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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver A - Attending W - Withdrawn D - Deferred
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# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Interview Date Decision Updated
Rutgers State University Newark Accepted A Type: RA Sent: 02/17/06 Rec: 02/21/06 Comp: 02/27/06 Inter: -- Dec: 04/27/06 Upd: 17 years
Drexel University Accepted W Type: RA $21,500 Sent: 03/02/06 Rec: 03/08/06 Comp: 03/17/06 Inter: -- Dec: 03/22/06 Upd: 18 years
Willamette University WL, Accepted W Type: RA Sent: 03/01/06 Rec: 03/03/06 Comp: 03/10/06 Inter: -- Dec: 06/20/06 Upd: 18 years
Loyola University Chicago F Waitlisted W Type: RA Sent: 02/17/06 Rec: 02/27/06 Comp: 03/07/06 Inter: -- Dec: 03/27/06 Upd: 18 years
University of Nebraska Lincoln Rejected D Type: RA Sent: 02/17/06 Rec: 02/23/06 Comp: 03/02/06 Inter: -- Dec: 04/27/06 Upd: 18 years
Hofstra University F Rejected Type: RA Sent: 02/17/06 Rec: 02/22/06 Comp: 03/01/06 Inter: -- Dec: 03/29/06 Upd: 18 years
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Waitlisted Type: RA Sent: 02/16/06 Rec: 02/23/06 Comp: 03/02/06 Inter: -- Dec: 03/18/06 Upd: 18 years

Applicant Information

  • LSAT: 170
  • LSAT 2: -
  • LSAT 3: -
  • GRE : -
  • LSAC GPA: 2.03
  • Degree GPA: 2.39
  • School Type: -
  • Major: Poli Sci / Psyc

Demographic Information

  • City: Lincoln
  • State: Nebraska
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Gender: Man
  • Non-Traditional Applicant: Yes
  • Years out of Undergrad: -

Extra Curricular Information


Additional info & updates

3/18/06: Placed on Priority Waitlist at UIUC. The news came in a small white envelope. I suppose the upside is that this was my long shot and they didn't reject me outright.

03/22/06: Accepted at Drexel. Received a phone call from Asst. Dean of Admissions while driving to work telling me about my award and that the information will arrive through the mail next week.

03/25/06: Deferred at Nebraska. I really don't care since I mainly applied just because its my alma mater and because of in-state tuition. But seriously what is any school doing deferring someone in late March? That leaves Rutgers and Loyola (or being picked up from UIUC) *crosses fingers*

03/27/06: Ask and you shall receive. Got a letter from Loyola today... another wait listing. This is starting to get ridiculous. I know my numbers are questionable and I should be happy that no one has rejected me, but the waiting then the suspense of opening a letter then learning I need to wait some more is driving me nuts. Who needs a drink?

03/29/06: My parents got a letter from Hofstra in the mail today rejecting me. WTF rejected by Hofstra?! I'm really torn about this. On one hand I was only going to go there if it were the only place that took me, but on the other it was a safety I got dinged from. Wow... hopefully this isn't a portent of things to come. Oh well, maybe the inability to recognize talent is why they dropped back down to T3. =P

04/07/06: Willamette. You guessed it, wait listed...
My advice to anyone reading this who is going to apply to law school in the future is this: GET YOUR APPS IN BEFORE JANUARY AT THE LATEST OR BE PREPARED TO BE WAITLISTED.

04/27/06: Received an email from the assistant dean of admissions telling me I'm in at Rutgers. Apparently, I'll be getting the details in the mail next week. Also after checking the mail it appears my deferral at UNL has turned into a rejection. Oh well, piss on'em. I suppose I'll have to abandon my life long goal of raking in the big bucks from the Nebraska legal market and settle for the meager Pennsylvania/New York markets instead... oh wait, nevermind. Its all kool and the gang.

5/31/06: Withdrew from Loyola. I decided that Rutgers was most likely a better fit for me anyway. Plus, pure numbers-wise, Loyola is only marginally better ranked and the cost is exponentially higher. So it looks like its down to Drexel or Rutgers unless UIUC swoops in scoops me up. Lets hope they do ; )

6/20/06: Accepted at Willamette off of waitlist. I was a bit surprised considering I never returned the keep-me-on-your-waitlist document. However, I sent an email out withdrawing. Though I think living out west would be great it doesn't look like that is in the cards at this time. Also withdrew from Drexel a week or so ago.

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Saturday, September 17 2005 at 08:00 PM

that is a huge split. Good Luck!!

wow again
Tuesday, December 20 2005 at 07:00 PM

good luck. thats a tremendous lsat, i hope they look past gpa

Sunday, February 19 2006 at 07:00 PM

even worse undergrad than me. i am blown away. i didnt know it was possible. i thought i was the lowest on this site. Low GPAers UNITE. we will show all these nerds whats up. good luck man

Thanks for your note...
Monday, January 30 2006 at 07:00 PM

on my profile. At this point, my bext option is Hofstra or Rutgers-Newark, though I do plan to wait until the bitter end for Pitt. I'd guess that you'll be getting in to MANY of the schools you've applied. I'd expect your first acceptance by the end of next week.

Saturday, September 17 2005 at 08:00 PM

I appreciate your words and I hope you will get into a school u love!! Like Illinois, it would be nice to have some cool classmates!! ;0)

Saturday, September 17 2005 at 08:00 PM

i think that although your gpa is low schools will see your potential. good luck with your pendings. i know that you probably have a nice story behind that gpa.

RE: Thanks
Tuesday, January 17 2006 at 07:00 PM

Angelica, I would love nothing more than to be your classmate at UIUC. Keep your fingers crossed for me =)

Monday, March 27 2006 at 07:00 PM

Nice on the split, I am impressed that you beat mine :) Good luck--thank god for us that they like those LSATS :)