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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver A - Attending W - Withdrawn D - Deferred
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# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Interview Date Decision Updated
University of San Diego F PT Accepted A Type: RA $10,000 Sent: -- Rec: 11/04/11 Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: -- Upd: 12 years
#1 Loyola Law School F PT Rejected Type: ED Sent: 10/26/11 Rec: -- Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: 05/14/12 Upd: 12 years
Chapman University F PT Accepted W Type: RA $28,000 Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: 11/04/11 Inter: -- Dec: 01/11/12 Upd: 12 years
Pepperdine University F Rejected Type: RA Sent: 10/31/11 Rec: 10/31/11 Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: 03/23/12 Upd: 12 years
Southwestern University School of Law F PT Accepted W Type: RA Sent: -- Rec: 10/26/11 Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: 11/18/11 Upd: 12 years

Applicant Information

  • LSAT: 156
  • LSAT 2: -
  • LSAT 3: -
  • GRE : -
  • LSAC GPA: 3.49
  • Degree GPA: -
  • School Type: CA Public
  • Major: -

Demographic Information

  • City: -
  • State: California
  • Race: Asian
  • Gender: Woman
  • Non-Traditional Applicant: Yes
  • Years out of Undergrad: 1-2 Years

Extra Curricular Information

Volunteer experience at a L.A. Superior Court, general community service, volunteer at a mentoring program, lots of school-related activities during undergrad

Additional info & updates

I know most of the schools here are WAY out of my reach, but hoping that I will get a "Yes" from one of them!

I know my profile says that everything is just "received," but all the apps are actually "completed" (LSN is being funky and not letting me update). Chapman and Southwestern are "In Review" since early November, San Diego has been "File Complete" since 11/4. Just got Pepperdine's "File Complete" email yesterday. However, no word from Loyola yet. It's making me really nervous because it's my first choice and I've applied as ED.

Just checked my statuses online. IN at Southwestern! Super relieved because it's my safety school :] It's good to know that I'm going somewhere in August! Haven't received my admit package yet, so not sure about scholarships. Either way, I am really glad! Keep 'em coming, other schools!

Since I had no word from Loyola, I decided to give them a call to see if they received my app. SO glad I did! Turns out somehow I opted myself out of the email list. The gentleman from the adm office helped me out, and now I have the ID # to check my status and back on the email list. So my app is officially in along with my ED form. Phew. Now I can obsessively check ALL of my status 24/7!

It's finally December, so I've been checking my status throughout the day. No movement. I hope to hear back from Loyola soon, since I applied ED... But my online status still says just "complete." :(

No movement from anybody. It looks like the ED applicants last year got their decisions around the 21, si I guess I still got a few more weeks. I'm going to Vegas on the 21, so I'm hoping to receive my decision before... Accepted or not, Vegas would be a good place to get away after I find out...

Just checked the status of Loyola, USD, and Chapman... Nada :( Chapman applicants last year started to get their letters around this date... Ohhh the wait!

Still no status change from anybody. It looks like I won't be finding out anything before Vegas... Dang it.

Well, I guess I won't be hearing from anyone before my trip, since none of my statuses changed. Oh well, hoping to find out more when I get back!

Major trolling from Chapman today. Got home to a large envelope/packet from the school, and when I opened it, it was just a view book and an "invitation" to apply! I have been in review since October. Not cool, Chapman, not cool.

I came home to find a small envelope from Loyola... Turned out that my application was deferred, or put on hold. Ugh, I guess it's better than a rejection, but I don't think I stand a chance in the RD pool...

I've decided to not obsess so much about checking my decisions because it was driving me mad... Well, on a happy note, checked my status and found out that I've been accepted to Chapman! Very excited :) I haven't gotten the admit packet yet, so details to come, but I'm really happy about this!

I visited Chapman last week and I really liked it. The campus was new and students didn't look so stressed out... It def had a small community feel, which is really appealing for me. I like the class sizes and the students I've talked to. I think the school has a real potential to go up the ranks esp with the new dean... Still need to visit SW, but if Loyola and the other reach schools say no to me, I could see myself perfectly happy at Chapman :)

Decision rendered at USD. Not sure if it's a good thing or I'm a part of the first wave of rejections. Either way, I want to know!

Oh, and turned out that I'm not getting ANY money from SW! Will be withdrawing soon... SW at sticker = no thank you.

Still no movement from Loyola. Called them and was told that I won't hear back until March or April. UGH. Really?

A wonderful day!
I got accepted to USD!! I am so surprised because I thought I would be an automatic ding! I am so excited-- USD's Part-Time program is ranked higher than Loyola's, too! Not sure if I would be getting any money from them, but we will see. If Loyola rejects me, I am 99% sure to be in San Diego in August! :]

Still no word from Loyola. I already know that Pepperdine will ding me, so I'm not worried about the answer from them. But I'm getting more and more frustrated because I've been waiting for Loyola since October as an ED applicant. All I can do is to wait, but this is kind of maddening.

And no scholarship info from USD (yet). I'm hoping I get SOMETHING from them... I really really REALLY need it!

Still not a peep from Loyola. I know rejection letters have started to go out... I don't know if I should be happy I haven't been rejected or angry that I'm still in limbo. Ughhhh!

Another great day! I got Evening Law Honors Scholarship of $10,000 from USD!!! I am SO grateful! Over the weekend I visited the school and I fell in love with the campus... I can see myself really enjoying law school there. And now the scholarship makes it even more amazing! I hope Loyola's taking notes ;)

First rejection of the cycle goes to... Pepperdine! Was expected, so not too heartbroken about it. It was a long shot and I tried. This makes it official that Loyola's the last school standing. At this point it's almost funny because the school I applied first as ED is the very last one to get back to me. I really need to find out soon though... USD deposit is due very soon.

