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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Texas Southern University graph WL, Rejected 11/29/07 -- 12/05/07 01/09/08 12 years
University of The District of Columbia graph Rejected 04/08/08 -- -- 06/11/08 12 years
Widener University F graph Rejected 11/19/07 -- 11/28/07 05/14/08 12 years
South Texas College of Law graph Rejected 12/05/07 -- 12/14/08 04/25/08 12 years
Willamette University F graph Rejected 01/08/08 -- 01/09/08 03/24/08 13 years
University of Houston graph Rejected 11/30/07 -- 12/05/07 01/14/08 13 years
University of Iowa graph Rejected 01/14/08 -- -- 03/05/08 13 years
Hamline University F PT graph Rejected 01/07/08 -- 01/17/08 02/27/08 13 years
Stetson University graph Rejected 12/26/07 -- 01/02/08 01/13/08 13 years
Arizona State University graph Rejected 11/30/07 -- 12/11/07 02/15/08 13 years
Howard University graph Rejected 11/19/07 -- 11/28/07 01/24/08 13 years
American University graph Rejected 12/05/07 -- 12/27/07 01/23/08 13 years
Baylor University graph Rejected 11/27/07 -- 11/30/07 01/03/08 13 years

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Extra Curricular Information

Paralegal for over 11 years at top firms. Know most everything about civil procedure. Master Cite-Checker. Lots of pro bono experience/leadership. Worked full-time while attending college. First in family to go to college. I'm a wife and mother.

Just hoping my work experience offsets my LSAT score. I took the Kaplan class twice.


6-16-08: Due to familial and financial circumstances, it is probably not the best time for me to go to law school anyway. I prayed and asked God not to let me get in anywhere if he didn't want me to go. So, it appears that this door has been shut for now. Although, it would have been nice to get in somewhere. I spent 15 years working on my Bachelor's degree just so I could go to law school. I've spent the last 11 years busting my ass as a paralegal and doing pro bono work so I could get a scholarship. I pay over $1000 for a Kaplan class that didn't help me and take the test after a tramatic event in my life which resulted in an awful score...but I didn't want to take it again. I was going to ditch law school anyway because I ended up getting married and then preganant right away. So, I put law school off. Then decided after maternity leave that it might be a good idea to apply and see what happens. Well, I wish I never applied. What a waste of time, money, and energy.

So, I guess my path has been decided. I'll be a wife and mother for now. Maybe law school in the future?

What sucks is that I've helped countless people that I've worked with write their personal statements. I mean - some of them were awful. Mine is really good along with really great scholarship essays - not to mention my resume. And just because those people got 15-20 more questions right on the LSAT, they are going to GW and W&M and American. It is ridiculous that one test is weighed so heavily. This whole profession is designed to keep minorities and people that grew up lower-middle class out. Unless you are really smart - which usually means you grew up with college educated parents who encouraged education, etc. - or mommy and daddy pay for you to take a year off to study the LSAT, you have to bust your ass to pass a test that was designed for the people mentioned above. I mean - I actually train first year associates how to do their job because they don't have a clue coming out of law school.


12-28-07: Waiting is torture.....

1-5-08: Rejected at Baylor (Fall 2008) - no surprise there.

1-14-08: Waitlisted at Texas Southern.

1-22-08: Rejected at U of Houston. It was a nice letter though. :)

1-25-08: Rejected at American. This one really hurt.

1-30-08: Rejected at Howard.

2-21-08: Rejected at Stetson and Arizona State over the last couple of days.

2-29-08: Rejected at Hamline - seriously!!??

3-07-08: Rejected at U of Iowa. They sent me an e-mail stating that they had looked at my credentials and urged me to apply. Flippin' losers. They just wanted my money.

03-21-08: Still haven't heard from the last few schools. I must have been deferred at Widener and STCL. I've heard nothing from them for months.

3-28-08: Rejected at Willamette.

4-30-08: I've been complete at Widener and STCL for over four months and no decision yet. Sent my UDC App in at the beginning of April and they haven't even requested my LSAC Report yet. I'm so tired of being the underdog.

5-01-08: Just checked my STCL status checker for the millionth time and it says a decision was mailed on 4/28. Guess its bad news if they didn't say what the decision was online. We'll see.

5-02-08: Rejected at STCL....finally.

5-09-08: Some people with better LSAT scores sent their applications to Widener in March and are already getting decisions and money. I sent mine in November. Come on now....what is taking so long? Those people with 160+ are not going to go to Widener anyway.

5-21-08: Rejected at Widener.

