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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
3 St. John's University graph Waitlisted W 01/07/08 -- -- 04/30/08 12 years
10 Wayne State University graph Accepted W $8,500 01/07/08 -- 01/22/08 02/07/08 12 years
4 Seton Hall University graph Accepted W $10,000 01/07/08 -- 02/06/08 02/19/08 12 years
5 New York Law School graph Accepted W $20,000 01/07/08 -- -- 02/04/08 12 years
9 University of Detroit Mercy graph Accepted 01/08/08 -- 02/18/08 -- 12 years
6 Hofstra University graph Accepted W $25,000 01/07/08 -- 01/21/08 01/31/08 12 years
2 Rutgers State University Newark graph Accepted A 01/07/08 -- 01/11/08 01/29/08 12 years
7 Albany Law School of Union University graph Accepted W $15,000 01/09/08 -- 01/30/08 03/07/08 12 years
1 Fordham University graph Rejected 01/07/08 01/08/08 -- 03/18/08 12 years
11 Drexel University graph Accepted W $8,000 01/09/08 -- -- 02/04/08 12 years
8 Penn State University (Dickinson) graph Accepted W $10,000 01/07/08 -- 01/18/08 01/24/08 12 years

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Ann Arbor

Extra Curricular Information

-Newspaper editor for multiple years; won writing awards
-Internship at low income housing agency
-various summer work and part-time school-year work
-service-work organization member
-various honor societies
-spent first year in Honors Program on scholarship at Wayne State U in Detroit.


-Econ major, GPA slightly lower in major
-History minor, GPA much higher in minor

-scholarship amounts are per year

1/24/08: In at Penn State-Dickinson (Carlisle), via email, with letter including $ offer following.

1/29/08: In at Rutgers. Totally pumped about that. Decision from Anita Walton via email, with letter following.

1/31/08: Accepted at Hofstra with a fine offer. They sent a nice personalized letter and a shirt. They are trying hard and I like it.

2/4/08: In at New York Law School (small envelope) and Drexel. The former has made a nice offer that makes them very much in play for me; I plan to visit. The latter's offer is kind of lackluster for a school that is not yet accredited, so I think I will pass on visiting.

2/7/08: Got into Wayne State. A simple letter in a small envelope. No word on scholarships just yet. I will need one to keep me from going to NY.

2/18/08: Detroit-Mercy finally told me I'm complete. I'm applying in spite of their terrible ranking because I am confident that they are on their way up, and would consider it with scholarship $.

2/19/08: Received a letter from Seton Hall offering me admission with a $10,000/yr. Dean's scholarship. This the best news yet. Their expensive tuition makes this such that I would pay roughly the same there as at Rutgers. This will be a tough decision.

2/25/08: Visited Seton Hall (although they are on break) and Rutgers. Very impressed with both facilities, and more so with both schools having learned more about them. The availibility of campus housing and neighborhood setting of Rutgers, and the good news they gave me about getting NJ resident status, has me now putting them above Seton, as great as that school is.

2/26/08: Visited St. John's and Hofstra. I was impressed by both academically. Not a big fan of the St. John's campus or location in an unimpressive Queens neighborhood, but I will have to consider any offers from that respected school. Hofstra has an interesting campus but there are few if any rentals in its neighborhood, and campus housing is way too expensive for being on Long Island. The administration didn't seem too on top of things, but I did see some effort when I asked questions. The students I talked to were very cool. Nonetheless, I don't think I'll be attending either of these places.

2/27/08: Visited Fordham and NYLS. Fordham, like New York City, is everything it's cracked up to be. My chances there are slim, but the evening program may have promise. NYLS is impressively located near downtown, and their new facility being built is very ambitious. I could definitely see myself there, but I still view Rutgers or Seton Hall as a safer bet.

3/8/08: In at Albany Law. I've grown more of a desire to be in the NYC market, so it's not likely I'll go there, but we'll see what sort of $$ they follow up with.

3/18/08: Denied at Fordham. Good thing I knew it was a definite reach. It looks like Rutgers is the place for me.

