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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of the Pacific graph Accepted W $30,000 11/18/04 11/23/04 12/10/04 01/10/05 11 years
Hamline University graph Accepted W $31,000 11/22/04 -- -- 12/10/04 11 years
Suffolk University graph Accepted W 11/22/04 -- -- 12/21/04 11 years
Seton Hall University graph Accepted W 11/20/04 11/30/04 -- 03/11/05 11 years
Catholic University of America graph Accepted W 11/20/04 -- -- 01/25/05 11 years
Santa Clara University graph Accepted W 10/24/04 11/10/04 11/10/04 12/15/04 11 years
Cardozo-Yeshiva University graph WL, Rejected 11/07/04 -- -- 01/18/05 13 years
University of San Diego graph Rejected 11/05/04 -- -- 05/25/05 13 years
University of Minnesota Twin Cities graph Rejected D 11/06/04 -- -- 12/23/04 --
Cornell University graph Rejected 10/30/04 11/01/04 11/15/04 12/17/04 --
University of California Berkeley graph Rejected 10/30/04 -- -- 02/04/05 --
Northeastern University graph Rejected D 10/29/04 11/09/04 03/21/05 01/03/05 --
Boston University graph Rejected 11/06/04 -- -- 02/28/05 --
Temple University graph Rejected 11/20/04 -- -- 02/11/05 --

Applicant Information

Big 10 State Univers
Religious Studies, P

Demographic Information


Extra Curricular Information

Please Note:

I put down a deposit at Catholic University, but withdrew due to illness. I'm scheduled to reapply for Fall 2007. Retook the LSAT in December of 2005.

For reference, I was offered 10K/year at Pacific McGeorge, renewable contingent upon remaining in the top 1/3 of my class. My scholarship at Hamline was for 8500/year, renewable with a 3.0 GPA, and I was also awarded a $6000 Bakken Fellowship to be disbursed evenly throughout 2L and 3L to pursue specific research interests.

My username for the 2006-07 cycle is maryanni


Extracurricular Gunk
-Figure skater: 14 years
-Figure skating instructor/coach: 4 years
-TA for university skating class
-TA for university history class
-Administrative assistant for Classical and Near Eastern Studies department
-Research Assistant for Psychology Neuroimaging lab
-Vice President: Hebrew National Honor Society
-Co-founder: Religious Studies Forum
-Languages: English, French, Hebrew (some knowledge also of German, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic)
Law School Information
Accepted = date on the letter.
Re: Visits:
+ = pros
- = cons
See also for photographs. I usually took pictures of the schools when I visited.

1. Accepted at Hamline without any earlier notifications of when my application was received or considered complete. It came in a cream-coloured, small envelope with one sheet of paper.
***Update: 19 January 2005: awarded dean's scholarship ($8500/yr, renewal for 3 years if I maintain a 3.0 cum. average)***
***Visit: 3/16/05: +decent building, friendly administrators, awesome ADR program. -students didn't seem very engaged and were mostly Midwesterners, too close to home for me.***
***Update: 25 March 2005: Awarded the Constance L. Bakken Research Fellowship ($6000 over 2L and 3L to pursue a topic of interest with a member of Hamline's faculty, assuming I manage to keep a GPA of 3.0 or higher).

2. Santa Clara's acceptance came in an oversized envelope with a sheet about Public Interest Scholarships, info for entering students, and a small envelope to mail the deposit back in.
***Visit: 3/19/05: +beautiful campus, nice-looking library, friendly administrators. -lots of parents there with their kids (it felt like undergrad and I have a feeling a lot of them will be paying for their kids' law education. Blah), no Middle East study abroad programs, law building shared with undergrads; could get noisy.***

3. Cornell's rejection letter came in a small white envelope with one sheet of paper. Very nice, non-condescending letter with more than likely generic invitation to apply as a transfer 2L.

4. UMN deferral said that I should hear back from them again by 30 May (which makes no sense, considering seat deposits are usually due in April). Meh.
***Visit: November 2004. +Nice building, high ranking. -Large classrooms with off-putting teachers (or just the one I visited), in MN (I hate the cold)***
***Update: Rejection letter came on 21 April***

5. Suffolk's letter came in a small envelope with the acceptance page (+short, handwritten letter from the dean of admissions) and a notification of intent sheet. It took longer than it should've, because apparently the first dean's letter that was sent never arrived and needed to be resent.

