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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Louisiana State - Baton Rouge graph Accepted A $27,000 02/26/07 -- -- 04/16/06 13 years
10 Washington and Lee University F graph Waitlisted W 11/04/06 11/05/06 11/29/06 -- 13 years
45 University of Iowa graph Accepted W 11/08/06 11/22/06 11/20/06 03/15/07 13 years
51 Loyola University Chicago F graph WL, Accepted W $48,000 11/10/06 11/15/06 11/21/06 02/07/07 13 years
96 Michigan State College of Law graph Accepted W $84,000 11/28/06 11/30/06 -- 12/26/06 14 years
94 Northern Illinois University graph Accepted W 12/06/06 12/08/06 -- 01/12/07 14 years
7 University of Notre Dame graph Rejected D ED 11/01/06 11/02/06 11/08/06 12/15/06 14 years
47 Indiana University Bloomington graph Rejected 11/04/06 11/06/06 12/22/06 01/23/07 14 years
14 University of Minnesota Twin Cities graph Rejected 11/04/06 11/08/06 11/20/06 12/08/06 14 years

Applicant Information

4 year

Demographic Information


Extra Curricular Information

Association of Future Alumni ULL
Student Orientation Staff
Volunteered an average of 25 hrs a week Spring 06 and
Summer 06
Chili's Co-ed Softball
ULL Center for Child Studies(Volunteer)
Phi Beta Delta (Honor Society for International Scholars)
Scholarship Committee Chair
Bartender/Server/Trainer at Chili's (average work week of 35 hrs)

Not very impressive, yes I know. However, I did move 1000 miles from my home when I turned 18 to go to school. I paid for school myself and supported myself, I know that may not seem very impressive for some people, but it was an accomplishment for me.


Good Luck to everyone! I really really want to get into Notre Dame.. it is eating me alive! I hope everyone gets into the schools they are shooting for!

Bye bye dreams.. damn... eh.. maybe I'll wait a year if I don't get in.

The numbers to the left of my schools are my chances via Chiashu:

Super Reaches:
Notre Dame 7%.. oh yea I believe in miracles!
W&L 10%
U of Minn 14%

U of Iowa 45%
IU Bloomington 47%
Loyola Chicago 51%

Depaul 71%
NIU 94%
MSU 96%

12-8: No word yet. Although, I am an official college graduate now!

12-19: Rejection.. Minnesota. It's ok though, I wasn't banking on it.

12/19: Deferred! Yay! Notre Dame saw something they liked!
I'm going to take the LSAT again, hopefully that will help. I'm so excited.

12/26: Got my first acceptance, Michigan State.. it's like a birthday and christmas present all in one! Yay! At least I know someone wants me!

1/9: It sure is quiet on the law app front, this makes me nervous!

1/12: Acceptance from NIU, no surprise there. At least I have options now. I'm not sure how much of an option that would be.


1/23: Apparently, Indiana isn't going to let anyone that is a Bears fan in, they must be scared we are going to win. Haha.. so I got rejected from IU, that sucks. It is a real blow to the ego, that is one of the schools I was kinda counting on. That just sucks, makes me sad.

2/7: waitlisted at Loyola.. better than a rejection I guess

2/11: I took the LSAT again yesterday, I'm hoping it will help with ND and Loyola, we'll see. I didn't feel very good about it.

2/16: Got a scholarship from Michigan State.. Yay!!! It's about $20,000 a year.

3/2: I got my new score.. yay!! 163!! Much better. I also got a rejection letter from ND, it's cool apparently they didn't want to wait for my new score.. that's cool.

3/3: Forgot to add an app.. I broke down and applied to LSU, I would really like to live in Louisiana.. after leaving I figured out how much I like it there. So I applied to LSU, maybe I can get a scholarship or something.

3/5: Hopefully now I can get some larger scholarships. At this point I think I am going to go where the money is and since my LSAT went up some maybe some of these schools will offer money.

3/5: Michigan State upped my scholarship to 100% and an invitation to the King Scholars program... that's awesome.

3/19: Accepted to Iowa

3/22: I spoke with a family friend who is a lawyer at a larger firm in Texas, she has convinced me my best bet would be Iowa despite the fact that they aren't giving me any money. So that's where I'm going!

3/23: Waitlisted at Washington & Lee. I find it hilarious that at the schools whom are all tied for the rank 22 on US News, I was Rejected(ND), Waitlisted (W&L), and Accepted (Iowa).. very strange.

3/28: Now I got a scholarship at Loyola.. damn.. more decisions.