3/27/08: It's settled, I'm reserving my seat at Rutgers. Pretty happy all-around about it.

Visitor Comments

  • Thanks
  • Tuesday, January 29 2008 at 01:01 PM

I applied to Carlisle, and Im not really sure why I did. I think id probably rather stay at the University Park... there is a on-line chat tomorrow I figured I'd ask then. I went complete at Hofstra in mind December, they called me today too, it was pretty cool

- MurcieOne
  • congrats
  • Thursday, January 31 2008 at 03:08 PM

quick turn around with rutgers. were you surprised by that? was there anything extremely distinguished about your application there? thanks and congrats again.

- hco999
  • University at Buffalo Law
  • Friday, February 01 2008 at 03:36 AM

Would invite you to strongly look at University at Buffalo Law School. It is MUCH HIGHER rated than: Albany, New York Law, Hofstra, and Penn State. I am a first year student at University at Buffalo and the place is amazing !

- tortguy
  • Congrats
  • Thursday, February 07 2008 at 07:07 PM

thanks for the congrats. I'm definitely holding my breath on fordham. and penn state is definitely being overly slow with me. sad cuz i definitely liked it.

- vidhartha
  • Penn State $$
  • Friday, February 08 2008 at 10:00 AM

Congrats on all your great offers! Did you get the Penn State email and $$ letter on the same day or the letter came later?! Congrats again! I applied to Carlisle as ready to get away form my big state, party campus and University park was too similar!

- arich24
  • Wayne State
  • Friday, February 08 2008 at 04:09 PM

Actually got the scholarship offer first, then the acceptance letter several days later.

- helicopter
  • Friday, February 22 2008 at 08:32 PM

Congrats on Seton Hall. I still haven't heard. Got a call from Hofsta, also. Nice. Serious $ from them as well. Trying to decide between Hofstra, New York Law, and Rutgers. Any ideas?

- bebebird
  • Check them out for me!
  • Saturday, February 23 2008 at 06:46 AM

Please let me know what you think when you visit. Still haven't heard from Seton Hall. Am a little concerned about Newark being a safe place to go to school and walk around, especially since I've been known to study so late in the library till they throw me out when they close. I'll be very interested in your impressions.

- bebebird
  • Have a good trip
  • Saturday, February 23 2008 at 08:25 AM

Enjoy your visit. I hear that the Seton Hall Law building is amazing and is closer to the train to NYC than Rutgers. But Rutgers has a better national reputation and may do better for jobs in NYC , if that's your goal. I'm probably not telling you anythng you don't already know. Thanks for the link to those law school rankings. Makes sense. I applied to Seton Hall very late in the cycle, so I may not get in, but I'll wait to hear your reviews of all the schools. Have fun!

- bebebird
  • Very Interesting!
  • Monday, February 25 2008 at 07:44 PM

Well, that's news about being able to take advantage of in-state tuition at Rutgers! Kind of makes up for them not giving us any $. Does that mean you would take Rutgers over Seton Hall, if you decide to go school in NJ? Can't wait to hear what you think of the NY schools. I'll wait for your next report.

- bebebird
  • NY Schools
  • Wednesday, February 27 2008 at 06:37 PM

Great reporting! Your impressions confirm what I thought. I considered applying part-time at Fordham and other places, but was concerned about making up credits in the summer. Do you think the job prospects in NYC are about the same for Hofstra and NYLS? Again, thanks for giving me your reviews!

- bebebird
  • Now you have to decide
  • Friday, February 29 2008 at 06:42 PM

Your insights are great. I'll keep you posted. I'm visiting the schools in NY and New Jersey the first weekend in April. Both Hofstra and NYLS have open houses for admitted students then, so I'll be able to check out the incoming class. Although I'm partial to living in NY, your good impression of Rutgers makes me want to take a close look. Good luck with your decision. I'll be interested to see where you end up.

- bebebird
  • Seton
  • Friday, March 07 2008 at 07:01 PM

So you visited and?? How'd you like it?!

