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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
4 Tulane University graph WL, Accepted W 02/08/08 -- 02/21/08 06/06/08 12 years
9 Case Western Reserve University graph Accepted W $13,000 02/01/08 -- -- 03/21/08 12 years
8 Northeastern University graph Accepted W 02/18/08 02/20/08 -- 03/27/08 12 years
10 Temple University graph Accepted W 02/05/08 -- 02/20/08 04/03/08 12 years
7 University of San Diego graph Accepted W 02/01/08 -- 02/22/08 03/12/08 12 years
5 University of Minnesota Twin Cities graph Rejected 02/06/08 -- 02/26/08 04/18/08 12 years
2 George Washington University graph Rejected 02/18/08 -- -- 04/15/08 12 years
12 University of San Francisco graph Accepted W 02/01/08 -- 02/21/08 03/01/08 12 years
11 University of Denver graph Waitlisted W 02/18/08 02/21/08 -- 04/09/08 12 years
13 University of the Pacific graph Accepted W $15,000 02/05/08 -- -- 03/31/08 12 years
1 Georgetown University graph Rejected 02/06/08 -- -- 04/08/08 12 years
3 University of California Hastings graph Rejected 02/05/08 -- 02/22/08 04/03/08 12 years
6 American University graph Waitlisted 02/18/08 02/20/08 03/17/08 03/25/08 12 years

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Demographic Information

Washington - D.C.

Extra Curricular Information

Great/extensive softs in a wide range of work, academic and general's...

Finished Undergrad May 2006; working in policy and economic research in Washington, DC from three days following graduation.

Took one semester off as undergrad to live and work in Australia after mediocre grades.

To graduate on time b/c of time off took 21 credits final semester of school. Grandfather died week before finals and all finals were bombed (ie 2 C's, a D and and F in there) Great/extensive softs in a wide range of work, academic and general'sdropping my cum. GPA by .13...ouch. Thank god for the addendum. GPA in my major is also a 3.56, cum. brought down a bit by econ minor (average at my undergrad in econ was a 2.3 so I was still above average in that subject).


Made my move to apply right at the end here! Excited and anxious...pretty sure I'll start out with dings from Gtown, GW, Minnesota and Hastings but stranger things have happened.

Scholarship info is per year
3/12: Just got an e-mail acceptance from USD! 1/1 for the cycle so far. Definitely feels good to start with an acceptance and USD is a top choice amongst my lower ranked schools. I'm going to law school and, damn, that feels good:)

3/20: Went to review at Tulane...cross your fingers!!! Also in Review at Minnesota

3/21: E-Mail acceptance from Case. Not a top choice, but good to hear all the same (esp as their international moot court won regionals over UVA to send them to worlds).

3/25: Thin letter from American with waitlist offer. Not suprising at all as it looks like EVERYone who has heard from AU lately has been WL'd. Interesting year with the economy in the shitter and tons of people applying? LOCI on its way...

3/27: I think I'm getting in to the busy point in my cycle and so far so good (or OK in the case of the AU WL). Received a small but thick envelop with my Northeastern acceptance today. LOVE Boston so this is a nice addition to the current options. Still eagerly awaiting the rest!

3/28: Super bummed with the WL from Tulane. I think this is where I am disadvantaged having applied so late as people with ver similar numbers were admitted about a month ago. Definitely a LOCI as this has become one of my absolute top choices...grrr

3/31: In at Paciic McGeorge as a legal scholar with a travel stipend to go visit...which would be great but I went and visited last month and did not like the school or Sacramento much. Felt pretty run down for a private school and it's in a less than savoury area of town. Going to withdraw. I forgot to add that Case gave me a $200 travel stipend for a visit and Northeastern a $100. Sent my AU LOCI in today with a change to accept a place in either the full or part time program. I just want to hear from the rest of my top choices already!!!!! Even if it's a rejection...the WL and not knowing is killing me!

4/1: E-mail acceptance from USF with the admission packet to follow. More good news, but still no great or horrible news. Pretty decent record to date...we'll see how much longer this continues. Put my seat deposits at San Diego and Case in. I don't want to close off any options at this point but damn it's expensive to keep them open!

4/2: Phone call from 1st year at Northeastern. Scholarship info from McGeorge with $15k, plus books plus full ride for summer international program and entrance as an International Legal Fellow. But, as I said, I REALLY didn't like the school.

4/3: Just got an e-mail acceptance from Temple (where I applied b/c of a fee waver). Have friends there so I'm up to go check it out. Need their $150 by April 17 so that gives me a bit of time still. On it goes...

4/7: Received the rejection from Hastings. Not suprised at this point in time and I wasn't going to go there anyhow. My status at Gtown went to decision at the end of the day so I'll expect that rejection letter tonight or tomorrow since it's just traveling a few blocks. UGH. I don't think I can leave DC so things are getting complicated and I'm pissed at myself for not applying to Catholic...boo.

4/9: Received the skinny letter with the Gtown ding. Duh. Almost done with the cycle here...looking for a little bit of good news at the end. WL at Denver is kinda wierd but I'd decided against it anyhow.

So everything panned out pretty much as I'd expected aside from the two WL's. Waiting on those and possible job prospects to make the final decision.

06/06: Call from Tulane congratulating me on acceptance from the WL. DAMN the timing. Got a once in a lifetime job offer here in DC and b/c of the new rankings/ International Law rankings I'm still holding out to see what happens with AUWCL. Asked Tulane to reactivate my application for next year.

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  • Friday, February 29 2008 at 07:56 AM

I expect good news for from Tulane. You seem to have much more interesting soft factors, and our numbers are almost exactly the same (I failed a couple classes in there, as well). Good luck, but I don't think you'll need it.

- sinkfloridasink
  • Thanks
  • Sunday, March 16 2008 at 04:36 PM

for the congrats. Good luck on your cycle!

- grasshopper08
  • tulane
  • Thursday, March 20 2008 at 12:46 PM

it took me about 3 weeks to go to decision at tulane (2/26 to 3/17)- i have not received the official decision yet though...i emailed them today to see if i could find out, however- i think i was waitlisted or rejected b/c the status checker just said "decision" good luck to you though!

- lakyla
  • tulane
  • Thursday, March 20 2008 at 12:46 PM

it took me about 3 weeks to go to decision at tulane (2/26 to 3/17)- i have not received the official decision yet though...i emailed them today to see if i could find out, however- i think i was waitlisted or rejected b/c the status checker just said "decision" good luck to you though!

- lakyla
  • Tulane
  • Sunday, March 23 2008 at 07:24 PM

I think you are in great shape at Tulane with that LSAT score. Good luck!

- hurley311
  • hey
  • Monday, March 24 2008 at 12:18 PM

i got a 3.5, 164 (feb retake though). i was surprised i got rejected but oh well.

- chunky
  • Tulane WL
  • Monday, March 31 2008 at 08:12 AM

My status checker just went to 'A decision has been made.' Is that what happened to you when you got WLd? Ugh.

- lauren1855

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