4/16: In at LSU, hmm... LSU or Iowa..

4/17: Money from LSU, which would make Iowa three times more expensive than Louisiana. I'm seriously considering LSU.

5/20: The decision has been made LSU it is. I decided that being over 100k in debt is not really worth it. I'm happy with my choice, and I think that I will be even more happy because I will be in Louisiana, with my boyfriend and all my friends.

Visitor Comments

  • Don't sweat it too much
  • Sunday, July 02 2006 at 07:01 PM

Your Gpa isn't bad and your lsat is avg to a little above avg. If you set yourself apart with a good Personal Statement and strong Letters of Recs. you should be good. Our numbers are similar so I hope you do well.

- Peteypop
  • Good mix of schools
  • Wednesday, August 30 2006 at 08:45 AM

You have a nice range of schools and you definitely have a good shot at some of them. We have similar numbers and I'm really relying in some of my soft factors to get me into some schools and to get me money at others. I second Peteypop - make yourself stand out from the crowd. Good luck!

- cdncsi
  • Hey
  • Thursday, October 05 2006 at 04:41 PM

Are you going to add LSU?

- HeyYa
  • ND
  • Sunday, October 08 2006 at 10:58 AM

Good luck with ND! I'm applying ED too, hopefuly I'll see you there next fall :).

- rickster
  • Thanks! Good luck to you too!
  • Wednesday, October 11 2006 at 04:31 PM

I'm sure you're going to do great this cycle. Hope that the Sept 06 LSAT went well!

- mike245
  • RC sucks!
  • Saturday, October 21 2006 at 07:51 AM

I feel your pain! :(

- cdncsi
  • Good luck with all of your apps
  • Saturday, October 28 2006 at 07:59 PM

Hey. I was born and raised in Louisiana, and I currently go to school there. I agree with you 100% as far as liking the state, but it being tme to go. Actually, I feel like it is WAY past time to go. Many people like to argue about the state's great culture. That's good for a vacation, not for a lifetime. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with escaping Louisiana and (more importantly) with your law school applications!

- blubberbee
  • Good luck
  • Tuesday, November 14 2006 at 07:00 PM

Don't say you won't get in...I think you will be fine!

- LSNisHeaven
  • nd
  • Tuesday, November 28 2006 at 09:26 AM

How were you notified of being complete? GL to you!

- kiki123
  • Good Luck
  • Tuesday, December 05 2006 at 07:22 PM

I'm a long shot at Notre Dame too, accordinf to Chiashu. That site is such a dream-killer... Anyway, I just finished watching Rudy... Good luck with ND.

- uart
  • Best of luck
  • Wednesday, December 06 2006 at 07:35 AM

Supporting yourself through college is definitely an accomplishment worth being proud of, and it's one that law schools are going to pick up on. I think you're stronger than you think. Best of luck.

- CitySlicker4Life
  • Good luck on ND
  • Wednesday, December 06 2006 at 07:45 PM

It's a good place to be...alot of my friends want to stay for law school. ND, maybe more than other schools, really aims for a class that understands and wants to be at ND. So, it might not be as much of a super reach as you think.

- irny
  • LSAT
  • Thursday, December 07 2006 at 06:50 AM

To a fellow Southerner who left for the north for UG (although I am determined to return immediately), I say good luck. Have you considered retaking the LSATs? Although you'd have to take them in Feb? It really can't hurt anything. Especially if you've graduated and haven't started full time work yet. If you raised your score four points to a 163, you would be in the middle 50% for both LSAT and GPA at Notre Dame. I retook it and moved from the 89th to the 94th percentile, so I'm definitely glad I did it.

- Cornell78746
  • Good luck
  • Thursday, December 07 2006 at 04:45 PM

All in all you sound like a hard-working blue collared candidate. I hope that reflects itself well in your PS & app! & good luck with ND!

- hunginabadplace
  • ND
  • Friday, December 08 2006 at 01:03 PM

any word yet?

- hunginabadplace
  • ND
  • Thursday, December 14 2006 at 12:41 PM

Good luck with your ND decision.. I have my fingers crossed for you. I'm really nervous based on what I've read and I'm not even ED.

- 11th-hour
  • Deferred!
  • Tuesday, December 19 2006 at 08:37 AM

Congrats on the ND deferral! Good luck retaking your LSAT - it would be so great if you joined me at ND next fall!

- lb23
  • Decisions
  • Tuesday, December 19 2006 at 02:03 PM

Sorry about the Minnesota rejection, but welcome to the club. Also, congrats on the ND deferral! I think you have a great shot in the regular pool.

