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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
1 University of Notre Dame graph Waitlisted W -- -- -- -- 13 years
Indiana University Bloomington graph WL, Accepted A $25,500 -- -- -- -- 13 years
University of Iowa graph Waitlisted W 02/24/06 02/25/06 03/05/06 -- 15 years
DePaul University graph Accepted W $45,000 -- -- -- -- 15 years
Loyola University Chicago graph Accepted W $36,000 02/25/06 03/15/06 03/20/06 03/27/06 15 years
Washington University in St Louis graph Rejected -- -- -- -- 15 years
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign graph Rejected -- -- -- -- 15 years
Chicago-Kent College of Law (IIT) graph Accepted W $45,000 -- -- -- -- 15 years
University of Pittsburgh graph Accepted W -- -- -- -- 15 years
Wayne State University graph Accepted W -- -- -- -- 15 years
University of Kentucky graph Accepted W $30,000 02/27/06 03/02/06 03/07/06 03/14/06 15 years
Tulane University graph Accepted W $45,000 03/01/06 03/13/06 03/20/06 03/21/06 15 years
University of Alabama F graph Accepted W 02/27/06 03/02/06 03/07/06 03/16/06 15 years
Case Western Reserve University graph Accepted W $36,000 02/23/06 03/07/06 03/17/06 03/27/06 15 years
Boston College graph Rejected -- -- -- -- 15 years
Ohio State University graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- 15 years
American University graph Waitlisted W -- -- -- -- 15 years
Vanderbilt University graph Pending -- -- -- -- 15 years
University of Miami F graph Waitlisted W 02/27/06 03/02/06 03/10/06 03/14/06 15 years
University of San Diego F graph Accepted W 03/01/06 03/02/06 03/07/06 03/14/06 15 years
University of Tennessee Knoxville graph Waitlisted W 02/28/06 03/02/07 03/13/06 03/23/06 15 years

Applicant Information

Top 5 Public

Demographic Information

Ann Arbor

Extra Curricular Information

Write in a Weekly Campus Newspaper
Fraternity Positions
Plenty of Volunteer Work (Mostly dealing with Detroit)
Worked in a county Economic Development Department over summer Full-Time

Freshmen year GPA: 3.4, followed by a steady alcohol laden decline.

I've had notes written on a few of my acceptance letters about my personal statement, so I would imagine its above average or the schools are trying to flatter me.

I've Native American heritage, but definitely identify myself as a Caucasian. Therefore, put myself as Caucasian on all Apps that allowed one choice and clicked Caucasian and Native on the ones that allowed it more than one choice.


I applied really late, at the deadline for a lot of them. LOR confusion. That being said, it hasn't seemed to make much of a difference yet, with the exception of being waitlisted at Miami (hah hah, ok.) I'm getting into the places I figured I would and being waitlisted where I figured I would... and will probably will get rejected where I figured I would. In some cases, it seems to have hastened the decisions of the schools that liked me to begin with. Kentucky sent me about 7 pieces of mail in a matter of two weeks. I've only heard back from about half the schools I applied to. We'll see how it pans out. I don't recommend applying so late, its fucking stressful.

Indiana - Call followed by letter
Tulane - E-mail
Tennesse - Letter
San Diego - Package
Kentucky - Package, scholarship in later letter
Alabama - E-mail
Miami - Letter
Case - E-mail for acceptance and scholarship
Loyola - Package
Wayne - Letter
Pitt - Call asking if I was still interested. She seemed kind of pissed that it took so long. Letter to follow.
Notre Dame - Letter

I think I'll be in Indiana.

Visitor Comments

  • good luck!
  • Sunday, February 12 2006 at 08:34 AM

with BC. When did you send out your app?

- indianprincess
  • it's kinch
  • Friday, March 10 2006 at 01:22 PM

yeah, the michigan rejection was really just a formality, but i figured i had to apply to at least 1 top 10 and michigan is the most subjective of all of them. alabama wrote me a letter waiving my fee randomly, and i had an extra report on lsdas so i figured why not. i wish i could go to miami but i think IU is calling my name, they sweetened the deal with $$ so it's hard to turn down...unless i get into ND. where are you going?

- kinryan
  • miami
  • Friday, March 24 2006 at 10:27 AM

I too was shockingly waitlisted at the U. Fuck em.

- gobraves88
  • I am rooting for you!
  • Tuesday, March 28 2006 at 09:54 AM

I had a 3.1, 163 and suffered through the same kind of weirdness you are. I wish you all the best!

- iffy
  • Tulane!
  • Saturday, April 01 2006 at 01:21 PM

Hope to see you at Tulane!

