acceptance as affirmation that I didn't screw anything up in my application materials.

1/19: Wayne State acceptance to my perm. address, just a single congratulatory letter. Michigan's sour economy turns me off from this decent regional school.

1/25: Ohio State status checker went to decision. Ding or admit, it doesn't matter as I don't want to go to school (nor live) in Ohio, anymore.

1/28: Deferred at Akron via email. Kind of surprising after my acceptance to Toledo. Makes me very un-optimistic about the other choosier schools.

1/28: Accepted at Dayton via email; seriously expecting a follow-up scholarship email.

2/5: Ding, ding, ding. Ohio State rejection at my perm. address. I don't care about this decision other than the fact that it makes UI, UW, and GM look impossible. FYI, I don't like you either OSU.

2/7: Status checker at UI indicates my file status is "denied." Strange because I got a long email saying they don't give out decisions online or over the phone. Oh well, definitely expected this one.

2/12: Email from Dayton saying I'm a scholarship recipient; no word of amount.

2/16: Letter from UW-Madison stating I'm on the waitlist. With my sub-par LSAT score, I'm happy my top choice didn't auto-ding me.

2/19: George Mason waitlist letter. I'm very open to a part-time first year, especially in the greater DC area.

Very confused how Akron deferred me while UW and GM waitlisted me.

2/21: Letter from Dayton offering 15k/yr. Nice gesture, but a truckload of money couldn't get me to live in Dayton for three years.

Visitor Comments

  • Richmond
  • Friday, December 28 2007 at 07:08 PM

I see you applied to URichmond. Me too and our numbers aren't too far apart. Good to know I'm not the only non-trad out there. Good luck!

- nontrad1000
  • Monday, January 21 2008 at 07:44 AM

...this cycle! We have some similar schools! KEEP ME POSTED! I THINK YOU WILL DO VERY WELL!

- drew82abndiv
  • ...
  • Monday, January 21 2008 at 07:44 AM

Oh yea..and congrats on your acceptances thus far!

- drew82abndiv
  • UIUC
  • Thursday, February 07 2008 at 01:19 PM

Got the same thing when I checked my status checker yesterday, "denied." I thought it would say something like decision made, sent in mail or something like that. Lol, oh well I expected it too. Good luck on the rest of yours.

- BKeifer83

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