- 11th-hour
  • Congrats
  • Saturday, December 30 2006 at 10:54 AM

Congratulations on getting accepted at MSU. I sent my app in just a few days after you and I just (12/30) got a postcard from them saying my application is complete. Good luck with the rest of your schools~

- a2scientist
  • Best of luck...
  • Tuesday, January 02 2007 at 10:27 AM

From one jaded Chilihead to (presumably) another. I've done the fulltime bar/serve/expo/train thing as well, and I'm looking forward to law school as a change of pace!

- ProverbialUnderdog
  • indiana is dumb
  • Wednesday, January 24 2007 at 10:00 AM

good luck on the rest of your cycle. i'm rooting for you!

- cglaw
  • I feel your pain
  • Thursday, January 25 2007 at 12:41 PM

Hey, I know what you're saying about IU-and I'm a Colts fan. I have similar numbers and I got rejected too. It's definitely not good for the ego.

- HoosierChurchie
  • ND
  • Tuesday, January 30 2007 at 07:23 AM

I got waitlisted.... grrrr......

- hunginabadplace
  • hey
  • Thursday, February 08 2007 at 02:24 PM

hey, can you IM SimonSays00 on AIM .... i wanna ask you a question

- silentlysinking
  • ND
  • Friday, February 09 2007 at 09:23 PM

what's the big attraction to U. Notre Dame?

- silentlysinking
  • Congrats!
  • Saturday, February 17 2007 at 08:28 AM

Congrats on MSU. East Lansing is a great place and MSU is on the rise.

- Scott
  • goodluck!!
  • Wednesday, February 28 2007 at 07:05 PM

cajun babe.. good luck!!! im sure u improved that lsat score!!! cant wait for u to get good news from ND!!! r u thinkin about MSU?? that is some good bones they gave ya;)

- likeitshard
  • Feel terrible
  • Friday, March 02 2007 at 04:22 PM

As the mother of a law school applicant this year, I have been keeping an eye on LSN, and I feel terrible about your Notre Dame situation. I know how much you wanted to attend, and I understand how disappointed you must be. My daughter was also denied admission. I have a feeling that you will make the most of whatever school you attend, and they will be fortunate to have you. It is clearly ND's loss!

- lawmom
  • Don't give up yet!
  • Saturday, March 03 2007 at 05:13 AM

You wanted to go to ND so badly! If they denied you without knowing the new LSAT score, you should try writing and petitioning them to reconsider. Some schools, like Florida, actually have that option, and I'm sure ND would also do the same. You worked hard, and they should know that. If you would definitely go if accepted, you should give it a shot!

- bluetrain225
  • ND
  • Saturday, March 03 2007 at 02:14 PM

I'm sorry to hear about ND. Even through my own bitterness at my rejection I was rooting for you, especially since you were taking the LSAT again and all. Congrats on your increase, though! Are you leaning any particular direction now?

- rickster
  • Scholarship offer came in the mail.
  • Tuesday, March 20 2007 at 02:28 PM

Thanks for visiting my page. My scholarship offer from Iowa came in the mail about a month and a half after my acceptance letter arrived. Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Iowa and best of luck to you in the rest of the cycle.

  • Congrats!
  • Tuesday, March 20 2007 at 09:31 PM

WTG on Iowa! That's awesome!

- rickster
  • LSU
  • Thursday, May 03 2007 at 05:06 PM

I am so excited about LSU. If you are on facebook, join the LSU Law 2010 group. We are all discussing a get together this summer and trading housing / roommate information. Also feel free to email me if you have any questions about any LSU related. You made a wise choice!

- dustin489
  • Congrats
  • Friday, May 04 2007 at 06:04 PM

Welcome to the club. Tough choice LSU over Iowa but a good one I think.

  • Iowa
  • Monday, May 07 2007 at 01:26 PM

Congrats on your acceptances! Will you withdraw from Iowa since you're attending LSU?

- Mike Jones
  • Iowa
  • Sunday, May 13 2007 at 03:46 PM

Yes, I already sent them an email to that effect.

- cajunbabe11
  • Your Choice
  • Tuesday, May 15 2007 at 03:56 PM

Congrats on making your decision! I made a similar choice in the end. Iowa's not worth the $100K+ debt to me. ;-)

- vaplaugh
  • Iowa?
  • Wednesday, January 30 2008 at 06:53 AM

Were you on hold at Iowa? Just curious because I think I am.

- benrroth

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