- warmclimate
  • Annoyed by Your Comment
  • Wednesday, April 05 2006 at 11:53 PM

Are you kidding me with that comment on csimpkins' page? People see that he is a URM, that he got accepted into Harvard despite lower numbers, and that's all they know. They know nothing else about him-such as the context within which he earned those numbers, his socio-economic status, what kind of hurdles he's had to overcome, what kind of professional accomplishments he might have, NOTHING. They know nothing, yet they feel entitled to bash him anyway. You don't think there are white people who get admitted despite lower numbers? You think 903 visible applications on this site are representative of the 7000+ apps that Harvard gets every year? Please. When a white admit gets in despite lower numbers, the assumption is: "must have an incredible story." If a URM gets in despite lower numbers, the assumption is, "must be AA." Do you concede that there is a blatant double standard here? Look, AA has its flaws, but so does the LSAT. These people on csimpkons's profile are just racists hiding behind the AA argument. Do you seriously think that he should appreciate their viewpoints? Imagine people bashing you daily for something that is completely out of your control (your skin color). Do you really think that this is a viewpoint to be appreciated? Are you kidding me? Which viewpoint warrants appreciation? Let's see, we have: 1. "You make we wish I was black" 2. "This is a crime" 3. "Harvard needs tokens, otherwise your app would be in the trash" 4. "You are really slow if you believe you deserve that slot." 5. "They had to lower the bar for you." No intelligents arguments there. Just the rantings of trolls who want to demoralize. And, what do you think csimpkins should do--just sick back and take it? Just continue to be bashed by these idiots? He's not patronizing whites, he's responding to people who are attacking him. He is under attack on this own profile! He's not out attacking people on their profiles. As a minority, he's probably endured these hateful attacks his whole life. You think he should just roll over and say, please may I have some more? He understands better than you ever will the situation he is in, and what the view points are of these "others." You do make a good point about poor whites, but look at the profile rollingthedice. She got into Columbia despite a 2.4 GPA. She is clearly no AA admit. Obviously, she had a story to tell. Proof that regardless of skin color, if you can demonstrate to the school that there is more to you than the numbers, the schools will take that into account. This idiots who base their assumptions on LSAT/GPA are short-sighted, and completely misguided. Your comments on csimpkins' page were respectful (thank goodness for that), but quite ignorant and annoying.

- The Voice of Reason
  • One More Thing...
  • Thursday, April 06 2006 at 12:07 AM

During my rant, I hadn't noticed your acceptances. Congratulations. While I do not agree with you on more touchy matters, I harbor no ill will towards you. Best of luck and congrats so far - especially on the scholarship money.

- The Voice of Reason
  • Why does LawSchool Numbers have a Exclud
  • Thursday, April 06 2006 at 03:52 AM

I think its obvious rollingthedice wasn't an AA admission because she got a 174, admissions officers forgive a poor GPA pretty quickly for a great LSAT. I can't respond to you, but look the point is this: You're making just as many assumptions as anyone else is. You're right I have idea what his socioeconomic status or what he may or may not have endured in his life. But neither do you. He may have grown up dirt poor and subject to brutal prejudice or for all I know he could be rich off his ass and never really felt an ounce more racism than I have in my life. The point is, and its an undeniable one, is that its considerably easier for minorities to gain acceptances into colleges than whites or ORMs, purely because there are typically fewer qualified minority law applicants (I mean anyone with over a 160 could do just fine at Harvard, its the same material as what they teach at Elon), for whatever reason. Because there is some hazy conception of diversity that colleges are clamoring to create, they do battle over this smaller applicant pool. If you're trying to refute that fact, that there is a separate set of qualifications for URM and ORMs, its you who are the blind one. For all your talk about great stories gaining admission, I hope you would you realize that perhaps this stupid insistence on racial numbering(which we really have no idea if really amounts to diversity in thought or idea) distracts from all these great stories you're talking about. Personally, I'd love to think a story could sway an entire application into acceptance, I've got a damn good one, but just like everything in law school its entirely about numbers, LSAT, GPA and percentages of minorities.

- drackoe
  • Your response
  • Friday, April 07 2006 at 05:31 PM

You couldn't have said that any better...I wholeheartedly concur

- kinryan
  • tulane
  • Sunday, April 09 2006 at 07:13 AM

I visited this weekend and loved it. The campus and the main parts of the city are in great shape. The faculty and administration were nice. The other accepted students i met were chill and friendly. Just overall got a really good vibe from both the city and the people. I will be sending my deposit this week and will be attending barring any unforeseen acceptances at the top schools. Hope to see you there.

