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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver A - Attending W - Withdrawn D - Deferred
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# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Interview Date Decision Updated
Southern Methodist University Accepted W Type: RA $90,000 Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 02/15/08 Inter: -- Dec: 03/13/08 Upd: 14 years
University of Notre Dame WL, Accepted A Type: RA $60,000 Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 03/01/08 Inter: -- Dec: 06/23/08 Upd: 14 years
University of Minnesota Twin Cities Accepted W Type: RA $55,500 Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 03/01/08 Inter: -- Dec: 04/25/08 Upd: 14 years
Texas Tech University Accepted W Type: RA $45,000 Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 02/01/08 Inter: -- Dec: 04/04/08 Upd: 14 years
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Accepted W Type: RA $75,000 Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 03/01/08 Inter: -- Dec: 04/17/08 Upd: 14 years
Indiana University Bloomington Accepted W Type: RA $54,000 Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 03/01/08 Inter: -- Dec: 04/25/08 Upd: 14 years
Fordham University Waitlisted W Type: RA Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 03/01/08 Inter: -- Dec: 04/15/08 Upd: 14 years
Vanderbilt University Rejected Type: RA Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 03/01/08 Inter: -- Dec: 05/13/08 Upd: 14 years
University of Houston Accepted W Type: RA $30,000 Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 03/01/08 Inter: -- Dec: 03/28/08 Upd: 14 years
Georgetown University Rejected Type: RA Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 03/01/08 Inter: -- Dec: 04/14/08 Upd: 14 years
George Mason University Accepted W Type: RA Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 03/01/08 Inter: -- Dec: 04/11/08 Upd: 14 years
Cardozo-Yeshiva University Accepted W Type: RA $60,000 Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 03/01/08 Inter: -- Dec: 04/17/08 Upd: 14 years
Boston College Rejected Type: RA Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 03/01/08 Inter: -- Dec: 04/24/08 Upd: 14 years
Baylor University Accepted W Type: RA $48,000 Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 02/15/08 Inter: -- Dec: 02/26/08 Upd: 14 years

Applicant Information

  • LSAT: 169
  • LSAT 2: -
  • LSAT 3: -
  • GRE : -
  • LSAC GPA: 2.75
  • Degree GPA: -
  • School Type: Public
  • Major: Econ

Demographic Information

  • City: -
  • State: Texas
  • Race: Hispanic
  • Gender: Man
  • Under Represented Minority: Yes
  • Non-Traditional Applicant: Yes
  • Years out of Undergrad: -

Extra Curricular Information

- had some rough patches in UG
- worked full time through UG
- hoping that being a URM gets my foot in the door so that I can prove myself and take full advantage of a "second chance"

**I applied within a week or two of the deadline at every single school that I applied to. I could give you reasons, but the truth is that I simply didn't understand how this process worked and had no idea the impact of late applications. But I have no reason to complain - at the start of the year, by biggest hope was admission into SMU Law. Now I have that, but I also have a very nice scholie and a few higher ranked options should I decide to go a bit further from home. **

Additional info & updates

6/25 - Decision time: My inner Irish wins.

6/25 - Final decision time: ND with bigger national appeal and stronger placements numbers vs UMN where my older brother will be starting there in the fall with me if I go.

6/23 - ND calls... tun tun tunnnn...

6/15 - Texas Tech came through with a full scholarship. It may seem odd, but being from lubbock and having my family there makes it a very appealing choice. we'll see....

6/2 - I've narrowed my choices down to SMU and UMN, now I just gotta figure out what my best option is. Family is going to play a large part here most likely.

5/16 - Down to four schools... and it's already mid-May. I'm starting to boil it down to total cost of attendance over three years (with rank and distance in parenthesis):

TTU (3rd tier down the street) - approx $38,000
SMU (46th four hours away) - approx $90,000
UIUC (25th fairly far away) - approx $80,000
UMN (20th fairly far away) - approx $110,000 (ouch!)

**the more I truly think about my choices, the heavier that I weigh the total debt that I will accrue. my challenge is to find the sweet spot in debt/quality of education. Staying in Texas is big bonus points for SMU. Staying in Texas and near my family amount to big bonus points for TTU.**

5/13 - Rejected at Vandy. Cycle is finally over!

5/1 - 15k per year at UMN. If I can pull off in-state tuition, this would be roughly equivalent to my SMU and UIUC offers (in the long run)

4/25 - In at Minnesota and Indiana-Bloomington, but unsure of any financial assistance. I love having options but dang this is hard.

4/17 - 25k/yr at UIUC. Not sure what to think here. Highest ranked acceptance I've gotten and with a very nice schollie to boot.

4/17 - Got some scholarship info form Cardozo 20k per if I understood correctly. this is tougher than I thought it'd be.

