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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill graph Waitlisted W 01/18/19 01/22/19 01/25/19 07/10/19 1 year
University of Miami graph WL, Rejected 01/10/19 01/10/19 01/11/19 01/16/19 1 year
University of Florida F graph Accepted A $40,000 04/23/19 04/24/19 04/24/19 04/26/19 1 year
1 University of Georgia F graph Accepted W $7,500 01/11/19 01/11/19 01/14/19 04/25/19 1 year
Florida State University graph Accepted W $13,333 01/10/19 01/10/19 01/10/19 03/15/19 1 year
Georgia State University graph WL, Accepted W $12,000 01/08/19 01/09/19 01/09/19 04/25/19 1 year
Florida International University graph Accepted W $10,122 01/08/19 01/09/19 01/09/19 01/14/19 1 year
Seton Hall University F graph WL, Accepted W $15,000 01/10/19 01/10/19 01/10/19 04/15/19 1 year
St. John's University F graph Accepted W $45,000 01/10/19 01/10/19 01/10/19 01/24/19 1 year
University of Maryland F graph Accepted W $25,000 01/15/19 01/16/19 01/16/19 03/19/19 1 year
University of South Carolina F graph Accepted W $22,500 01/08/19 01/08/19 01/08/19 01/09/19 1 year
Mercer University graph Accepted W $18,000 01/11/19 01/14/19 01/14/19 01/25/19 1 year
Stetson University F graph Accepted W $22,500 01/09/19 01/09/19 01/15/19 02/08/19 1 year
Baylor University graph Accepted W $6,000 01/07/19 01/07/19 01/08/19 02/05/19 1 year
American University graph Accepted W $35,000 01/07/19 01/07/19 01/23/19 01/25/19 1 year
Wake Forest University F graph Rejected 01/23/19 01/24/19 01/25/19 03/05/19 1 year

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1-2 Years

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There is not much information on splitters like myself, so I figured I'd share my progress since LSN has become such an important resource for me.

Scholarships are listed per year (i.e. if it says $10,000, the school offered $10,000 per year).

South Carolina: Accepted via status checker and email within 24 hours. Mailed scholarship info/admissions packet approximately 4 days later. They reduced my out-of-state tuition to in-state with an additional $500 per year.

FIU: Accepted via status checker. It said "Decision rendered, letter mailed." However, status checker showed a seat deposit option, so I suspected I was accepted. Received email the next day and scholarship info/admissions packet a few days later. **Update: Received an email on 03/18/19 that my scholarship increased $3000/year.

Miami: On hold via status checker and email. Said they would review my application again before April 30.

St. John's: Accepted via status checker/email! Offered $45k/year as long as I stay in the top 80% of the class.

American: Accepted via status checker/email! Scholarship information is coming in February. There were 2 complete dates: the first came a couple of days after I submitted and the second came 2 days before I was admitted. Scholarship info came on February 8!

Mercer: Accepted via status checker! Said a letter would be mailed within a few days, so hopefully that contains scholarship info!

Seton Hall: Waitlisted at Seton Hall via status checker. Accepted a spot on the waitlist. Spoke with an admissions representative who said that they do not rank their waitlist, so I have to show significant interest in the school in order to get off the waitlist. Also said may or may not get a scholarship off the waitlist because it depends on the year. ACCEPTED off the waitlist on April 15! Woo! Did not write a LOCI. I got in with the 160.

Stetson: Accepted via status checker and email! Email contained scholarship information and it's guaranteed for all 3 years.

Baylor: Accepted! The decision letter was mailed on 2/5 and I received it on 2/16. It contained the scholarship information. Their status checker doesn't tell you the decision. It only says "Decision letter mailed." Apparently, you can tell if you are accepted, waitlisted, or rejected based on the header on the status checker though. My header said that my decision letter had been mailed, but I can call the office if I'd like to know my decision right away. I imagine it wouldn't tell you to call the office if you are rejected. I found out I was accepted by googling "Baylor Law Seat Deposit." I entered my name and LSAC number. If it recognizes you and allows you to make a seat deposit, then you're in! This took a couple of days to work after the decision letter had been mailed, so don't freak out if it doesn't work right away.

Georgia State: Waitlisted at my top choice. Bit of a bummer for me, but I'm riding the waitlist out. I am considering reapplying next cycle and I'm already retaking the LSAT in March, so we'll see what happens! **Got into GSU off the waitlist!** About a week after getting into GSU off the waitlist, I was offered a very generous scholarship. I was offered a 5,000 scholarship off of instate tuition for 1L year. Then, a full tuition offer for the 2L and 3L years, plus a 4k/year stipend. Extremely generous and I am very grateful! This offer should definitely be considered in light of the 168.