6. Northeastern deferral said that I should hear back from them with a decision no later than 15 April and had a nice little note about how applying early shows them that you sincerely care about their school. According to them, chances aren't diminished by being deferred.
***Update: 3/21/05: Rejection letter came in a small envelope. Mostly talked about how they had too many qualified applicants this time around.***

7. University of the Pacific acceptance came in an oversized envelope in a red, glossy folder with the acceptance letter, a booklet for admitted students, and their Fall 2004 bulletin.
***Update 7 February 2005: Got a letter letting me know that I'm being "seriously considered" for a scholarship and have been invited to attend a legal scholars day on either 4 March or 11 March at the law school's expense. Haven't decided if I'll go yet***
***Update 11 February 2005: Just received an offer of $10,000/yr, renewable if I stay in the top third of my class. They also offered to pay for my first year, required books. Letter came in a small, off-white envelope with 3 sheets of paper.***
***Visit: 3/4/05: +Wonderfully friendly people (administration and students), only school in Sacramento. -In Sacramento (I don't think I like that city).***

8. Cardozo's offer of a place on their waitlist came in a small envelope. It also included the option that I can request in writing to be considered for their Part-time day program that starts on 12 May 2005. I'm seriously considering this. . .except I have a final on Saturday 14 May and get awarded my degree on Sunday 15 May. Since classes don't officially start until Monday 16 May, this shouldn't be an issue. Do I really want to try to finangle housing and flights for that, though? We'll see.
***Visit: 3/14/05: +Lots of space, professional staff. -Location (I didn't particularly like NYC), being told that raising my LSAT score might help (I realize this is just general advice, but I don't like being told that so it just rubbed me the wrong way), the building seemed a bit old, despite having been told it just underwent renovations.***

9. Catholic's acceptance came via email from the dean of admissions.
***Update: Official acceptance letter, extensive viewbook, and booklet on clinics/externships arrived on 30 January***
***Visit: 3/11/05: +Lovely undergrad campus, HUGE building, small class sizes (sections of 30-35 students, sometimes combined with another section for a class), friendly people, location (never been to DC before, but I liked it), flexibility of programming (ability to audit courses and choose other study abroad options), insitute for International Law, law and religion program. -Competing against 3 higher ranked schools in the area. Gulp.***

10. Boalt's letter was as thin and plain as can be. Expected, but disappointing nonetheless.

11. University of San Diego sent me a financial aid brochure. I've never gotten this before being admitted to a school, so this is making me slightly nervous. Who knows what it means, though.
***Visit: 1/14/05: +Beautiful campus, fairly friendly admissions staff, location (San Diego is undeniably wonderful), it's the highest ranked school in San Diego. -The law school was a bit run-down compared to others that I've visited.***

12. Temple's rejection came in a small, white envelope with an incredibly curt note about how I wasn't accepted. At least I won't have to worry about withdrawing my application now, heh.

13. Can't remember the exact date on the Boston U letter (at work now). Date above is the day which it was received. Small envelope, of course (I'm getting really used to them as of late, sigh).

14. Accepted to Seton Hall during my visit today (15 March). The admissions counselor handed me a copy of my acceptance letter which was dated 11 March 2005. It hasn't arrived at my home yet, so I don't know how it came or what else arrived with it.
***Visit: 3/15/05: +Beautiful building, good study abroad programs, friendly faculty, close (but not in!) Manhatten, nice living space nearby. -No undergrad campus nearby, location (not so sure about Newark since I didn't see much of it).***

Visitor Comments

  • hey matokah

hey matokah, i see we're in a similar boat with this whole law school admissions racket. good luck to you!!! sandra

- ssls1338
  • Cornell is a TTT

Cornell is a TTT...hopefully it'll be the only one to be labelled as such!

- Kristay
  • /redstripe

where's catholic on your list?

- gummo
  • Catholic

Gummo, I don't really know since I've never been to DC before. Of the schools I've been accepted to, I think Santa Clara is my top one so far. Then again, if I go to Catholic, I have an instant roomie in my current roommate's sister. I think I'm going to have to go visit all my top choices (Santa Clara and Catholic right now. . .plus Cardozo just to impress them with my desperation ;) How about you? How high is Catholic on your list? I must say that I'm quite impressed with all the information I found in their viewbook. Just gotta find an ice rink nearby to keep my happy. :P

- matokah
  • Boalt can kiss my ass

Matokah, I'm sooo sorry to hear about Boalt. But it's okay b/c they suck anyway. Seriously, if they can't look beyond the numbers and see what an AWESOME person you are, they definitely don't deserve you. Just remember that when you're this uber-powerful, famous lawyer one day, you can turn your nose up and Berkeley and be like "See...I didn't need your school to get where I am. You missed out." Don't worry...your USD acceptance is on its way to you!