Absolutely nothing from Loyola. I hate how everyone but me is getting their decisions! This is really frustrating. The admissions lady told me last Monday that I should hear back within two weeks... It's been 10 days. I really hope they send out the decision tomorrow!

I emailed LLS and got the generic, "we will change the status as soon as we make a decision" and that they "hope" to give me decision by the end of this month. It's always one more week, one more month... Anyway, very frustrated at this situation. I'm convinced that I'm a WL at best, so why are they still stringin me along?

Still nothing from LLS. So over it by this point. It was of course a lie that I would get my decision by the end of April. I just don't understand why they can't give me a decision in a timely manner when I submitted my app in Oct. Whatever, I've committed to USD, so I know I have a good thing going for me either way. It's just rude of them.

Finally decision rendered at LLS. My guess is a WL, but who knows. Glad this cycle will be over soon!

Well, my cycle is complete. A ding from Loyola. A bit pissed that they took six months to come to that decision. I mean, really? But overall I am happy about how my cycle turned out. SAN DIEGO HERE I COME!

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Tuesday, April 19 2011 at 08:00 PM

congrats on southwestern!!! i'm so jealous! :)

Thursday, November 17 2011 at 07:00 PM

Thanks! Best of luck to your cycle too! :)

Tuesday, April 19 2011 at 08:00 PM

hi! i'm applying to all of the schools as FT and I haven't heard back from any yet :(... As for Loyola, the only thing I've heard from them is that my application is complete and ready for review... What about you?

Saturday, October 08 2011 at 08:00 PM

Congrats on Southwestern !! That's my top choice!!!

Saturday, November 05 2011 at 08:00 PM

I think I had the same issue with Loyola - I submitted my app a few weeks ago and haven't even received a confirmation from them...I guess I'll give them a call today or next week.

Saturday, November 05 2011 at 08:00 PM

Thank you! I'm sure you'll do great as well :) I was a bit concerned that I had heard from all schools except Loyola. They replied pretty quickly and said that I should have received an e-mail already; I had not but their reply did include my ID #, which resolved the issue. Whew.

Monday, September 26 2011 at 08:00 PM

lol, your post made me laugh. I don't have a top choice for fear I may not get it! For now, I'm pretty excited about Chicago-Kent. Congrats on your acceptance. I wish you many more! Happy Holidays

Congrats as well
Monday, March 21 2011 at 08:00 PM

On Southwestern and Chapman. I am leaning towards Chapman right now but only slightly. I want to practice entertainment law. What about yourself?

Monday, March 21 2011 at 08:00 PM

I mean which school are you leaning towards?

Sunday, November 18 2007 at 07:00 PM

Hey mkat, it's me fashiongirl from TLS! We are actually applying to a lot of the same schools. My #1 is USD and I applied PT, hopefully we'll be in the same class there! I'm thinking about shooting an app to Southwestern. Do you think it's too late? Thanks:) Good luck btw!

Sunday, November 18 2007 at 07:00 PM

Congrats on USD!!!!! I really hope I get in so we could be future classmates! It's so nice to hear some movement on the PT front.

thank youuu :)
Tuesday, April 19 2011 at 08:00 PM

aww, thank you!! and congrats on USD + chapman with $!! :)

USD need based
Sunday, November 18 2007 at 07:00 PM

HEY AGAIN! i think for USD the need-based grant would also work, I'm hearing it's $23k/year if you show financial need. If I get in, I'm definitely doing this!

Sunday, November 18 2007 at 07:00 PM

thanks for your kind words, i really appreciate it. hopefully i'll meet you next year!!!!

Tuesday, April 19 2011 at 08:00 PM

I emailed LMU and they told me more people should hear back within the next two weeks.. good luck to the both of us! :)

Monday, March 21 2011 at 08:00 PM

congrats on San Diego!

Sunday, November 18 2007 at 07:00 PM

Loyola is taking forevvvs. You have been waiting forever too! Are you leaning towards USD or is there a change you'll go to LMU? I'm still waiting on them but I think I've decided on SCU. :[ They're SO SLOW!

Sunday, November 18 2007 at 07:00 PM

Nothing from Loyola yet?! Yeah they didn't update my checker and I just got a lame letter stating all decisions are final and they had a large amt of applicants so they are turning some away. -_- not sure what that means or if they even read my file. Can I at least get my $75 back? Lol. I was thinking of sending USD a letter and asking them to re-review my file for the full-time program even though I got rejected from PT. What do you think? Do you have an email btw?

Sunday, November 18 2007 at 07:00 PM

YAY FOR DR AT LMU!!! Saw your update on TLS. I emailed admissions at USD begging for them to review my file for FT and surprise, surprise... a big fat no haha. Wasn't expecting a yes but I had nothing to lose anyway! Maybe they will remember me next year if I try to transfer :) Good luck though, fingers crossed that you're in at LMU! I still haven't heard from Chapman, no idea wth they're doing but I'm def not going there!

Sunday, November 18 2007 at 07:00 PM

F lmu haha :) Can't believe they made you wait 6 months. USD is so awesome though you'll have an amazing time - hope to see u there next year!!!

Sunday, November 18 2007 at 07:00 PM

still waiting to hear back.. i called today and left a message. no response yet. i am crossing my fingers so hard it's insane!