**Update: I am retaking the LSAT in March in order to get off waitlists, increase scholarships, and potentially reapply next cycle if my score improves significantly. As a result, I have asked the schools that I am still waiting on to put my application on hold until March LSAT results come out in mid-April.

Update: I retook the LSAT in March and received a 168. So, the majority of my cycle happened with the 160. I asked UGA and UNC to hold my apps for the March LSAT, so those are the only 2 decisions other than waitlists that should be considered in light of the 168.

FSU: Accepted in March. Received a phone call. Originally not given any scholarship money, but with the 168, they gave me a half tuition scholarship! Going to be tough to turn down, but I'm still holding out hope for UGA.

Florida: Got an email from Florida saying they still have a few spots left in their class. I asked for an Application Fee Waiver and a CAS Fee Waiver and they granted both, so I got to apply for free! Figured it couldn't hurt to shoot them a last minute app. This application should be considered in light of the 168.

Update on UF: In at UF only a couple of days after submitting my application! Got a call from the dean telling me I was awarded a 75% scholarship! This is a serious contender.

UGA: Accepted via email! I'm instate and was given a $5000 scholarship for each year! This is also a serious contender. I negotiated and was able to secure a $7500 per year scholarship.

Update: I'm deciding between UGA and UF! I'll post my final decision here.

I've decided to attend UGA! I visited both UF and UGA and absolutely loved both. Due to my desire to stay in Georgia, I decided that UGA's location is worth the extra cost. UGA is my dream school and I'm stoked for the Fall! Go Dawgs!

07/10: Got a call from UF last week with a full ride offer completely out of the blue. I am reevaluating my decision. Honored to be offered a full ride, especially with my GPA.

Decided to attend UF with a full ride! Too good of a deal to turn down.

Visitor Comments

  • Wednesday, February 27 2019 at 02:00 PM

Thanks for the additional info, and good luck with Georgia State. GSU is my top choice as well - fingers crossed for both of us.

- dbegasse
  • Monday, March 04 2019 at 09:05 PM

Good luck to you too!

- runnergirlga
  • Thank you
  • Tuesday, March 19 2019 at 08:35 AM

I have very similar stats. Good to see someone like us having success. I am applying next cycle!

- laws170
  • Thank you
  • Tuesday, March 19 2019 at 08:35 AM

I have very similar stats. Good to see someone like us having success. I am applying next cycle!

- laws170
  • Thank you
  • Tuesday, March 19 2019 at 08:35 AM

I have very similar stats. Good to see someone like us having success. I am applying next cycle!

- laws170
  • Sunday, April 28 2019 at 09:19 PM

Good luck next cycle! Let me know if you have any questions.

- runnergirlga
  • Friday, May 03 2019 at 11:12 AM

Hello! How long did it take for Georgia State to get back to you with a final decision after you were put on their waitlist?

- Aekirb4454
  • Georgia State Waitlist
  • Saturday, May 04 2019 at 12:44 PM

Hey! I was waitlisted on February 22. I got off the waitlist on April 25, so about 2 months. I'm not sure if it was due to my retaking the LSAT or if I just got off the waitlist, but I suspect it was because I retook the LSAT.

- runnergirlga
  • UGA
  • Wednesday, May 08 2019 at 06:54 PM

Congrats on getting into UGA! And the huge LSAT bump. Shame they didn't offer you a bigger scholarship though. Whatever you choose, good luck!

- mycatruby
  • Wednesday, May 08 2019 at 09:36 PM

Thank you! And I'm in-state at UGA, so it's still relatively inexpensive. Honestly, it's my dream school so I was honored to be admitted with any scholarship. Good luck to you too!

- runnergirlga
  • Congrats
  • Thursday, May 23 2019 at 02:06 PM

Congratulations on Georgia, what a fantastic result. Followed you closely as we had nearly identical numbers. Best of luck!

- MPDevils33
  • Thank you!
  • Friday, May 24 2019 at 11:12 PM

Thank you so much! Good luck to you too!

- runnergirlga
  • Good job
  • Tuesday, December 24 2019 at 06:29 PM

You give me more hope. I hit a 160 on Nov LSAT, but at home I'm 171. I asked UF to hold my app for the Jan LSAT which is about 3 weeks out. Congrats. I hate saying "dream school" but that's really where I want to be.

- Yaz21389

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