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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of Maryland graph Pending -- -- -- -- 14 years
Washington and Lee University graph Pending -- -- -- -- 14 years
George Mason University graph Pending -- -- -- -- 14 years
College of William and Mary graph Accepted $42,600 -- -- -- 11/30/06 14 years
Georgetown University graph Accepted -- -- -- 12/14/06 14 years
Howard University graph Accepted $54,000 -- -- -- 12/13/06 14 years
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill graph Pending -- -- -- -- 14 years
Duke University graph Accepted $42,000 09/06/06 -- 10/04/06 11/07/06 14 years
University of Virginia graph Accepted ED -- -- -- 12/05/06 14 years
University of Michigan Ann Arbor F graph Accepted -- -- -- 11/16/06 14 years
University of Pennsylvania F graph Pending -- -- -- -- 14 years
Vanderbilt University F graph Pending -- -- -- -- 14 years
Northwestern University F graph Pending -- -- -- -- 14 years

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Demographic Information

New Jersey

Extra Curricular Information

2 year Internship with District Attorney's Office
Lots of other Ecs

Graduating in 3 years rather than four
Took very heavy course loads (24 credits per semester)


Got a call from the University of Virginia Director of Admissions this morning congratuating me on my offer of admission!!! I almost cried!!!

12/8 Status changed to "Decision" for Georgetown.

Visitor Comments

  • congrats!
  • Wednesday, November 08 2006 at 06:08 PM

Good job on the Duke acceptance! Did you get a decision notification email before getting the acceptance letter in the mail?

- thatgirlanon
  • Congratulations
  • Friday, November 10 2006 at 06:38 PM

On your Duke acceptance!!!

- Total Coward
  • Congratulations
  • Friday, November 10 2006 at 06:38 PM

On your Duke acceptance!!!

- Total Coward
  • Michigan
  • Wednesday, November 15 2006 at 02:10 PM

I just checked my status on the University of Michigan homepage and it says they've reached a decision! Now I'm going to be holding my breath checking the mail

- MsRutgers
  • Congrats!
  • Thursday, November 16 2006 at 04:05 PM

Congrats on Mich! I have the same LSAT score and also took 25 credit sems and went to the other RU in NJ. I went to decision the same day as you as well! So let's hope for the best. You are a true numbers twin. I also applied to Georgetown, Penn, Maryland, Northwestern, Vandy, and George Mason - looks like we will be competing for the same spots! Good luck!

- Wild
  • Nice work!
  • Saturday, November 18 2006 at 05:07 AM

Glad to see the early success on acceptances!

- maddux31
  • flabbergasted cannot follow directions.
  • Tuesday, November 21 2006 at 01:35 PM

A 156? In at Michigan? Jesus H.

- flabbergasted
  • Rutgers
  • Monday, November 27 2006 at 01:14 PM

good going, im at rutgers right now. good luck with penn and georgetown. Michigan is money.

- magnus91
  • You give me hope...
  • Tuesday, November 28 2006 at 10:11 AM

Michigan, wow. I've applied there, but I didn't have much hope. Of course, I still don't have much hope, but I'm still glad you got in. My LSAT is a little higher, but my GPA is much lower. I am also a URM, so I might still have a chance. Fantastic job!

- johnwm
  • Congrats
  • Friday, December 01 2006 at 11:08 AM

U r so blessed!!!

- lizette112162
  • UVA
  • Tuesday, December 05 2006 at 01:57 AM

As of 12/4/06, a decision has been made on your application for admission to the University of Virginia School of Law. To protect the confidentiality of your decision, we will not release decision information over the phone. If you have not received your decision within 10 days of this date, please feel free to call the Admissions Office so that we can verify your contact information. If this does not represent a final decision on your application for admission, you will be notified when further decisions are posted on the status monitor later this season.

- MsRutgers
  • uva
  • Wednesday, December 06 2006 at 06:50 AM

Congratulations on UV! What made you decide to ED there?

