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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver A - Attending W - Withdrawn D - Deferred
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# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Interview Date Decision Updated
Loyola University Chicago F WL, Rejected Type: RA Sent: 11/20/09 Rec: 11/24/09 Comp: 12/02/09 Inter: -- Dec: -- Upd: 14 years
Chicago-Kent College of Law (IIT) F Waitlisted D Type: RA Sent: 11/21/09 Rec: -- Comp: 11/24/09 Inter: -- Dec: 01/06/10 Upd: 14 years
University of San Francisco F WL, Rejected Type: RA Sent: 11/21/09 Rec: 11/24/09 Comp: 12/08/09 Inter: -- Dec: -- Upd: 14 years
University of Denver F Accepted A Type: RA $51,000 Sent: 11/20/09 Rec: 11/22/09 Comp: 12/01/09 Inter: -- Dec: 12/11/09 Upd: 14 years
DePaul University F WL, Rejected Type: RA Sent: 11/24/09 Rec: 11/25/09 Comp: 12/07/09 Inter: -- Dec: 12/21/09 Upd: 14 years
John Marshall Law School - Chicago F Accepted Type: RA Sent: 01/12/10 Rec: -- Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: -- Upd: 14 years
University of Colorado Boulder F Rejected Type: RA Sent: 11/20/09 Rec: -- Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: -- Upd: 14 years
Quinnipiac University F Accepted Type: RA $75,000 Sent: 11/24/09 Rec: -- Comp: 12/11/09 Inter: -- Dec: 01/14/09 Upd: 14 years
Golden Gate University F Accepted Type: RA $105,000 Sent: 11/24/09 Rec: -- Comp: 12/08/09 Inter: -- Dec: -- Upd: 14 years
Valparaiso University F Accepted Type: RA $51,000 Sent: 11/21/09 Rec: -- Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: -- Upd: 14 years

Applicant Information

  • LSAT: 159
  • LSAT 2: -
  • LSAT 3: -
  • GRE : -
  • LSAC GPA: 3.2
  • Degree GPA: -
  • School Type: Private
  • Major: English

Demographic Information

  • City: -
  • State: Ohio
  • Race: White
  • Gender: Woman
  • Non-Traditional Applicant: Yes
  • Years out of Undergrad: 1-2 Years

Extra Curricular Information

Greek: Pi Beta Phi

Peace Corps Volunteer

Additional info & updates

I am interested in Family & Child Public Interest Law.

~*~May 2010~*~
Decided on DU and put down my first deposit. Excited for the fall!! :-)

Just received a near full-ride from Golden Gate. Not the best school I applied to for sure, but how can you argue with that? Not sure what to do at this point!!

Received my first acceptance by email today from the University of Denver!!!!! They offered me a $17,000/year scholarship. I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D Even if everyone else says no now, I know I am really going to law school next year!! Although DU was pretty highly ranked on the list of places I applied to so I should expect more acceptances to come. Yay!! This was the great confidence booster I needed, I was starting to freak out a bit about this!

Since I am a volunteer making less than $200/month I requested fee waivers from all the schools I am planning to apply to. Most of them came back with "sure, no problem" and waived the fees just like that. Loyola's online app was already free but they offered me a $4,000 scholarship off the bat for a "thanks for being in the Peace Corps" if I get accepted there. DePaul & Chicago Kent required proof of my financial need via supporting tax documents. John Marshall was the only school to say a definite "No" to the fee waiver, saying they only waived fees if you got your fee waived by LSAC. I'm not sure whether I am going to apply there now or not. I am somewhat turned off by that response and don't have a Public Interest Law program or an LRAP.

I am planning to start applying next month but today logged onto my LSAC account and saw my transcript GPA was lower than what I thought it was. I will have to get that sorted out first.

I am getting kinda nervous about applications because my GPA is not very high and my LSAT score was good but not great. I don't know if my being a PCV will make me a more attractive candidate to these schools or not. I compared my scores to many other users on this website and unless that becomes my wild card, it looks like I should expect a few rejection letters. :-/

Found out that I've been waitlisted at DePaul today and am pretty bummed about it. After getting such a great offer from the University of Denver which has very similar numbers, I expected to get in. Waitlisted is not a "no" so I guess I shouldn't be too sad and they said I can apply for the part time program and will remain on the waitlist for full time so I guess I'm gonna go that route although I REALLY REALLY do not want to spend 4 years in law school. DePaul is like my dream school tho :-(

Being waitlisted at DePaul has prompted me to apply to John Marshall. My boyfriend's best offer is in Chicago and we are planning to go to law school together so it would be really nice if I can for sure get into somewhere in Chicago. Still waiting to hear back from Loyola & Chicago-Kent but their requirements are typically higher than DePaul's so I can't hold my breath! :-/

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Thursday, June 25 2009 at 08:00 PM

Aren't waitlists the worst? I want to get into UC so bad, but it'll be a few more months until I know. It looks like you have some good options for you though! Good luck!

Friday, August 15 2008 at 08:00 PM

Congrats on the GGU scholarship it looks Chicago is where you want to be, but I am 1L at GGU and really liked it so far if you have any questions about feel free to e-mail me at

Thursday, December 03 2009 at 07:00 PM

Hi! Congrats on the acceptances so far! I was just curious if GG ever gave you a status checker or email of the receipt of your app? Thanks!

Monday, December 28 2009 at 07:00 PM

Maybe I'll see you at USF!?

Monday, December 07 2009 at 07:00 PM

wow I'm sorry I'm surprised you got rejected, and this early. How did you hear about it? This is bad news it seems like they are full now.

Sunday, April 12 2009 at 08:00 PM

How did you hear that you were rejected from Loyola Chicago's waitlist? Did you get it today? It seems like most others got an email. Congrats on Denver though!!