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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of San Diego PT graph Accepted A $14 10/28/06 -- -- 04/03/07 13 years
Pepperdine University graph Accepted 11/16/06 -- 01/09/07 04/24/07 13 years
University of California Davis graph Rejected 10/28/06 -- 11/21/06 04/24/07 13 years
University of California Hastings graph Rejected 10/28/06 -- 12/08/06 04/20/07 13 years
California Western School of Law graph Accepted W $16 10/28/06 -- -- 12/21/06 13 years
Loyola University Chicago graph Accepted W $4 11/17/06 -- 11/29/06 12/28/06 13 years
Case Western Reserve University F graph Accepted W $17 10/27/06 -- -- 03/28/07 13 years
University of the Pacific F graph Accepted W $10 11/16/06 -- 12/05/06 12/11/06 13 years
University of Arizona graph Accepted W $13 10/28/06 -- 11/30/06 02/07/07 13 years
Loyola Law School graph Accepted W $2 10/28/06 -- 12/06/06 02/08/07 13 years
Washington and Lee University graph Rejected 10/28/06 -- -- 02/13/07 13 years
University of Michigan Ann Arbor graph Rejected 10/28/06 -- 11/14/06 01/12/07 13 years
University of Virginia graph Rejected 10/28/06 -- 11/10/06 03/07/07 13 years
Georgetown University graph Rejected 10/28/06 -- 11/14/06 12/06/06 13 years
University of Texas Austin graph Rejected 10/28/06 -- 11/15/06 12/14/06 13 years
George Mason University F graph Rejected 10/28/06 -- 11/20/06 02/15/07 13 years
University of Pittsburgh F graph Rejected 10/28/06 -- -- 12/04/06 13 years
Cornell University F graph Rejected D 10/28/06 -- 11/08/06 04/02/07 13 years
College of William and Mary graph Waitlisted 10/28/06 -- 11/09/06 03/26/07 13 years
Boston University graph Waitlisted 10/28/06 -- 01/16/07 03/16/07 13 years
University of Southern California graph Rejected 10/28/06 -- 01/03/07 02/22/07 13 years
University of California Los Angeles graph Waitlisted 10/28/06 -- -- 02/12/07 14 years
Indiana University Bloomington F graph Waitlisted 11/16/06 -- -- 02/05/07 14 years
George Washington University graph Waitlisted 10/28/06 -- -- 01/27/07 14 years
University of California Berkeley graph Rejected 11/01/06 -- 11/29/06 01/23/07 14 years
University of Notre Dame graph Waitlisted 10/28/06 -- -- 01/04/07 14 years
University of Cincinnati F graph Waitlisted 11/16/06 -- 12/12/06 01/05/07 14 years
Santa Clara University F graph Pending D 10/28/06 -- 11/17/06 12/11/06 14 years
University of Minnesota Twin Cities graph Pending D 10/28/06 -- 11/13/06 12/06/06 14 years
Boston College graph Rejected 10/28/06 -- -- 12/15/06 14 years
Baylor University F graph Pending 11/17/06 -- -- -- 14 years

Applicant Information

One that Teaches
Not Poli Sci

Demographic Information

Yes, I am fast.

Extra Curricular Information

Yes, I got rejected and waitlisted at a butt load of schools, BUT I ended up getting into my first choice! That is all that really matters.


Will be attending the University of San Diego in the fall!
Feels good to get back home.
Dates that mail showed up in my hand:

12-11-06: Deferred at Minnesota, thin white envelope.

12-12-06: Ding at Georgetown, thin white envelope.

12-13-06: In at Pacific (McGeorge), large whitish envelope.

12-14-06: Deferred at Santa Clara, small white envelope.

12-16-06: Ding at UT Austin, small white envelope.
12-16-06: Ding at Pittsburgh, small white envelope.

12-18-06: Ding at Boston College, small white envelope.

12-28-06: In at Loyola Chicago, phone call.

01-06-07: In at Cal Western, small tanish envelope.
01-06-07: Deferred at Cornell, small white envelope.
01-06-07: Received $10,000/yr renewable scholarship at Pacific (McGeorge)

01-08-07: Waitlisted at Cincinnati, small white envelope.

01-21-07: Rejected at Michigan, small white envelope.
01-21-07: Waitlisted at Notre Dame, small white envelope.

01-29-07: Rejected at Boalt, small white envelope.

01-30-07: Waitlisted at George Washington, small beige envelope.

02-10-07: Waitlisted at Indiana University, Bloomington, small white envelope.
02-10-07: Accepted at Loyola LA, large white envelope.

02-15-07: Accepted at Arizona, small white envelope. With a $13k Dean's Scholarship.

02-16-07: Waitlisted at UCLA, small white envelope.

02-17-07: Rejected at W&L, small white envelope.

02-20-07: Rejected at George Mason, small white envelope.