- penguins
  • they can bite me, too.

you are far too sweet, kristay. it's alright, though. i had just gotten home from a dinner out with a friend for my bday and i was actually more upset about opening my mailbox and seeing this big white envelope (I seriously thought it was from USD). it was from a school i hadn't applied to. grr! &hey, at least it wasn't a WL. . .cardozo's is basically driving me insane, so i can be thankful i don't have to deal with 2 of those ;) sorry to hear about notre dame. there's still a chance, though! p.s. let's talk plane tickets the next time i'm online. that should cheer us up. :)

- matokah
  • Thanks!

Hey thanks so much for the congrats! Congrats to you too, and hopefully I'll see you around the City! Good luck dude, we have similar numbers!

- jax327
  • Congrats

Congrats on all your acceptances. Don't let the few rejections get you down. GL with the rest of your apps.

- ZildjianKX
  • thanks

thanks, ZildjianKX. temple was last on my list of schools to go to, but i was still really peeved to be outright rejected. bah to them! Well, at least SCU got it right. ;) Good luck to you on the rest of your apps, as well.

- matokah
  • Congratulations

on all your acceptances and scholarship monies! What is your first choice as of right now? I was terribly disappointed to see that Temple rejected you because our numbers are so close. I am surprised at the tone of the reject though, you would think they would have a little more class. Good luck on the rest of your applications!

- YankyKitten178
  • thanks.

Hi, YankyKitten. Thanks for the encouragement! Right now Santa Clara's in a slight lead over Catholic and Pacific (w/$$), because I think I like the location more. I'm planning to visit all 3 (and the Cardozo, Seton Hall, and Hamline) before I make my decision, though. Yeah, I was much more impressed by Boalt's and Cornell's rejection letters. Temple's was curt and to the point. Maybe it was just how I saw it, though. Good luck with your applications, as well!

- matokah
  • Thank you

Thank you so much for your kind comments and best wishes. I could use all the positive vibes I can get right now. And you are correct, I do really want Temple. I can only hope they consider the higher LSAT; however, on their website they are very clear that they average the scores. Santa Clara is an excellent school, and I can see how the location would be very attractive. Good luck with the rest of your applications!

- YankyKitten178
  • hi

Hey matokah ;) Just saying hi after discovering your LSN account :o

- edalb007
  • Congrats!

CONGRATULATIONS on Seton Hall! :) Decisions, decisions, now...Seton Hall or Catholic? It's so awesome that you liked both schools! See you soon.

- penguins
  • yay!

Thanks, kristay :) I'm really glad SHU gave me that acceptance in person, since it still hasn't shown up at my house yet! :P Gah, though. Seton Hall or Catholic? I don't know! I think right now Catholic's winning, but if you end up at Seton Hall it might change my mind ;) See you later tonight!

- matokah
  • yay!!

matokah, congratulations on your seton hall acceptance!!! i'm so excited that you got into a school that you can be psyched about attending. us lsat/gpa splits deserve some recognition for our troubles!!! cheers to you and good luck with the rest of the process! sandra

- ssls1338
  • hello

just giving my congrats, any idea where you're going?

- reindeers
  • USD

Thanks Matokah! I am really happy about getting that acceptance. ANd don't give up on USD yet. I think USD is a better option than Catholic. It's tough being in the DC market competing against the likes of GULC, GW, GMU, UMd, UVA, W&M, W&L, Richmond and plenty of T14s. USD is tops in San Diego. You can't beat that. I think you'll get your decision very very soon. Good Luck!

- shortckt
  • goodness

I just realized you have a crazily detailed summary as well. Its like living your admissions experience vicariously.

- reindeers
  • whoa

Now that is a detailed LSN profile. :) Where are you going?

- leenie
  • gpa

how did you get that gpa man!?!?! how do you ppl do it? respond please!

- udubrunner
  • Seton Hall

Is awesome. Are you gonna go?

- Curtis

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