- kiki123
  • uva
  • Wednesday, December 06 2006 at 07:41 AM

congratulations on UVA! its my top choice as well (I think) - so you got an email before phone call?

- festivus
  • uva
  • Wednesday, December 06 2006 at 12:10 PM

Congratulations! I'll see you next year at Virginia!

- ent
  • Congratulations
  • Wednesday, December 06 2006 at 01:16 PM

You are getting into all the schools I'm wanting to hear from the most. I'm trying really hard to be happy for you. Seriously, UVA, Michigan, and W&M. Truly fantastic.

- johnwm
  • Congratulations...
  • Thursday, December 07 2006 at 08:10 AM

on all your admits so far! You give me hope... I wish you continued success.

- tac84gw
  • UVA
  • Thursday, December 07 2006 at 08:45 AM

congrats on Virginia. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

- sly3131
  • Monday, December 11 2006 at 10:30 AM

I am very happy for you! How did they take in your LSAT score? ANy tips?!! :)

- fuzzybuzzy69
  • LSAT
  • Wednesday, December 13 2006 at 10:56 AM

Did you really only get a 156, how did you manage to get into those schools with that? I'm only asking because my isn't much higher and I wanted to get some tips.

- yeoldesoutherner
  • questions
  • Sunday, December 17 2006 at 12:57 PM

Is the money from Duke merit based? Have you started to withdraw your apps yet, based or your ED acceptance to UVa?

- kiki123
  • Duke Acceptance
  • Tuesday, December 19 2006 at 05:20 PM

how were you notified on your acceptance into Duke? which rutgers do you attend? (camden, newark, brunswick) i'm at the college of nj...that's why i'm asking

- 1lCorvo
  • Unbelievable
  • Saturday, January 06 2007 at 07:25 PM

Congradulations on Virginia! When I read you almost cried, I felt a great a deal of happiness for you. It must be an amazing feeling to know that you were accepted into one of the best law schools in the country primarily based off of the person you are, your undergraduate academic performance, and lifetime accomplishments. I too have also applied to Virginia with a way below par LSAT score. My only hope is the same as yours must have been...look past the numbers and examine the strength of your character and uncanny ability to succeed. Anyways Congradulations...and good luck making some tuff choices. -James D.

- jamesdold
  • Awesome Profile
  • Tuesday, January 09 2007 at 10:37 AM

This is one of the most impressive profiles on LSN. Congratulations to you for all of your success this cycle. Best of luck as a 1L.

- LegalLatin78
  • WOW
  • Thursday, January 18 2007 at 01:30 PM

Wow! You are awesome! Way to go! What other kinds of ECs? Good luck!

- lawteach2
  • Congrats, but how?
  • Monday, February 05 2007 at 09:18 AM

I too want to know how you managed those acceptances with a 156? 156 is my average but I scored a 161 the second time and I didn't even think I'd have a shot at those kinds of schools. Please enlighten me.

- SDA82
  • I think I know you?
  • Sunday, February 18 2007 at 01:21 AM

Are you from Senegal?

- magnus91
  • Congrats
  • Saturday, March 24 2007 at 12:30 PM

on all your acceptances so far. did you write an addendum to explain your LSAT score?

- ucwvgal05
  • Fake?
  • Tuesday, April 03 2007 at 07:35 PM

I have a feeling that this is a fake profile created by someone who disagrees with AA in order to rile people up...and frankly, I resent it. There are other ways to foster meaningful dialogue.

- ufcmaniac
  • Flametastic
  • Tuesday, June 05 2007 at 05:10 AM

Who believed this? Oh yeah, all those dummies above...Dayum.

- allfluffy
  • Flametastic
  • Tuesday, June 05 2007 at 05:11 AM

Who believed this? Oh yeah, all those dummies above...Dayum.

- allfluffy
  • Oh no
  • Tuesday, June 05 2007 at 05:12 AM

I might end up at school with all those mentally challenged URM's...

- allfluffy

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