03-10-07: Rejected at Virginia, small yellowish envelope.

03-15-07: Received $16k/yr Deans Scholarhsip at Cal Western.

03-19-07: Rejected at USC, small envelope.

03-27-07: Accepted at Case Western, by email.

03-30-07: Waitlisted at Boston University, small white envelope.
03-30-07: Waitlisted at William and Mary, small beige envelope.

04-02-07: Rejected at Cornell, small white envelope.

04-03-07: Accepted at San Diego, phone call from the Assistant Dean.

04-20-07: Rejected from Hastings, online status checker.

Visitor Comments

  • Be positive!
  • Friday, August 18 2006 at 07:17 PM

Don't handicap yourself like that! Start telling yourself that you're not limited to a 155. Just a handful of easier questions correct will give you a 160 and a big boost. Good luck.

- zephyr
  • Good list of schools.
  • Friday, September 15 2006 at 08:18 AM

2 things. 1st) You are probably taking the Sept30 LSAT, so good luck to you! Between now and then, focus hard on a section like Games or Reasoning. I suggest games. Even if you do average on Reasoning and Comp, you if are lights out on Games - you would break 158 and get into San Diego no problem. Buy a book that focuses on games. The Logic Games Bible is an awesome one I hear, I have it - but haven't read it. Logic Games can be taught! Try to inflate your score! 2nd) San Deigo is doable. Consider applying part-time if you fear your LSAT is a bit low. You can go part-time for the first year and then join up full time. It will require an extra semester, but you might actually like this idea anyway. goodluck!

- Chris
  • Thanks!
  • Tuesday, December 19 2006 at 10:47 AM

Thanks for the congrats...I'm really considering USD... and might even ask for a job transfer there to get situated ahead of time. You said you were originally from there - what's the housing/apartment market like? Shortage/surplus? I'm really curious - left my email so feel free to email me with any tips for SD living. Congrats on McGeorge and best of luck with USD!

- KarnaOrbit
  • Congrats!
  • Saturday, January 06 2007 at 10:53 AM

Congrats on the money at Pacific. I'm totally in love with their viewbooks, but I just can't move out there right now. If I could, I would in a heartbeat. Hope you enjoy it there if you decide on Pacific!

- theboss
  • hey
  • Friday, February 02 2007 at 09:28 PM

just wanted to say congrats on the acceptances thus far. If GW is something you are really interested in, I would suggest sending some updates or what not. It is an absolutely amazing school. Its placement is ridiculous. Unlike the others, they actual accept people off the waitlist. I was on 8 waitlists or something ridiculous, and I only heard back positives from two schools. Anyway, good luck to you. If you have any questions about GW feel free to email me. If the spelling in this message is horrible, it is cause I just got back from the formal. lots of free alcohol here....

- thorc954
  • Hey
  • Friday, March 23 2007 at 02:22 PM

Hey, that's awesome that you got waitlisted at UCLA. And yeah, I actually made a LSN account for my family to check up on my acceptances and rejections. AND, the first comment was from my step-dad; the second was from my mom. :)

- ashleyf
  • VCHS
  • Tuesday, April 03 2007 at 08:20 PM

um....yeah! Who is this? Send me a message or something. Congrats on USD! (Looks like you just got in).

- flyguyuci
  • San Diego
  • Wednesday, April 04 2007 at 10:03 AM

Hey, congratulations on San Diego. Lucky you that you'll be in such an awesome city.

- ashleyf
  • dayglo
  • Tuesday, April 17 2007 at 07:33 AM

hell yeah i'm interested. by getting a group together what do you mean? drinks, dinner? find me on facebook: jessie mackaness UF. I'm heading out in July sometime. Where are you planning on living?

- fortuita
  • Hey!
  • Tuesday, April 17 2007 at 11:04 AM

Yeah, I'm getting into more places, but not where I really want to go. :( Hopefully I'll get into a first tier school with warm weather. Ideally, I'd go somewhere in or near Los Angeles, where I grew up.

- ashleyf
  • San Diego over Loyola
  • Saturday, April 21 2007 at 02:59 AM

Hey, just wondering but why did you decide to go to USD part time over Loyola with money and full time? I know we've spoken on LSD before but I haven't had the chance to ask you this. I assume you are choosing USD because you want to be in San Diego and choosing part time because you have a job lined up. I'm very curious since Loyola seems to be the better deal in this case. I'm going to USD, as you already know, so I'll see you there.

- Roman815
  • USD
  • Wednesday, April 25 2007 at 08:56 AM

Congrats on choosing USD! We'll see you in the fall! When are thinking of moving there?

- calebjanthony
  • San Diego
  • Friday, April 27 2007 at 08:43 AM

Ah! I'm jealous...I wish I were moving down that early! But I hear ya, I'm ready to get down there and have some fun before we're in over our heads.

- calebjanthony

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