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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Capital University F graph Pending -- -- -- -- 11 months
Southern Illinois University Carbondale F graph Pending 03/21/18 -- -- -- 12 months
Ohio Northern University F graph Pending 03/21/18 -- -- -- 12 months
John Marshall Law School - Atlanta F graph Pending 03/21/18 -- -- -- 12 months
Thomas M Cooley Law School F graph Pending 03/21/18 -- -- -- 12 months
Western New England College School of Law F graph Pending 03/21/18 -- -- -- 12 months
Widener University F graph Pending 03/21/18 -- -- -- 12 months
William Mitchell College of Law F graph Pending 03/21/18 -- -- -- 12 months
Southern University F graph Pending 03/21/18 -- -- -- 12 months
Texas Southern University F graph Pending 03/15/18 03/16/18 03/20/18 -- 12 months
University of North Dakota F graph Pending 03/14/18 03/15/18 03/20/18 -- 12 months
University of Missouri Kansas City F graph Pending 03/16/18 03/19/18 03/20/18 -- 12 months
University of South Dakota graph Pending 03/16/18 -- -- -- 1 year
North Carolina Central University F graph Pending 03/16/18 -- -- -- 1 year
Florida A&M University F graph Pending 03/14/18 03/14/18 -- -- 1 year
Ave Maria University School of Law F graph Waitlisted 11/01/17 11/06/17 11/10/17 01/12/18 1 year
Roger Williams University F graph Pending 11/01/17 11/03/17 11/03/17 -- 1 year
Vermont Law School F graph Pending 10/24/17 10/25/17 10/25/17 -- 1 year
Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law F graph Pending 10/23/17 10/24/17 10/25/17 -- 1 year

Applicant Information

N/A out of N/A

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Extra Curricular Information

7 year Army Combat Veteran
non-traditional-IE: Wife and two children


10/31- Willamette sent via email a request for me to raise my LSAT to 145 or higher. They will keep open my application until June LSAT result- not interested in doing so ATM.

10/30- In review at Campbell

11/7- IUPUI called and requested a phone interview on the spot, about a 30 minute conversation about why IUPUI, "why do you want to be a lawyer", and "what happed on the LSAT"... She said thank you and hopes to speak soon...

11/10- Creighton status checker says "decision letter sent"... fingers crossed since this is long shot for me.

11/13- Received letter from Creighton Law. Small envelope with a pretty generic rejection in it.

11/14- In review at Vermont.

11/15- Rejected for Fall2018 @ Baylor via status checker, they did however offer me to apply for summer 2018...I'm sure everyone is offered this as well.

11/16- Rejected by Nova via email

11/16- Emailed Denver, CU Boulder, Campbell, Mercer, IUPUI and Vermont that I will be re-taking the LSAT in February.

11/27- Reading through Power score bibles and doing PT's in prep for Feb LSAT.

11/29- In review at OCU

11/30- Un review at Ave Maria

12/12- Received email from Ave Maria, requesting me to schedule a phone interview. Status checker has a blank space for the current status. Email stated they look at all parts of the APP and for people who they are "unsure" of accepting they ask for an interview.

1/3- Denied from NELS via email and status checker. Told when App opens for next cycle and pointers on how to improve odds of being accepted.

1/4- Denied Oklahoma city university via status checker.

Visitor Comments

  • Thanks!!!
  • Friday, November 10 2017 at 12:00 PM

Hey Good Luck to you!!!

- YassssQueen
  • Friday, November 10 2017 at 01:54 PM

I know this isn't something you want to hear, but the LSAT is a learnable test. I would really, really, really advocate you find work for two years and study a few hours a week for the LSAT. I am more than happy to help get you started-- I got a 170 and studied on and off for two years. I'm also a test prep tutor. Right now you're going to be going hundreds of thousands in debt to attend a school with low employment rates. Drop a note in my mailbox if you'd ever like to talk about the test, no charge or obligation.

- zebra1331
  • I suggest 7sage for LSAT prep
  • Sunday, December 03 2017 at 10:45 AM

Check out 7sage.com. it's helping me immensely. Best of luck to you, I am retaking in Feb as well.

- dytmomx3II
  • I'm gonna be the asshole here...
  • Monday, January 01 2018 at 02:20 PM

I seriously don't think you should be going to law school if you can't raise your LSAT above 150 or so...

- VegasMan23
  • Wednesday, January 03 2018 at 01:12 PM

@ vegasman23, Retaking in Feb. and pt's are averaging 151 so thanks for the advice and good luck to you!

- jthel08
  • Friday, January 12 2018 at 04:56 PM

did Nova say why they rejected you? I am in the process of applying. Have a 141 LSAT score and a 3.53 GPA. hoping to at least get AAMPLE from them

- mandistein
  • Nova
  • Saturday, January 13 2018 at 12:20 PM

@Mandstein, they said that others had better numbers and applications. I know my downfall was the low LSAT and GPA. I am retaking the LSAT in February, NOVA did not want to wait for that score i guess... :/ oh well.

- jthel08
  • Sunday, January 14 2018 at 07:14 PM

Hopefully my GPA and LOR's work in my favor since our LSAT score is same. Good luck on the test in Feb

- mandistein
  • Friday, January 26 2018 at 09:25 AM

Any update from St. Mary's?

- stinnettaa
  • St mary's
  • Friday, January 26 2018 at 02:35 PM

@stinnetta- No, still showing complete and under review.

- jthel08
  • Monday, January 29 2018 at 12:14 PM

My numbers look like yours and I am debating retaking the LSAT in Feb. Strenuous test to have to retake! Looking to apply at St. Mary's.. Keep me posted and good luck!

- stinnettaa
  • St Marys
  • Monday, January 29 2018 at 12:38 PM

@Stinnettaa- Yes tell me about it! I am retaking on the 10th of Feb. I am hoping to bring it up into the 150's but I will let you know If I hear anything from St Mary's! Good luck to you!

- jthel08
  • Tuesday, February 13 2018 at 11:36 AM

have you had any updates from IU?

- wanderlust13
  • IU
  • Tuesday, February 13 2018 at 03:57 PM

@wanderlust13- I am on hold until the feb lsat is released. I did however do an over the phone interview with them a few months back and they asked if I was interested in retaking the lsat but we will see. I should have updates at the end of the month or early in march.

- jthel08
  • Tuesday, February 13 2018 at 04:47 PM

i'm in the same boat as you as well. good luck to you!

- wanderlust13
  • Best of Luck
  • Wednesday, March 14 2018 at 11:03 PM

Question- so they waitlist you until you take the LSAT over again? then they give you an immediate decision? i am awaiting a decision as well and the anxiety is killing me.

- Val718
  • yea
  • Thursday, March 15 2018 at 09:52 AM

Not 100% sure how it works... I know scores are out and have been submitted to the schools. I have only heard from a few about decisions. I wrote a LOCI as well to Ave as well as filled out the form on their website.

- jthel08
  • lsat
  • Monday, March 26 2018 at 01:50 PM

were you able to improve your lsat score?

- 2017hopeful
  • Thursday, April 26 2018 at 10:23 AM

Have you heard back from NC Central?

- mckay007
  • Monday, July 16 2018 at 05:45 PM

Hello, and best wishes Have you heard back from Capital? and if you did, How ere you notified?


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