- gobraves88
  • congrats
  • Monday, April 10 2006 at 04:12 AM

on your acceptances thus far. if you don't plan on attending loyola, could you kindly withdraw your application? best of luck with your decision!

- loyola hopeful
  • title required
  • Friday, April 14 2006 at 07:04 PM

Loyola's my top choice!

- drackoe
  • title required
  • Friday, April 14 2006 at 07:05 PM

Loyola's my top choice!

- drackoe
  • Re: Kent
  • Sunday, April 16 2006 at 05:12 AM

I chose Kent because I really liked the faculty and their building. Loyola was fine, but just didn't appeal to me. I think you will love Chicago no matter which school you choose. Good luck!

- lostinmiami
  • re: CSimpkins
  • Monday, April 24 2006 at 08:18 AM

You're comments on CSimpkins profile were entirely on-point. Sure, a 163 is a decent LSAT score. Sure, he must be a smart guy... I think he won the Truman Scholarshp... so he's an accomplished individual.... But it is simply dishonest for him to suggest that he got into Harvard based on his EC's.... AA doesn't bother me, really. CSimpkins bothers me because he acts like AA doesn't exist, and - if it does - that he didn't benefit from it.

- guest
  • From a fellow wolverine
  • Tuesday, April 25 2006 at 01:03 PM

Thanks for the advice. To me it's basically a coin flip.

- wolvareen
  • Loyola v Kent
  • Wednesday, May 17 2006 at 03:53 PM

So why did you like Loyola so much better than Kent? I mean, after all, you withdrew from Loyola also, so why do you think it's so much better than Kent? When I went to visit Loyola, the people were nothing but rude there. I guess it depends on the type of law you are planning to study. But I certainly was less than impressed with Loyola's law school. The people and professors at Kent made me feel like I was really wanted over there. Granted, I applied to Loyola and am still on the waitlist, but unless they gave me a decent chunk of change, I wouldn't go there over Kent.

- chitownorbust
  • Loyola and Bloomington
  • Saturday, May 20 2006 at 05:31 AM

Well, you definitely made the right decision to go to Bloomington instead of Loyola. Bloomington is an excellent school. I met the assistant dean personally and I visited the school and it was just great. I probably should have tried to re-apply this year, but I was just too devestated to try after being turned down last year. Sorry about what happened at Loyola, but that doesn't surprise me. They are always rude when anyone calls and when I scheduled my tour and class visit, none of it worked out at all. Bloomington is very reasonably priced and so is the housing. The housing in Chicago, of course, is not nearly as reasonable. So enjoy your time at Bloomington. You made the right decision.

- chitownorbust
  • Thanks
  • Saturday, April 19 2008 at 02:37 PM

Thanks for the good thoughts. I liked IU when I was there. Everyone was very warm and friendly. I haven't decided between Wisco and Wash yet. I'm hoping Wisconsin will still give me a scholarship. I liked both schools a lot, but right now Wash is a fair amount cheaper because I can get instate tuition 2nd and 3rd year. So are you happy with your IU choice? How are the job prospects?

- olderandwiser
  • Thanks!
  • Monday, April 21 2008 at 04:49 AM

Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny how many times at Spring Law Day they mentioned the $25M grant and the recent (meaningless) Vault #14 ranking. They say that all the money is going into faculty development, so it should be fun to see who they can land. I decided to come to IU because I'm planning on working in Indy, the school is a good fit for me, and moving back to Bloomington will be easier for my wife than many other places. I know that searching for employment will be an undertaking, but I wouldn't have made the decision to attend if I didn't think I could make it near the top of the class. But yeah, a bump in our ranking would be nice :)

- lmcplatte
  • Monday, April 21 2008 at 04:35 PM

Thanks for the comment, its good to know others who were in the same boat I'm in now. Keeping my fingers crossed!

- BluRaptr
  • IU-B
  • Sunday, December 14 2008 at 01:52 PM

if IU gives me scholarship money to bring tuition under $20k, it'd be hard to pass up. you at Indiana? i visited over the summer, and absolutely loved it! any words of advice as far as dealing with admissions for scholarship money, if i do get in??

- thatrev
  • Understood
  • Wednesday, March 09 2011 at 05:19 PM

I'm not saying it doesn't help, but I know that my current work experience is tied directly to my success. That's all I'm saying. Folks get so caught up in the numbers but there are other non-URMs who have been accepted to great schools with less than stellar numbers. They obviously have something going for them outside of their numbers. That's all I'm saying. Congrats on your cycle so far and good luck in the future.

- mrthomasft3

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