6-16-08: Rejected at UDC but they said in the letter that the Admissions Committee was interested in my application and suggested I reapply at a later date and to retake the LSAT. While it is nice that they basically said that they would have accepted me if I had a better LSAT score (and I probably would have gotten that full scholarship I applied for) - the fact that I was rejected from UDC is embarrasing to say the least.

Visitor Comments

  • Hey
  • Wednesday, December 19 2007 at 01:31 PM

Yeah that's the email I got. I called them today and left a voicemail to ask what it meant, so when they get back to me I'll let you know. I might not even be accepted yet so who knows.

- lishi
  • good luck
  • Friday, December 21 2007 at 06:14 AM

Good luck girl.... just wanted to wish u the best!

- dominrrican
  • Hello there
  • Sunday, December 23 2007 at 09:17 PM

You will get in somewhere. Happy holiday

- haitian
  • wow
  • Wednesday, December 26 2007 at 06:42 PM

11 yeras of paralegal man something..........i want to have someone like you as my classmate than people straight out of undergrad..... good luck

- iwill
  • wow
  • Wednesday, December 26 2007 at 06:43 PM

11 years of paralegal mean something.......

- iwill
  • Baylor
  • Saturday, January 05 2008 at 01:09 PM

Sorry to hear about Baylor, how were you notified? When did your status checker change to decision?

- Stiffbeating
  • Stiffbeating response
  • Monday, January 07 2008 at 03:54 AM

I was complete on 11/30 and the letter I got was dated 1/3/08. It was just a regular sized envelope - single paged letter - via snail mail. Good luck to you.

- fizgig
  • Baylor
  • Monday, January 07 2008 at 12:31 PM

I see...did it say something about "encouraging you to reapply for spring 2009"?

- stiffbeating
  • Response
  • Tuesday, January 08 2008 at 03:37 AM

No - nothing about encouraging me to reapply. Just said something about the fact that they reviewed my academic performance, nonacademic performance, and performance on the LSAT in comparison to the other candidates.

- fizgig
  • Baylor
  • Wednesday, January 09 2008 at 05:43 AM

Interesting....but good luck the rest of the cycle. let me know when you get any news!

- stiffbeating
  • hey
  • Thursday, January 24 2008 at 09:57 PM

I just want to wish you best of luck with your cycle. Someone with your experience should rightfully be auto admit to most schools. It sucks that one test is so heavily weighed. Good luck with everything.

- Senator86
  • Senator86 Response
  • Friday, January 25 2008 at 04:09 AM

What a nice message. Thanks so much. I agree that it sucks that my test score is outweighing my experience. If it doesn't work out this cycle, I'll just study and try again in a few years. Good luck to you.

- fizgig
  • Rutgers-Newark
  • Tuesday, March 25 2008 at 08:13 AM

Did you consider applying to Rutgers Newark? You can opt for them to weigh your experiences over your numbers. Such option might benefit you. GOOD LUCK!

- Rutgers4me
  • Best Wishes
  • Monday, April 14 2008 at 11:19 AM

I wish you the best. I took the Kaplan class too. It actually seemed like it didn't help at all, huh? Hang in there...with your experience you will get in somewhere!!

- cami1981
  • Wednesday, April 30 2008 at 09:32 AM

This has been a very strange cycle- just unpredictable. Stay positive and good things will come your way. We have similar numbers and I am non trad also-similar situation. I have a few deferrals and waitlists, but still waiting on those acceptances. Email me when you get a chance. I would love to hear about your personal statement and get your feedback! Crissy :)

- crissylawyer2be
  • kaplan
  • Thursday, May 22 2008 at 08:06 PM

I took kaplan twice.....i think it made me worst. Now i\'m going to take the princeton course now, and pray for the best in the october test. Did you think about taking another course or test site?

- jh1662
  • Don\'t Give Up
  • Monday, June 16 2008 at 09:05 AM

Fizgig, Your GPA is strong. It\'s obvious that you LSAT score is what is holding you back and that youve had some circumstances that prevented you from performing well. However, as difficult as it is try not to become cynical at the process. And whatever you do, dont give up on going to law school if you are 110% committed to attending. Ive come from a similar background as you. I was the first person in my family to complete high school and have worked throughout college. The LSAT is a difficult test, but it can be cracked. Remember that. Also, Ive found Kaplans advice to be garbage. I didnt actually take the course (couldnt afford it), but I did purchase their study guide. It didnt help me at all. Pick up the PowerScore Logical Reasoning and Logic Games bible. They helped me immensely going from a 156 to a 173 on my practice LSATs. Even if you raise your LSAT score to a 150 you will surely get in somewhere. Dont give up!

- logged user

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