- kaycee686
  • hey
  • Monday, March 10 2008 at 05:22 PM

looks like we both we accepted to NYLS. have they by any chance sent out your financial aid letter yet?

- nomikos86
  • Newark
  • Tuesday, March 11 2008 at 05:00 PM

I had thought about applying to Rutgers - Newark but ultimately decided against it because it doesn't have much of an intellectual property concentration.

- nomikos86
  • congrats
  • Tuesday, March 11 2008 at 05:03 PM

and good luck with the rest of your cycle

- nomikos86
  • re: Seton Hall
  • Monday, March 17 2008 at 09:08 AM

Hey, thanks for all the info! If I decided to actually go through with law school, I think I'm aiming at NY or LA. So far, I've only gotten into 1 outside of each city. Still waiting! Good luck with the rest of your cycle.

- kaycee686
  • top choice
  • Wednesday, March 26 2008 at 06:02 PM

Still waiting to hear from some schools. Following in your footsteps, I finally heard from Seton Hall with the same $ offer. In about two weeks I'm visiting the schools in New York and New Jersey. Then I'll have to decide. Did you send in your seat deposit to Rutgers? I'm looking forward to visiting there.

- bebebird
  • New Rankings
  • Wednesday, March 26 2008 at 08:34 PM

I just checked out the new rankings that were leaked. Interesting - Hofstra is now 2nd tier, and Rutgers-Newark is tied with Rutgers-Camden instead of being ranked lower. I'm going to admitted students day at Hofstra where I'm sure everyone will have happy faces. I agree with your assessment of Rutgers still having the edge with Big Law in NYC.

- bebebird
  • Congrats
  • Saturday, March 29 2008 at 03:44 PM

Congrats on your Rutgers decision. I've heard great things about the school. It must be nice to have made a choice! I need to decide really soon. Wish me luck!

- deewahl
  • Rutgers-N
  • Tuesday, April 01 2008 at 05:46 AM

Thanks... I am actually originally from NJ and live there now, post-college (I commute to NYC) I'm still considering Rutgers-N for many of the reasons you mentioned; however, I really liked MD, so if I ever get off their WL I think I will go there. Best of luck at R-N!

- mclarke1
  • decision time
  • Sunday, April 13 2008 at 07:27 PM

Why isn't Rutgers in Manhattan? Then it would be a no brainer. Liked Rutgers, but couldn't deal with living in Newark, which I know is not an issue for you. Realized, I really want to be in NYC for many reasons. I was surprised by how impressive Admitted Students Day was at NYLS. I liked the Dean, staff, professors, and alumni. Made two excellent connections for future jobs in my field. Ran into a 1L I know there who has an incredible job for this summer and says alumni network is great. So, depite the fact that I got into higher ranked schools, I'll probably go there and take the scholarship $. But, it's not over-will not mention it here yet, but if I get off the waitlist at another NYC school, which I think I have a good chance, then the picture changes. Either way, it will work out, and I know it will be great for you at Rutgers.

- logged user
  • decision time
  • Sunday, April 13 2008 at 07:29 PM

Sorry, forgot to put my name on that last post.

- bebebird
  • NYLS vs Hofstra
  • Tuesday, April 22 2008 at 07:49 AM

Hi I saw you comment on another persons wall about the difference between Hofstra and NYLS. I was wondering about that as well and was curious as to what your thoughts are? Congratulations on your acceptances and scholarships!

- girlywhirl
  • Rutgers-Camden
  • Tuesday, May 06 2008 at 06:42 AM

Hey I am going to Rutgers Camden in the fall and was wondering if you knew what I need to do to get in state tuition...I hear that it is similar to what you need for Newark any advise would be greatly appreciated.

- archbosco
  • Thanks!
  • Sunday, January 18 2009 at 12:02 PM

Hey, thanks for the comment. Am I correct that Rutgers will grant in state tuition if one moves to NJ prior to the academic year? I really see Rutgers as the place for me, even though they haven't accepted me yet. One of my LORs was written by an alum, and he has nothing but excellent things to say about the school. How do you like Newark?

- stephplsletmein

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