4/15 - Not nearly as much luck from my higher ranked applications. As much as I'd love to have the opportunity at a higher ranked school and/or a big city, I will still consider this cycle a success if SMU is my best offer.

4/11 - Starting to finally hear from my out of state applications. At this point, I have opportunities in NY and DC. Not sure if I really care too much about staying in state so I'll definitely have to think long and hard about my options. Scholie money will likely play a fairly large role.

3/30 - So far I've gotten positive responses from the three in state schools that I was aiming for. I didn't actually think I'd do this well with these schools. SMU gives me the best chance to go to a highly regarded school and still be very close to friends and family. With that in mind, I'm withdrawing from consideration from Baylor and U of Houston.

2/26 - email with admit/$$ from Baylor
3/13 - call with admit from SMU
3/22 - snail mail with $$ form SMU
3/22 - snail mail with WL from ND
3/28 - email with admit from U of Houston
3/28 - email with $$ from U of Houston
3/28 - Withdrew from Baylor
3/31 - Withdrew from U of Houston
4/10 - call from Cardozo, more info on the way
4/11 - call with admit from George Mason
4/14 - snail mail with rejection from GULC
4/17 - call from Cardozo, with admit and $$
4/17 - email from UIUC with admit and $$
4/25 - call from Minnesota with admit!
4/25 - call from Indiana-B with admit and $$
5/1 - letter from UMN with $$; call with travel scholie
5/13 - letter from Vandy with rejection
5/23 - call from ND with admit and $$
5/25 - a bit more money from UMN and ND
5/26 - sending withdrawals out over next couple days.
?/?? - buying my green and gold sweatshirt

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Congratulations to you too
Friday, February 22 2008 at 07:00 PM

On the $$ from SMU. I hope the rest of you cycle goes well. Gig 'em.

Can't wait a year
Sunday, October 28 2007 at 08:00 PM

I'll be 27 when I start this fall. I feel like I'm already getting a late start as it is. I feel fortunate to have the offers that I have, so I'm gonna go with my best option this year.

Wednesday, April 02 2008 at 08:00 PM

Congrats on the money at Minnesota. It's not super common for them to grant in state tuition- but at admitted students weekend they said that it is granted to law students more than any other students. If you end up in Minnesota make sure to register your car there, get a license, register to vote, etc. If you then get a job in state for 1L summer the chances of then getting in state tuition are supposedly fairly good.

Saturday, August 18 2007 at 08:00 PM

i would kill for that lsat congrats on an amazing cycle!

You give me hope! (&Congrat's)
Thursday, October 25 2007 at 08:00 PM

Congrats... You and OkieMike give me hope! Too bad my LSAT's are going to expire soon. (1) Have you decided? (2) "Helpy" mentioned your "late apps". When did you apply? (I applied really late) and, finally (3) When Cardozo called you, did they offer you the money right away, or did they gauge your interest, ask about your other options, and then offer the money? I'm just wondering because I also really under-estimated my chances and only applied to a few places (Cardozo being the best of them), and as my numbers are very similar to yours, I wonder what factor got you money and me none. Thanks in advance. (I think I might re-apply and come to Minnesota! I really want to go to Minn., but I missed their app. deadline:( )

Wednesday, April 02 2008 at 08:00 PM

I hope to see you there! It's rare for them to grant residency, and the law school itself has no control over the residency decisions. However- you should really see if they can up the scholarship. If the cost difference is what would keep you away if they have the funds they very well might give you some more. I got offered the small money I'm getting from them because of my money at Illinois. So- they probably won't match but they may come quite close.

Thanks everyone
Sunday, October 28 2007 at 08:00 PM

big thanks for all the congrats/well wishes. I'm still a bit undecided but it's coming down to UMN vs the closer and cheaper (read: bigger scholie) SMU.

lsat tips?
Monday, May 12 2008 at 08:00 PM

I'm about to do my 3rd lsat w/in 5 yrs. 1st, 134, 2nd, 142... any pointers? -Tejano

Fellow SMU Admit
Monday, December 03 2007 at 07:00 PM

Hey there, have you decided where to go yet? If you decided toward SMU, I hope to see you in the fall. You should join the admitted students\' group on Facebook.

Congrats on ND
Saturday, June 14 2008 at 08:00 PM

Hey, Congratulations on ND. Hopefully, I can get in too. If you don\'t mind me asking, how did the Admissions Office contact you? Home phone, cell phone, email?

Thursday, October 25 2007 at 08:00 PM

WOW!! You must be on cloud nine! Would be interesting to start law school with your brother, though. At least you\'d have your study group already setup! But...Notre Dame. Nice. Seeing this for you throws a big wrench in my plans. I was half set on going to Bloomington, possibilities!! Whodathunk?! Anyway, congrats.